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    Please dear Lady...we need the triumph now!
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    "According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, 17 research groups are conducting ethical vaccine experiments while five are not. The five using aborted baby body parts in their research include researchers with the University of Oxford, Johnson & Johnson and the University of Pittsburgh. The Oxford research is considered to be one of the most promising for a vaccine."
    Bishop Strickland of Texas has advised Catholics not to take the vaccines derived from aborted fetal tissue no matter how many years ago the cell lines were derived.
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    Thanks Andree. I love her, too.
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    JAIL FAUCI: New Report Compares Turkey COVID Treatment with HCQ vs. USA Without HCQ and the Results Are Crystal Clear

    A new report was released by Sky News on Turkey’s COVID-19 Coronavirus early hydroxychloroquine treatment strategy and the results are clear.

    The early treatment program in Turkey relies on hydroxychloroquine as the first step in the therapeutic process. reported:

    Sky News’ story about “Turkey’s COVID Detectives” by special correspondent Alex Crawford is remarkable. It not only covers the track and trace teams in action in Turkey, but also the therapeutic approach, which relies on hydroxychloroquine as a first step to treat symptomatic patients.

    The Turkish approach is at odds with most countries, such as the UK, where symptomatic patients are asked to stay home, wait, until the symptoms essentially become unbearable, and then serious complications and hospitalization become very likely.

    Such reporting about early treatment is typically absent from mainstream media coverage, so this coverage needs to be celebrated. The pictures are also remarkable.

    “As soon as a patient has symptoms, they are treated with hydroxychloroquine tablets and/or favipiravir at home. Follow-up calls quickly spot if the symptoms worsen, and then they will be admitted to hospital.”

    “Once at the hospital, Dr Yiyit says the treatment is increased and combined with high-flow oxygen treatment, anti-coagulants, steroids, vitamins and more high-dose favipiravir or hydroxychloroquine…”

    “Most of patients recover in five days,” Dr Yiyit insists.”

    Clearly the country is being misled by Dr. Fauci and the liberal media.

    Via Worldometers:
    The USA has 488 covid deaths per one million in population.
    Turkey has 69 covid deaths per one million in population.
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    Is this what is coming this fall that prophets have warned us of??

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    if a global governance really arises after the financial crisis caused by the pandemic on which political leader would nations trust to grant such power? I see a great divide in the eschatological line between those who expect the reign of Antichrist in this generation and those who expect his appearance after the Age of Peace foreseen in some private revelations. I believe that when Antichrist appears (whatever the weather) he will bring a geneology that goes back to the house of David, according to the prophecies of the Jewish Messiah
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    And then there are the English and Wales bishops...

    The English bishops’ pre-emptive surrender on Covid vaccine
    By Phil Lawler ( bio - articles - email ) | Jul 31, 2020

    The English Catholic bishops have surrendered, before the battle has even really begun. Worse, they have given up something that was not theirs to give. They have surrendered the rights of the faithful.

    In a statement that purports to give “The Catholic position on vaccination,” the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has asserted that Catholics have “a prima facie duty to be vaccinated” and a “moral obligation to guarantee the vaccination coverage necessary for the sake of others.”

    Count on it: When a Covid vaccine becomes available, this statement by the English bishops will be quoted by zealous lawmakers campaigning to make the vaccine mandatory—and thus to deprive the English people of the freedom to make their own medical decisions for themselves and for their children.

    In fact the bishops’ statement itself is clearly an argument in favor of mandatory vaccination, and to rally Catholics to that cause. In a release accompanying the statement the bishops’ conference states that its goal is “to encourage Catholics to commit to protecting the most vulnerable in society”—by vaccination, naturally.

    (Just by the way, this statement is signed by Bishops Paul Mason and John Sherrington, who are identified as “Lead Bishop for Healthcare” and “Lead Bishop for Life Issues.” I don’t know what a “lead bishop” is. I always thought that a bishop is ordained for service in a diocese rather than a public-policy field.)

    There is no Covid vaccine currently available, of course, so this statement is preparing the ground in advance: clearing away possible opposition before the inevitable rush to vaccinate.

    But wait. Some of the vaccines currently being developed are derived from fetal cells obtained in abortions. Are the English bishops ignoring the ethical questions involved? Not quite. The document concedes: “The Church is opposed to the production of vaccines using tissue derived from aborted fetuses, and we acknowledge the distress many Catholics experience when faced with a choice of not vaccinating their child or seeming to be complicit in abortion.”

    The “distress” that “some” Catholics experience: that’s a nice way of minimizing the gravity of a real moral problem. But—you can feel the “but” coming, can’t you—the English bishops aren’t going to let that moral problem deter them. The statement goes on:

    Nevertheless, the Church teaches that the paramount importance of the health of a child and other vulnerable persons could permit parents to use a vaccine which was in the past developed using these diploid cell lines.
    So the “paramount importance” of vaccination outweighs the “distress” that “some” Catholics might feel. Even if the first Covid vaccine that emerges from the current competition is unethically derived, the logic of the English bishops insists that we accept it.

    In reaching that conclusion the bishops’ statement cites a 2005 directive from the Pontifical Academy for Life, which said that “all clinically recommended vaccinations can be used with a clear conscience.” But they neglected another sentence from that same Vatican document, in which the Pontifical Academy said that “there remains a moral duty to continue to fight and to employ every lawful means in order to make life difficult for the pharmaceutical industries which act unscrupulously and unethically.”

    The way to “make life difficult” for unethical pharmaceutical corporations is to fight valiantly against the development and approval of any vaccine developed from fetal cell lines. As I explained several weeks ago, the time to object to unethical vaccines is now, before any vaccine is approved for use. By signaling so clearly that they will support the use of even an unethical vaccine, the English bishops have surrendered before that battle begins in earnest.

    Worse, the bishops’ statement undercuts the witness of those Catholics (and non-Catholics) who will refuse an unethical vaccine. The Pontifical Academy had acknowledged the evangelical value of that witness in 2005. More recently, Helen Watt of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre explained:

    Even if there is no absolute duty to boycott vaccines produced via existing foetal cell-lines—this is a matter for individual conscience and there will often be weighty reasons against it—some will feel, whether rightly or wrongly, called to a boycott even if no alternative vaccine is available to them.
    If a Covid vaccine developed from fetal cell lines is developed, approved, and mandated in the United Kingdom, consider the position of the Catholics who resist the mandate, in light of the bishops’ statement. They will now be told that they are simply wrong: that the Catholic Church does not support their ethical choice. They will be ordered by the government to do something they consider morally repugnant, and their bishops will support that mandate.

    And by the way, this entire argument presupposes that a Covid vaccine will work effectively to prevent the disease. Since the coronavirus acts much like a flu, and flu vaccines are notoriously unable to guarantee immunity, there is ample reason for skepticism on that score. Are the bishops saying that good Catholics should take the vaccine even if it might not work? And what about undesirable side-effects? Are Catholics morally bound to take a vaccine—and give their young children a vaccine—even if it is potentially harmful and not certainly effective?

    Then again, we cannot expect Catholic bishops to advise us on the efficacy of vaccines or their potential side-effects. Catholic bishops are not experts on medical questions. Which is precisely why Catholic bishops should issue clear guidance on moral questions—fight the development and use of unethical vaccines—and leave medical questions to the doctors, the laity, and their informed consciences.
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    How is the Pandemic situation in Ireland? I ask this because many notable members of the forum are inhabitants of that country.
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    So if all the worried, fearful and vulnerable people are vaccinated who am I risking by not taking it??
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    Exactly. The only problem is that when you point this out to someone who is incapable of thinking for themselves they get this blank look on their faces and just can not compute the logic behind what you are saying. Then you become a threat to them.
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    What a comment coming from someone who bought a $14.85 million mansion in Martha's Vineyard last year. She must be talking about herself and Obama!
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    People and doctors that have been saved by HCQ need to come forward and fill social media with their results. These crooks need to go to jail for killing innocent people by keeping this drug away from those that needed it. When Faucci and Birx say that all the studies say it doesn't work, is flat out lies. At last count, there are 51 studies. All but 16 show that they worked. Of the 16 that didn't, 10 were late stage and not early. The late stage actually does help some but not at the percentages that the early stages do. Plus, many of these studies do not include the drug cocktails of using 3 drugs not just HCQ. Why won't more and more people come forward? Why does Trump still allow Faucci and Birx be involved? I get that Trump wants to expose them to the world, but at the same time, I am a little upset with him because he knows the truth and knows this works and has still allowed this charade to go on and people have died. Casualties of war I guess.
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    Great point!!

    I am going to start with " my body my choice " and go along that feminist folderol ( I love that word). And then I will just refuse. My problem will be my child still in high school. Will the school force the vaccine to where she can't participate on campus unless she has it? Then I May have to re-assess for her at that point.

    You really have to wonder why they are pushing "mandatory" so heavily. Extremely suspicious.
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    The Obamas could never have earned that kind of money. Which backer bought that house for them, I wonder.
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