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    If you don't mind me asking how did you find out you had it P4p?
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    P4p, It never rains but it pours. Prayed for you and the family today at Mass and will continue. God bless you and give you peace of mind over this.
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    Our eldest came down with chills, fever, muscle aches and fatigue. We sent him to get tested and it was positive. Even though we had quarantined him to his bedroom, his four siblings and I were showing symptoms within a day or two. We think that his girlfriend brought the virus into to our house. She had a fever one morning the previous week, no other symptoms, and was never tested. Ironically, we have had almost no coughing. Each person’s symptoms vary somewhat. It’s a weird virus.
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    You would never know, huh. Completely
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    Praying for you all each day.We will start having mass every evening at 5 this week -- there will likely be under 50 at these masses--- and an outdoor mass Sat. evening and an indoor mass on Sun. am. for the first 50 and the rest will hear the mass on a radio in their car and receive Communion at the door.Please keep my family in your prayer for them to believe as Jesus wants and for them to want to receive the sacraments. We just went for a day around the Cabot Trail to celebrate our 49th wedding Anniversary on June 26. It seems like yesterday! Thank you for this forum and for all your prayers.
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    I love the Cabot Trail. We went 46 years ago when I was pregnant with our first child. Those ups and downs were challenging with morning sickness.:ROFLMAO::eek: what a wonderful creation of natural beauty. Congratulations on your anniversary.
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    It's so hard when someone else has it with barely a symptom and then innocently brings it everywhere. I know of two cases like that. A man who works with my son got a bad case of it from his wife who had barely a fever. Very weird virus. I will be praying every day for you and your family.
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    You are such a kind person! Prayers.
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  9. Sam

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    Prayers for you and your family Rory!:love: Congratulations on your anniversary!!
  10. Mario

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    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Thank you. It was a wonderful day!
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  12. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    A new documentary outlining the virus and China's continued coverup of it.

  13. tomekos

    tomekos Angels

    Relics of the Wuhan martyr found in Poland!

    The relics of a saint who was serving in Wuhan have been found! Now people are praying at these relics! An extraordinary discovery was made in the Marian Basilica of Bolesławiec, the relics of St. Jan Gabriela Perboyre (1802-1840). He was a Lazarist, a missionary of the congregation of St. Vincent and Paolo. He served in China, in Wuchang (now Wuhan). There he also suffered a martyr's death by suffocation. As Fr. Andrzej Jarosiewicz, parish priest, relics found by vicar priest Damian Konieczny in October last year.
    As reported by KAI (Catholic Information Agency), in the small reliquary in the shape of a cross was a capsule with the relics of the martyr, whose name was: Perboyre.

    - We have identified this character by enlarging this inscription. At that time I also started looking for information about this character - adds Fr. Necessary. It turned out that they were relics of a martyr from the Missionary Congregation, founded by Saint Vincent de Paul, who suffered a martyr's death in China, in today's Wuhan.

    - During the fight against the epidemic, whose victims most often die of breathing problems, we decided to pray through the intercession of the holy martyr from Wuhan for help for all of us, especially for infected people - emphasizes Fr. Jarosiewicz.
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  14. Donna259

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    we celebrated 38 years together in marriage on June 27! Blessings to you and yours!
  15. AED

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    An amazing discovery.
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  16. Sam

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    It is an amazing discovery. Thank you for posting this.

    Prayer of St. John Gabriel Perboyre to Jesus
    Saint John Gabriel Perboyre, priest and martyr composed this prayer in the 19th century.[6]

    This transformational prayer builds towards Saint Paul's statement in Galatians 2:20: "I live - now not I - But Christ lives in me".[7][8]

    Words of the prayer

    O my Divine Saviour,
    Transform me into Yourself.
    May my hands be the hands of Jesus.
    Grant that every faculty of my body
    May serve only to glorify You.
    Above all,
    Transform my soul and all its powers
    So that my memory, will and affection
    May be the memory, will and affections
    Of Jesus.
    I pray You
    To destroy in me
    All that is not of You.
    Grant that I may live
    But in You, by You and for You,
    So that I may truly say,
    With St. Paul,
    "I live - now not I -
    But Christ lives in me".
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  17. andree

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    Have others posted this already? If not, I wanted to add this with the above because they both show health issues related to the two "health" measures imposed on us apparently to keep us healthy. This is about wearing masks:
    Ohio's State Senator Nino Vitale Shows Oxygen Levels Drop in Seconds When Wearing A Mask

    This is the reader that the senator is using in his video:

    The above reader (expensive) and other oxygen reader models are available on amazon.

    From webMD: When your body doesn't have enough oxygen, you could get hypoxemia or hypoxia. These are dangerous conditions. Without oxygen, your brain, liver, and other organs can be damaged just minutes after symptoms start.

    Hypoxemia (low oxygen in your blood) can cause hypoxia (low oxygen in your tissues) when your blood doesn't carry enough oxygen to your tissues to meet your body's needs. The word hypoxia is sometimes used to describe both problems....Although they can vary from person to person, the most common hypoxia symptoms are: Changes in the color of your skin, ranging from blue to cherry red, Confusion, Cough, Fast heart rate, Rapid breathing, Shortness of breath, Slow heart rate, Sweating, Wheezing. If you have symptoms of hypoxia, call 911.

    And from this site, hypoxemia (or chronic lack of oxygen in the body) also causes headaches, fatigue and nausea along with many other issues, including kidney problems which has also been listed as issues with covid.

    Basically chronic oxygen deprivation affects specific organs and weakens the entire body which would make us more susceptible to illness. It's interesting to note the overlap between symptoms from chronic lack of oxygen and the symptoms of covid (which include confusion, change of colour of face, lips) that we are warned to look out for.

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  18. Tanker

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    Thank you for posting all this.

    This is a difficult decision to make especially for people with school age children. Some will be returning to schools in the Fall and most likely the schools will require masks. I brought this subject up recently to a family member and she all but called me a nut job. It is data we have to consider whether people want to or not.
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  20. AED

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    I know. It is so politicized that some cannot hear the truth if it contradicts the narrative they've been fed. It's a dilemma.
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