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    The Off Licenses are open. They are an Essential Service.

    The Pet Stores are Open. They are an Essential Service.

    Amazon is Open. This is an Essential Service

    The Churches are all Closed. ????? Non Essential?

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    Tells us all we need to know about "essential" in this world's lexicon.
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    The ones who should fight to keep their churches open are the very ones locking them up. Everything upside down!
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    Sounds suspicious to me. There were a lot of flu type viruses flying around our neck of the woods. My husband actually got the flu--the one he was vaxed against--and was6 days down with it on tamiflu. I was on tamiflu as a preventative and had s very mild case but it went on and on. Then January came with the symptoms you describe. That lasted 3 weeks and finally ended with a z pack and lots of rest. My MD did not think it was the flu.:sick:
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    This is OUTRAGEOUS!
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  7. Yes, I shall. I just read a report that 12% of NYPD (including officers) are positive. May they all rest and easily get well.
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    Good news about your nephew. Yes let's all keep praying a shield around our fsmilies.
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  9. One thing for sure is that the medical community is sure learning a lot about treatments that work for many and this may be good for the future when more than likely more attacks will arrive. Another receptor blocker....sparing the lungs....

    CytoDyn: Leronlimab Deployed To The Frontlines Against Coronavirus


    CytoDyn’s leronlimab is starting to treat coronavirus patients using an emergency IND. Like other HIV therapies, leronlimab could be a lifesaving drug to thwart the pandemic and save lives.

    CytoDyn continues to add additional leronlimab programs and target indications. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for its HIV BLA to be fully submitted.

    If successful, leronlimab’s COVID-19 efforts could finally bring some serious investors and partners to the table.

    I discuss my plans to manage my CYDY position during this coronavirus crash.

    CytoDyn (OTCQB:CYDY) continues to expand leronlimab’s programs and has decided to take on the coronavirus “COVID-19” pandemic. Recently, the company reported that its emergency IND has been accepted and has already dosed two patients in NYC. The company has been promoting leronlimab’s ability to be the immune system’s quarterback and now has an opportunity to display its ability to help combat this deadly outbreak. If successful, I believe the healthcare and investment world will have their eyes on CytoDyn, which will hopefully lead to increased interest in leronlimab and the ticker. As a result, I am a bit less concerned about the company taking on another side trip and not completely focusing on its HIV BLA, which is now behind schedule. As a result, I intend to add to my CYDY in anticipation that this latest endeavor will be a significant event for the company and the stock.

    I intend to review the company’s COVID-19 efforts and discuss why investors should be feeling bullish about this recent update. In addition, I reveal my plan to add to my CYDY position.

    Adding The COVID-19 Program

    CytoDyn recently announced that leronlimab “PRO 140” has been administered to two coronavirus patients at a medical center in the New York City using an emergency IND. This happened only days after the company had submitted its randomized controlled Phase II clinical trial protocol for COVID-19. Leronlimab is expected to cling to the CCR5 receptor, which will obstruct the movement of macrophages and TNF and IL-6 cytokines, thus stopping the damage of the lungs. Furthermore, leronlimab is expected to inhibit Tregs, which are known to inhibit the innate immune response against pathogens. Together, these mechanisms of action could make leronlimab a lifesaving therapeutic in a world looking for answers.

    It is important to note that these patients were administered under emergency usage and should not be part of the Phase II study. Obviously, these patients are not in very good condition; however, any good news about these patients would be a strong catalyst and could lead to a surge in demand for leronlimab. In fact, the company was recently on a webcast where CytoDyn CEO Nader Pourhassan, Ph.D., revealed that other countries are interested in leronlimab and the company has asked Samsung Biologics to produce 100K vials of the product.

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    Actuality , if the DNC can force Biden out ( they can change the DNC rules at their convenience), they can try a draft Cuomo campaign. Its already online. Like you, I was betting on Cuomo for the next election...when a party change is a historical pattern, but Biden’s mental health is getting more deserving attention. The irony is, I just saw a poll that showed him beating Trump in swing counties : But as we've already seen via the last election, don’t trust the polls....but don’t ever take a election for granted...ever! This deep state is gunning for Trump...don’t ever underestimate their evil.
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    as expected by the N.Y. rag. It’s this simple....good vs. evil. Be on the right side of eternity, because we are all leaving this life sooner or later. No one is getting out of here alive. Just live like there is no tomorrow...but with Jesus in your heart.
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    Just saw that on drudge....:(
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    As St Maximilian Kolbe prayed in the concentration camps, as well.
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    It's sad re closure of churches. Nearly or all bishops have became politicians overnight. They think more like politicians now as I would wonder if they do not think about God and of what it really means a lot to people if opened for few hours etc.
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    Which prophet was it that said there would be a famine, not of food, but of the Word of God?
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    AED posted in another thread that it might be Ezekiel.
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    so grateful.....for the few that still visit my church it is open from 9am to 6pm....

    People distance themselves and you can pray quietly.

    My pastor was there today and gave me communion!!!!! He has been having people stay in the church and give communion or offer to those who come quietly to pray. What a grace. He has Gregorian Chant on in the background. God is so good! All the time!!!!
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