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    Did you read the quote from the expert in Italy who said that their numbers reported are wildly inflated? His estimate was that only 12% of the deaths were actually due to the virus. As the expert in the article that I posted above states, now he estimates 20,000 deaths in the UK due to this and of those half of them (10,000) would be people who were going to pass anyway "of natural causes" anyway.

    This has all been done to set the stage. Set the stage for what, is the question we all need ponder deeply as that is the real thing we should all watch out for, why did they do this, what did they prepare the landscape for?
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    3000 flu deaths in USA in 1986-87

    Mmm I wonder why they have shot up, up & up? And up and up. How convenient for the Big Pharma companies!

    Flu jab = Big Pharma = $1.6 billion industry.

    There are lies damn lies and statistics.
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    Yep, in the old days our 83 year old grandfather "died of natural causes" but today that same 83 year old grandfather gets sick and "died from the flu" when the simple fact is an elderly person's immune system is weak, anything will kill them as they are simply old and ready to go home to the Lord
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    And the doctors are encouraged to state 'died from flu like symptoms' in order for big pharma to push the flu jab onto the elderly population to make more money. Vicious circle
  5. Also quality control. I never had the flu shot until recent years and never got what I would have known, anyway, were flu symptoms....probably just attributed any bad aches and pains, lumpy throat, etc. to other normal illnesses. But I've had the flu shot for the last 4 years and haven't had the flu nor even those other prior symptoms either....and I'm definitely in the compromised age group w/ compromised system in general. My husband had to take the flu shots during his military career and always got sick. He's taken the flu shot also now for past 4 years under current great doctor and not gotten sick....but nothing is ever forced in our case anyway....only asked. If people don't want them they should just refuse them. Like a lot of doctors.....several in extended family.....who feel that they had to finally give in to mothers for years who insisted on the gazillion antibiotics for children or themselves which of course also lessened the degree to which the natural immune system could fight things off. I knew of several women friends over the past decades who, even after testing were told their sore throats were not strep but they wouldn't accept and would go to another doc to get what they wanted....more antibiotics!

    A friend whose sister is a PhD nurse practitioner in NY, doing lots of tests on the various treatments for this COVID-19 just told me that her sister said DO NOT take Ibuprofen for it.....causes it to greatly worsen!
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    Thanks etoa, great insight and advice.

    This article may offer a little more insight and tips on what to do if you think that you may have this virus. It also explains why Ibuprofen might not be a good idea to take if you have the virus or think that you may have it.

    Do Anti-Inflammatories Like Ibuprofen Aggravate Coronavirus?
    Is it safe to use this common anti-inflammatory if you have COVID-19?
    By Elaine K. Howle, Contributor | March 20, 2020, at 10:55 a.m.|
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    I agree with you.

    This virus does seem more and more to be a tool of the global elite to take down the financial system and to empower the new world order they've been building for decades. The financial system is a house of cards as there is something like 260 trillion dollars of debt worldwide -- maybe this too was part of the plan. We'll need a new currency as this rickety financial structure implodes as well as a global government plan to help get us out of the recession/depression that is sure to come. Maybe this pandemic is a tool for the big global power grab.

    It's no coincidence we have a corona (sun) virus that everyone is afraid will kill them. It's being compared to the Spanish Flu that occurred at the time of the events at Fatima. Maybe the time will now be ripe for a communist (global elite) power grab not unlike Russia in 1917. Conchita from Garabandal stated that prophesied events would happen when communism returned. Maybe this is it.
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    Bump. (y)

    It seems like they are stating all of the intentions that they have received and stating their own intentions now. This is very relatable imho. +


    Edited to add:

    Thank you indaiatubano, they did a very nice job. For others who were unable to watch it, they are a young couple with an infant and they were a very good example of how we can pray when we have to work around some distractions. Beautiful! :love:

    I might have stated this in the past, if I have not apologize but I find it interesting that the number 18 is very connected to Our Lady of Garabandal and it takes approximately 18 minutes to say the rosary each day, any one of the four mysteries. This couple also added a novena for the Coronavirus at the very end which took probably another 2 minutes or so. (But I know that I am preaching to the choir masters. :LOL:)

    They also mentioned the following which is very good imho. I absolutely plan to participate in it and I will ask my husband and son to do so also and I plan to share this information with the rest of my family and friends and I hope that everyone here will do the same. +


    They also stated that this would be aired on ETWN tomorrow in addition to what the Vatican's facebook page. I think that 6pm GMT+1 is 1pm EST but I will try and verify and update this post if I need to make a correction.


    Cardinal Joseph Zen, shown in Hong Kong on Dec. 5, 2018, told the Register that the situation is serious for the faithful in China. (Anthony Wallace/AFP via Getty Images)
    Vatican | Mar. 26, 2020
    Cardinal Zen: ‘Terrible’ Vatican-China Deal Sending Catholics ‘to Catacombs’
    The cardinal told the Register that ‘it’s useless to fight now’ and urged a tactical retreat.
    Edward Pentin |

    Continuing Crackdowns

    The timing of the Vatican’s diplomacy with the Chinese authorities has been roundly criticized as a mistake, as crackdowns on Catholics have not reduced but increased, and incidents of religious persecution are reportedly running at record levels. These include closing or destroying churches, jailing pastors and priests and surveillance control and restrictions. Nor has the coronavirus reportedly lessened the extent of the crackdown, as reports have emerged of continued destruction of churches even during the lockdown. [Emphasis added.]

    China has undergone fluctuating periods of freedom and constraint, and this is a time of “restriction” and “sinicization,” missionary Father Sergio Ticozzi, a member of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, explained in Hong Kong-China: The Catholic Issue, a new documentary by Elisabetta Valgiusti, produced by Save the Monasteries. “All religions must be Chinese, especially those from outside, thus the Christian churches, Islam and Lama Buddhism of Tibet. It’s a policy to force churches and religions to sinicize.”

    The Chinese authorities’ main purpose is “political,” Father Ticozzi continued. “The party must have control over every area of citizens’ lives, including the religious aspect. Although they say they respect religion, they tolerate it but promote Marxism fully.”

    Cardinal Zen told the program it is a new form of persecution and that “with the help of the Holy See” they are succeeding in “destroying all the Church.”

    Christopher Patten, Britain’s last governor of Hong Kong who spent many years negotiating with Beijing before handing the former colony over to the Chinese in 1999, said in February he thought the Vatican had “got it very badly wrong about China.” A well-known British Catholic who usually takes a more liberal position, Lord Patten said he felt it was an “extraordinary time” to be dealing with China in this way, which has “gone back on human rights.”

    More opposition came on March 12 from a group of 31 British Catholics who wrote a letter to the Catholic Herald calling for the provisional agreement to be “torn up” on the grounds that China is continuing to commit human-rights violations, including organ harvesting and the persecution of Catholics.

    “The case for opposing the Vatican’s deal with Xi Jinping’s government, which also harasses and detains leading Catholic clergy and destroys Catholic shrines and churches which refuse to join the official ‘Patriotic Church,’ was already formidably strong,” the signatories state. “Now, it is unarguable.”

    They therefore said the “time has come for the Vatican to rescind its treaty” with Beijing and, “by so doing, stand in forthright solidarity with all victims of totalitarian oppression.”

    The 2018 provisional agreement is set to expire in September if progress cannot be made, but for Cardinal Zen, the fate of the pact is “not so important” because “we don’t know what is in it.” That lack of knowledge about its contents is a “very serious situation,” he said. “We’ve been left in the dark.”

    Father Cervellera pointed out that the faithful only know what Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin have said about it, and “so we only know some parts”; but it is nevertheless possible to see the “effects, the consequences of this agreement.”

    Vatican Media claimed that two episcopal ordinations took place last year as “the result of the agreement,” but they had, in fact, been decided long before the agreement was signed, so the pact is “practically useless,” said Cardinal Zen.

    “We don’t see there has been any improvement in this dialogue,” he said.


    PS - There are no coincidences, only God-incidences. +

    Union Locates 39 Million N95 Masks for Healthcare Workers, Local Governments

    By BCN • Published 4 hours ago • Updated 4 hours ago |
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  9. I'd probably go with the weakening of the immune system and the pneumonia effect since that seems to be one of the "killer" effects.
  10. Actually Trump has....he had the FDA head, stand up on that official briefing stage in front of all and let the public know that Chloroquine could be prescribed here for compassionate use. So it's out there and Cuomo and others are hanging themselves by challenging now the medical community itself. There was nothing there that said all patients receiving this drug had to be in an approved clinical trial while such trials w/ data are also taking place. It was to be up to the doctor and the patient in need. We have seen in the past 4 years how the states will blatantly interfere with Fed. law and challenge Trump's executive orders almost each and every time he worked for the country. That buck stops w/ the governors who look terrible to the public...."evil people" indeed.
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    Love this video, very reassuring. I needed this right now as I am finding it difficult without the mass and without the Eucharist.

    Mass from Fr Mark also helps

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    He has become our internet pastor.
    God bless and keep him.
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    I have read Mundabor recently, an Italian Catholic blogger living in the UK, who describes a local Lombardy paper having to extend its usual obituary section from one page to nine. If these abnormal numbers of deaths are not caused by COVID-19, it still remains the case that there are an extraordinary number of deaths that need to be explained.

    The issue has been greatly and hysterically exaggerated and hyped, but cannot be dismissed lightly, either.
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    That is very true. On the one hand, there are those who promote euthanasia and on the other, those who will not accept natural death. One constantly hears of old people with no realistic life prospects being resuscitated and being kept alive with enormous interventions of medicines and equipment. This is what happens when the sense of going to God is lost.
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    My wife has been a nurse since 1987.

    She has never before seen fear and panic in the eyes of nurses, doctors in her hospital - it is like war time conditions.

    She has enormous experience.

    She came home shattered yesterday from a single days work. Thank God she now works part-time.

    For those who dismiss this lightly please talk to a doctor or nurse in the frontline and you will change your mind.

    It's really stressful for those medical people looking after these virus patients. For example Monday past the Mater hospital in Belfast received 37 seriously ill virus patients in one afternoon and we are really only at the start of this thing now. Hopefully, the measures taken recently with social distancing etc will have a profound effect.

    The good news is that she said the medical staff have great comradery and spirits like in war time conditions.
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    They were effectively told yeasterday no one over the age of 70 years will get a ventilator because the whole system will be swamped with virus patients and they haven't enough ventilators. Some doctors and nurses had tears in their eyes when told this.
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    And the Good News - an answer to prayer.

    My wife has been ill for quite a while & being phased back in to work so she is being moved out of the hospital & her whole ward is being redepoyed to a private clinic.

    This is happening now at full steam -- whole wards of elective surgery patients being moved to private clinics & private hospitals so that the main hospitals in Belfast can treat corona virus patients.

    This move is happening on my wife's ward this tomorrow. So I assume next week the main hospitals in Belfast are going to be treating only Covid 19 patients only.

    I prayed so hard for my wife over the past 2 weeks the Heavenly Father arranged this & made sure she was not on the frontline, Alleluia.
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    This is wonderful news about your wife being moved! I am so glad. Thank you for giving us real insight on this epidemic. Those who say it is just a flu have no idea. Those over 70....this is a somber state of affairs. It is great inspiration to stay put and practice sheltering in place. Praying harder today for all health workers as well as victims.

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