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    Italian mystic Luisa Piccarreta, (23 April 1865–4 March 1947) also predicted a pandemy in The Book of Heaven (volume 20, December 29, 1926):

    Dopo di ciò il mio dolce Gesù come lampo mi è sfuggito ed Io volevo seguirlo, ma con somma mia amarezza vedevo in quel lampo che dovevano venire malattie contagiose che serpeggeranno quasi in tutte le nazioni, non esclusa l’Italia nostra; pareva che molti ne morivano fino a spopolare le case; in parecchie nazioni infieriva più forte il flagello, ma quasi tutte saranno toccate. Sembra che si danno la mano nell’offendere il Signore e N.S. tocca tutti con gli stessi flagelli; ma spero che voglia placarsi così i popoli soffriranno di meno.

    English: (page 148 /163 in pdf)
    Italian: (page 67)
    Spanish: VOLUNTAD-LIBRO DE CIELO.Obispos.pdf (page 1730 /1782 in pdf)
    France: (page 161)
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    Update on New Zealand: Our Prime Minister announced today that our entire nation will be locked down in 48 hours time. I tried again to call my daughter, Stephanie, who is 21 years old, to see if she would fly home from the North Island to the South, on the flight I had booked for her. It leaves tomorrow at 6pm. She was not willing. I had everyone praying, including on this MOG Forum. I cried for 6 hours.

    But now it seems she will revisit her decision. I will find out in the morning. It is almost 11pm at night here now in NZ. There is a horrible storm raging out there. It is ominous. Winter is here. Please pray that she will see reason and fly home tomorrow night. It has been the darkest day we have ever experienced in living memory. Panic buying and a deep sense of shock as everything begins to shut down. The fear is palpable.
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    Prayers going up
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    After that my sweet Jesus as lightning escaped me and I wanted to follow him, but with my utmost bitterness I saw in that flash that contagious diseases had to come that will meander almost in all nations, not excluding Italy; it seemed that many died of it to the point of depopulating the houses; in several countries the scourge was raging stronger, but almost all of them will be touched. It seems that they join hands in offending the Lord and N.S. it touches all with the same scourges; but I hope he wants to calm down so people will suffer less.
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    Yes!!! I have news!!! My daughter has decided to catch that flight. Her employer is going to take her to the airport! All of the worries, big and small, are taken care of! Thank you for all your prayers everyone. Thanks be to Jesus, Mary and dear Saint Joseph.
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    ...I feel sympathy for the priests and bishops.

    Our Bishop is a very holy and devout man. He, like many priests and bishops around the world, have had this whirlwind thrust upon them and have had little time to consult or to plan.

    They are also under constant scrutiny from the ever watchful, ever critical media, waiting to pounce on them at every turn. Waiting to highlight - nay - to scandalise, their every decision.

    When this is all over, there is opportunity here for the church to learn.

    Bishops and priests need help and support. But from the right quarters. From known, longstanding, devout people within our church communities - these people are capable of consultation, and of advising the holy men of the church.

    Obviously choosing such people would be a careful, tactile process. But we all know such people. My father is one such as this.

    They are wise, without ever being overt. They remain in the background, but always seem to know the right and humble way forward, withoutever volunteering it. They never rant or rave or criticize. They are humble souls.

    They are an untapped resource.

    Perhaps 3 or 4 of these normal, everyday 'pillars' of the church could be consulted by a bishop, whenever he has a decision to make - with the ultimate and final decision resting solely with the particular bishop himself.

    ***Our bishops are more than Pilate***.

    Our bishop here in Derry is absolutely brilliant. He has much to contend with.
    I wish I could help him...
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    Just one other point in this...


    - the local women of every parish worldwide, make up a very significant part of this untapped resource, probably the greater part of it actually....

    From experience (I have a wife and a mother), their insight - as well as their ability to think strategically, is often breathtaking!
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    I liken this corona virus like a tsunami

    In the initial stages standing on the beach in the distance the wave looks innocuous enough --

    as it approaches -- the wave gets bigger and you start to get concerned --

    then bang it sweeps over devastating everything --
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    Poor England --

    The tsunami is about to crash over them --
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    Great analogy.
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    Praised be Jesus Christ!!!!
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    I am praying daily and often for all our bishops. God bless your bishop. You have good ideas Jack. I hope you will have an opportunity to present them.
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    Thanks be to God! Wonderful news.
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    It is hard to understand the severity of this. I know many feel its no big deal compared to the number of people who die each year by "insert whatever you like ie: flu, heart disease, etc". The one thing I try to look at, is what are the leaders/elites of the world doing. I have started to see more and more of these people "self quarantine" which to me means, they are beginning to go underground. When the elites disappear from society, then I think we have something to really worry about.
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    The Chinese reaction was the one that alerted me first. They didn't shut down that huge country at once for no good reason.

    How they knew is another question for another time.

    But they did know and acted at once and in overwhelming fashion
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    I see a picture of a line of trucks which proves nothing. Just like the video. When will these governments begin publishing public lists of the names of the dead so that their quarantined relatives and friends can know their fates to pray and mourn for them properly?
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    God bless you and yours, Lumena..
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    I'm praying for you also LV.
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