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    Italy is still a long way from the 24,981 that died there of flu in 2017. Just sayin.....
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    I heard today that some Governors are threatening arrests if people continue to refuse to comply. At the same time they are letting criminals go from jails in major cities so that they are not potentially exposed while in custody. Police are telling the public here they will not respond to anything but very serious crimes.
    I will be escorting my daughter to and from work until this over. She weighs about 100 lbs soaking wet and I'm not taking any chances with her safety in times like this.
    Hopefully it doesn't come down to the Governor actually having to give the shelter in place order but I think it will probably happen.
  3. Jo M

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    Frightening situation, can't even believe they are releasing criminals. :( Bad decision.
  4. earthtoangels

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    Is the "Storm" this near? Is this the "Key"?

    Check this out at 26:30 point:

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    I knew it would come but it’s still a shock: we are now in lockdown (shelter in place) in Dallas County! I’m having a hard time deciding whether I think this is a colossal, media-driven overreaction or fearing that it’s really worse than they’re telling us. For the second Sunday in a row, we watched a live-streamed Latin Mass and went to Adoration in the afternoon. We’ve added a family rosary every evening and Spiritual Communions. Other than that, I don’t know what else to do except beg Our Lord and Our Lady to take it away soon...
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  6. earthtoangels

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    Actually I think these qualified quarantines are preventing the elitists' plans for full martial law to take place. If there is a greater plan being put into place by Trump then this action is for the safety of Americans when bigger things go order to protect them. Trump has, once again, out maneuvered the DS!!
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    For anyone interested in Hawthorn tea, you can buy a tea on Amazon that is an herbal mix with hawthorn. It is by Heath and Heather, Organic Dandelion, Burdock, and Hawthorn. It's a bit pricey. I have some and really like it. All the ingredients are very very good for you. And I always get three cups out of a teabag :).
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  9. Don_D

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    I feel for you and I don't know what more one can do Texas Mama of 2. I definitely think that the reaction to this is something out of a science fiction movie but then I'm not the Governor or a Doctor treating patients with this illness either. I don't trust much of anything we are seeing on TV (which I rarely turn on) or the internet though. I trust nothing that came out of China either and the World Health Organizations fawning over the CCP handling of this put them below the CCP in my book. I do think that President Trump is doing a good job. It's amazing to me that media is telling people not to watch the Presidents briefings and instead to watch the Governors press briefings. It's downright treasonous IMO. I don't know how they can expect anyone to respect anyone in authority when they openly advocate ignoring the highest human authority when it comes to the administration of this country.

    I live in a rural area and I have a couple acres of property so I have plenty to keep me busy while we wait things out. This is a great time to spend time together with family and also to get to know our neighbors and forge some lasting relationships with them also. We all may be depending on each other more than we ever have if things like this become the new normal. After all, whats to stop the CDC or WHO from declaring another pandemic next time they need to create another global crisis.
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  10. Dolours

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    BBC News included in their coronavirus coverage a slot about China's return to normality. They showed some Chinese people in a park. I think the park was in Beijing. They all wore face masks, otherwise they wouldn't have been allowed enter the park. They were saying how good it was to be out in the open again and were full of praise for their government. The Beeb's spin was that totalitarian style control for a few months is the desirable solution. I wonder did it occur to the film crew that China's government is more than capable of placing party hacks in strategic locations to be happened upon and interviewed by the BBC.
  11. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    I think the BBC is counting on the fact that their viewers won't even consider the CCP as totalitarian because it was a public health issue and the CCP long ago adopted a quasi capitalist take on their special brand of totalitarian control. It would not surprise me in the least if the entire thing was staged, the BBC knew and actively helped plan and took part in it to help heal the image of the CCP to the world.
  12. LittleVoice

    LittleVoice WOE WOE WOE

    COVID19 is certainly the burning plague. My first symptom was the burning of nasal cavities lasting few hours. It cannot be compared with rhinitis, because rhinitis causes no pain in comparison with coronavirus. Then my throat and later my lungs were burned - it is as if the acid would burn the mucous membranes. It is great pain like inner fire. There are no mucus during the whole disease (such it differs from rhinitis and flu), therefore the virus is really like fire. And my kidneys and my whole body was burning. The other symptoms were: headache (lasting from few hours to three days), inflammation of the salivary glands and eye stinging. I had little saliva and tears. Temperature and blood pressure fluctuate like waves at sea. During 20 minutes my tempereture changes from 38° to 35° or systolic pressure from 120 to 160 and then I had a shiver and a very red face. If you will see somebody with red face, he has with high probability the presymptomatic stage of covid19. After 30 days I have now again mucus and the dry cought is now a little wet, but the mucus from lungs is mixed with blood.

    So you can see, that it is burning plague. But I think it is also sixth trumpet from Revelation 9. The horses are this virus and it burns our body from within.
  13. Dolours

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    I wouldn't be at all surprised that the news clip was staged, at least by the CCP. The programme makers may well have smelled a rat but, if so, they hid it well. It was only a short segment. It seems that every country nowadays wants to be China's BFF - not just left-leaning governments. China is a huge market and the Chinese government knows how to use that and money (promises of investment) to get its way.

    I had watched a press conference earlier in the day. There was a British government minister and a couple of other advisers answering questions from journalists. Most of the questions were about what the government was doing to ensure the availability of supplies and avoiding panic buying. One journalist asked whether British intelligence had any info on the possibility that the Chinese were massaging the numbers of new cases of the virus. (That was the gist of his question although not stated in such blunt language). He didn't get a direct answer to his question other than that the British government's strategy was about saving lives. In fairness to the governments in Europe, they do seem to be conscious of the fine line between safeguarding public health and taking away people's freedom. Unlike in China, European politicians are always aware that they can be removed from office at the next election.
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  14. Dolours

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    Thank God you are getting better. It must have been terrifying for you and your family. Have you had a chest Xray?
  15. LittleVoice

    LittleVoice WOE WOE WOE

    I have not Xray because our hospitals and doctors take now only serious cases with temperature above 39°. I had a fear from death when I had few times a dyspnoe, but my oxygen saturation was 94% and I cannot go into hospital, because it was not severe.
  16. padraig

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    So that's alright then.:) Thank goodness I was starting to worry.:D Fake news.;)

    What's all the fuss about? 800 dead in one day and the bodies being hauled away in military convoys is the new normal. What's not to like?

    At what point then do you feel we should become a little concerned then?

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  17. Dolours

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    Wow! If what you described isn't severe, I dread to think of the suffering being endured by those with severe symptoms. Lord help them, their loved ones and the hospital staff.

    Alexander Tseugel (I'm sure I have mis-spelled his surname) is also on the mend, thank God.
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  18. DeGaulle

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    The useful idiots in the BBC represent an institution that has itself become as left-wing as the Chinese Communist Party. At this point, it seems that those in the mainstream media worldwide that aren't at least unwitting agents of the CCP represent a very small minority. Most of them are a Chinese propaganda echo-chamber and I would include in this all the politically-correct 'woke' narratives that we have been subjected to since the beginning of this century and before.
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    540, 000 people die each year in Italy so they gotta die of something!

    Do you have any sympathy for the doctors and nurses in Italy exhausted from serving the sick at great personal cost with a health system that has virtually collapsed?

    Or are you just someone who is interested in numbers & stats?
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  20. garabandal

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    God bless you & may you make a full and lasting recovery.
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