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    Thank you Credo, I was only pondering on this prophecy today!
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    14 days I drank only the tea from hawthorn to decrease the pressure to normal value. But this disease is getting worse every day. Before five days my kidneys started to hurt me very much and my average systolic pressure was 160. Therefore I started to drink the solution of potassium hydrogen carbonate+vitamin C+water. Now my pressure and kidneys are OK. I have now shortness of breath, mild pneumonia, temperature up to 37.5°C and I feel OK.
    I have allergy, asthma and hypertension for many years, and I believe, that God through the hawthorn saved my life.

    Covid-19 is the disease connected with the hypertension, therefore we could use paracetamol for fever (not ibuprofen increasing the blood pressure!!!) and hawthorn for high blood pressure.
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    From the article you cited on your comment above are you able to get an angiotensin receptor 1 (AT1R) blocker, such as losartan?
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    I've been aware of Ralph Martin's prophesy for a few years and I think it is very important. It also dovetails with the message Glenn posted from Conchita on another thread. Ralph Martin is the real deal!
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    Where does one get the potassium hydrogen carbonate? Is that its commercial name?
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    So sorry to hear this, LittleVoice. I will add you to my prayers. Do you have family to help take care of you?
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    There are two ways to decrease angiotensins concentration in blood (COVID cause its increase through ACE2 disfunction): 1. Through ATR blockers (losartan) or 2. ACE inhibitors (garlic, hawthorn, K). I use a natural medicine because it is freely available in every pharmacy.
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    My family has also Covid-19. But we are OK. They have mild symptoms. Pray please for all who are dying, not for us, we will be OK. Thanks
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    Certainly will pray for you and your family. I have also been praying for those sick and dying world wide. Thank you so much for checking in with us. Please keep in touch. God bless you!
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  12. Yes and then we have the out right stupid people..or maybe what I really thought tonight the people who are actually possessed as I cant fathom why people are not listening to advice....

    I went to my local shop tonight because I had to not wanted to..a person decided it was ok to stand next to me in the queue even though there are signs and boxes marked on the floor ..I paused and held my temper on leaving the shop I was confronted by two people entering I stood back and waited until they crossed the threshold as one of them did they half put a hand over their mouth and coughed quite harshly ... well that was my temper gone I let rip ...if you have a cough stay at home..if your gonna cough well do it outside the shop ...oh my goodness I need to stay indoors for my own sanity,,,
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    God help you and I pray that you recover soon. I am glad drinking the hawthorn leaves is helping you. I did not know the symptoms of COVID-19 were the same as what Marie Julie-Jahenny had described.

    Are these in any like the symptoms you have felt?
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    I will include you and your family in my prayers as well as praying for all the victims of the virus. May Our Lady intercede for you all.

    How did you know what was the correct dosage for you of the potassium hydrogen carbonate? There's a thread somewhere on the forum about bicarbonate of soda, commonly called bread soda. Is that the same as potassium hydrogen carbonate? And did you buy the hawthorn leaves from a health food shop or had you picked them from a hawthorn bush?

    Sorry for plaguing (no pun intended) you with questions, and please don't feel pressured to answer them.
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    Sorry to hear this LittleVoice. You will be in my prayers. God bless you and your family.
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    Perhaps the Bishops could hold mass and some other sacraments outdoors?
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    LV can you say what country you are from? Prayers for you and your family.....
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    I have seen news videos and photos of a priest in California, I believe, who offers the Mass in a trailer (looks like it's adapted from a food trailer) overlooking the parish parking lot, where there are all these cars neatly lined up to watch the Mass. There was no news on if the priest arranged for some form of distribution.

    In the other video, which I believe was from Tennessee, the priest set up a small altar outside the main church entrance with a chalice of consecrated hosts. People singly or in small family groups would approach, they'd say the Our Father, and then he would give them the host. I'm hoping my own parish could do something like that.
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    Their profile says Slovakia. I really hope to visit one day. Gorgeous country.
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