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    An amusing "upside" to this: We've not had so much interaction with family and in-laws (phone, text) in quite a while! I mean THEIR making the effort (it's usually us calling or texting).

    The only silence is from a particular in-law who can't seem to make up her mind if it's a serious issue or not. :rolleyes:

    Guess she's still trying to make up her mind, hence the silence.
  2. AED

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    It is hard to figure how this will work. I pray for your daughter's safety Don. My son still is going to work in Massachusetts. Because his job is with one of the necessary industries. I'm concerned for his health and safety.
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    Kind of creepy to be honest.
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    While ChloroQuinine is possibly good or encouraging news.
    I wonder how many ill-informed, low-level informed people will become less guarded because of this, thinking there is an established cure
    and this is '"no more dangerous than the flu".

    Here in America, obsessed with our freedom to do what we want , it will be quite a few.

    These are the people you are mingling with , if and when, you have to go outside.
  5. Dolours

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    All the supermarkets here are looking for staff and are hoping to recruit workers from the hospitality industry who have been laid off. Your daughter may well be considered part of the essential service sector.

    One of my family who has decided to shop online has discovered that delivery will be in about 2 weeks. There's a five day wait for order and collect.
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    Agreed. However, apparently there's an astonishing number of "rebels" in Europe as well: Italians (despite the horrific daily death toll) refusing to comply, large groups collecting in London, airplanes still allowed to fly into Heathrow from China, Iran, Italy, and Spain. o_O

    I see quite a few comments at message boards of "hysteria over the flu." Right, like 793 people die in 24 hours in one country (Italy) because it's "the flu.":(

    While I certainly don't condone fear-mongering and especially not panic, this is serious. I've worked alongside Medicine for 30 years. I've never seen anything like this; images out of Wuhan in February were chilling.

    Better safe than sorry!

    Some people are foolish. Period.
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    I have COVID-19 since February 21. My symptoms are moderate, because I trink hawthorn tea as it was said to Marie Julie Jahenny.
    Scientists have revealed the principle of this disease:

    The virus induces harmful hypertension. I measure my blood pressure every two hours, and if it is higher than 150/90, I trink hawthorn infusion with potassion.
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    So ... no more eggs via Amazon ...
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    I should have made it clear that she is shopping online at the local supermarket. She could walk there in 15 minutes but she's a pensioner with health issues and is observing the request that people stay home as much as possible.

    Do people actually buy eggs via Amazon?
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    I will keep you in my prayers. I found that I had a mild case of the flu starting the first week of March. It did not get really bad and was mostly gone after the first week because I had received the vaccine, but I still had a cough and had to stay home from work. I finally got the cough to go away by taking a small dose (2,000 units) of vitamin D every morning. If possible, adding that to your hawthorn tea might give you that extra boost to get through the illness.
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    It would not surprise me!

    Is there any way you could do the shopping for her? If I had a car I would be volunteering to do that for some of the people in my parish.
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    Well, it is kind of creepy, but our governor is really no- nonsense and is wielding his authority for sure. That's all I'm going to say on a public forum;)
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    Reminds me of something I heard recently. I think eggs sold out on the panic buying day here which thankfully isn't happening now. My friend was telling a neighbour that she had managed to buy all she needed but that there were no eggs left on the shelves. Her neighbour's response: "Why? Have the hens stopped laying?"
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    Yes, you're right, it'll be awhile before we know that this is a truly effective treatment.
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    Prayers for y ou to recover completely, LV.
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    I pray for your daughter, she's a selfless hero and all like her.
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  18. Dolours

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    Yes, some people are foolish. Then again, a lot of people were given the message that washing your hands is enough to prevent infection. They also were given the message that the virus is only harmful to the elderly and immuno-compromised. That message was conveyed loud and clear and now, all of a sudden, the people who believed it are expected to discard it in favour of the new message.

    Looking at where the virus spreads more rapidly, it occurred to me that the type of housing people live in makes a difference. Someone living in single unit housing must be a lot safer than people in multi-unit apartment blocks with shared corridors, stairwells and lifts. That kind of housing is quite common in Italy and in Spain where the death rate is approaching Italy's numbers. I'm thanking God that relatively few seniors live in apartment blocks here. May the Lord protect those who do.
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    I don't know how in the world the order will be enforced, there will always be people who will not comply. I saw a news report today of many people ignoring the order in CA. Here in MA the governor deployed the national guard, but then decided against a shelter in place order. It is just insane, and there is way too much misinformation floating around in the media.
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    For those already aware of the massive proportions and implications of this very real pandemic, from the virus itself to the economic devastation that’s going to accompany it, resist the urge to say, “I told you so” to all those who mockingly patronized you and accused you of “panic,” “fear mongering,” “spreading a hoax,” or worse.

    It’s not the time for schadenfreude. Nobody is going to need you to point out how wrong they were. It’s going to be patently obvious to all.

    Everybody is going to need a heroic level of virtue in the days, weeks and months ahead.

    And prayer, trust, hope, faith and love.
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