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    I have the most beautiful old family crucifx. I might just put in the window with a couple of tea candles burning.:)

    But that Cross looks good too.

    I also ordered an online emergency dental kit. They are very cheap and the dentists will all be closed.
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    Holy Father, Church Hierarchy who brought and sat beside the worship of Pachamama idols in God's House............. repent and perform and exorcism within the walls of the Church where idol worship occurred and the Vatican as a whole so they may find God's mercy, by casting the demons, let into the House of God through this idol worship, back into hell where they belong. Citizens in Italy are dying because of what was allowed to happen in God's house in Rome.
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    They had announced big news in LosAngeles on a Friday over a week ago, over thatweekend the store shelves were cleaned out.
    Several days later on a wednesday, after things slowed down I thought I'd take a gander at a supermarket, etc

    I went to 3 places
    UPS shipping store and Northgate Market, a propane filling business.

    The goal was to stay about 6ft away from others (social distancing),
    avoid people who are obviously coughing, sneezing

    1) went to pick up mail at UPS shipping store:
    (I have a mail box for mail)
    man talking on phone enters store, looks like he is sweating--actually he is sweating, I talk to him to where he is to stand
    because he is last in line, he pays me no attention, he wanders about mesmerized by conversation on the phone, I cannot distance myself from him nor communicate with him.

    2) I go to the market:
    It wasnt crowded, but 10:00 am on a wednesdy.
    try to stay away from people by about 3-6 ft. , almost every turn I stop to avoid people but
    it doesnt work, others are not thinking the same way. I stop for someone else to pass, somebody else comes around corner and passes close by me. I am leaving the store, a couple is walking past me spread out, so I have to go around them. The man leaves me a passing gift, a short cough without covering his mouth.

    3) I go to a propane place.
    Go to get some tanks filled, a Hot Food truck is in front of me, his tanks are filled, but he is chatting w/ his friend who filled
    his tanks, they are seperated by 1-2 ft. But he is standing where I need to place my tanks, I wait 10ft away, waiting and waiting
    for the HOt Food guy to leave, but he just assumes I'm going to bring my two empty tanks to right in front of him.
    So I have to get loud and state I'm keeping my distance until he leaves. He is courteous and leaves.

    This going out is very dangerous
    Its not safe or a controlled situation out there.
    People dont have the same considerations for safety, that you or me may have, out there.
    Many of them are still working and havent done any adjustments.

    Many people are still manning various businesses and retail shops and dealing with customers.
    Perhaps many of them would lose their job if they refused to work, a job, any job is a valuable thing in this changing world. Others are manning the businesses they own.

    Of course many businesses are closed, but many try to stay open.
    These same people and more, are somewhat jaded to the reality of the risks although some are taking precautions.

    What is really beneath the surface, the undercurrent, is the many news stories of how Walmart and other popular markets are open,
    reasonably well stocked and even have special hours for seniors to shop.You get this feeling: "Ahh well thats great, I can go shopping here and everything is fine". Well, what the news stories dont mention is that
    maybe not the first wave, but the second surge of numbers of infected will be from this somewhat nonchalant shopping crowd.

    The markets/shops where people are shopping are the next vector for transmission.
    If you have enough, it may be boring food, but please stay home.

    Another thing I noticed in multi-cultural Los Angeles,
    the Asian markets got hit early before the state/governor/mayor closure of things, these people caught on. There was no reason or fact to think that what was horribly happening in China wasn't going to happen here and elsewhere.

    The hispanic-centric markets didnt get a dent until the Governor started closing things, but even so a socio-economic-educational thing as regards the hispanics. The asian population is well educated , affluent. The hispanic population, educationally disavantaged, poorer.

    Be careful out there.
    Shopping is no stroll in the park.
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    Chloroquine is one of the treatments for corona virus being considered/used in countries including the US, France, Israel, and South Korea. I've read on various internet sites that the over the counter supplements quercetin, zinc and epigallocatechin (ECGC) taken together will most probably act as chloroquine does to stop the replication of the virus within cells. Below is a link to an article, written by a chiropracter, that explains how replication is stopped. He has begun taking these 3 supplements and vitamin c every day.

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    Fourteen positive cases reported in a nursing home in Ireland this morning, God bless them. The enforced protocols imply that we are inevitably going to face an acute shortage of medical personnel. This poses a possibly greater risk to life than the virus itself, with people who are virus-negative dying from lack of care and attention. I have a suspicion that the ultimate death toll from this entire saga is going to exceed what it would have been if it had all been left to the development of herd immunity (which is, incidentally, the mode pre-programmed into physical reality by God Himself). The secondary costs to the human hubris which imagines it can defy Death are likely to be worldwide economic meltdown.

    Another thing bothers me. Ireland is a huge exporter of food, producing far more than her own needs. I have heard two definite cases where it is reported that this food which has been processed cannot be sold. If the world is in such a state of lock-down that the food-distribution system has broken down, there are going to be acute shortages in some places with accompanying panic and the possibility of hunger and even famine. In this scenario, expect more bats to get eaten.
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    "If I shut up heaven, and there fall no rain, or if I give orders, and command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people: [14] And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land. [15] My eyes also shall be open, and my ears attentive to the prayer of him that shall pray in this place."

    2 Paralipomenon 7:13-15, Douay
    (2 Chronicles)
    Please continue to pray and make supplication to God that He will remove this scourge. O, Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.
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    You're welcome Jo M. I was told that Epiphany water is exorcised.
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    And this is only a trial run from what Luz de Maria newest message reads. Can you imagine what chaos will look like when the cell phone & TV world is interrupted due to astronomical and man-made events such as nuclear war will do? Ah, no one can say heaven has not warned-warned-warned to prepare, but few have listened. It is obvious most have not planned for even a few days or weeks with being without items we need and think we need. What will they do for months and years without? Thank God for those who have answered God's call with refuges where the remnant will go. Following is google translation, though not great, that tells us it will be much worse next time..... this time is just a trial run.
    LdM message March 20, 2020>>> ......They must obey the plague, then stronger ones will come, but at this moment, the world elite has proven the reaction of humanity and the dominators will use this virus reaction to base their power on humanity.
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    Yes. Yes. Pray! We have His promise. All of us across the world can be the "ten good men" to stand in the gap.
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    As many of you know, I live in Washington. West coast WA not east coast. At any rate, our daughter works as a cashier at a local grocery outlet. The owner of the store at the advice of his attorney has given all his employees letters to carry with them when they travel to and from work in the event they are stopped. His attorney has said that this week the rumor is that a shelter in place order will be announced by the Governor and only certain critical businesses will remain open. People will be ordered to remain in their homes unless they have a valid reason for travel. I am not sure how they hope to enforce this other than relying on the goodwill of the people. The National Guard has been activated and has been seen in large convoys traveling about various areas but even so there is simply not remotely enough people to enforce such an order uniformly across the cities and towns of this area.
    The local law enforcement agencies have announced that unless a call is life threatening they will not respond so how exactly the governor thinks his order is going to be enforced successfully is beyond me.
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    At the end of Holy mass tonight in Medjugorje Father Marinko said the decision was made that there would be no more masses together with the believers but the priests would celebrate alone.
    The decision was made by the pastors of Brotnjo deanery in order to follow the rules of the canton government (all public gatherings are forbidden, curfew from 6pm to 5 am).
    There will not be the prayer of the Rosary on the Apparition Hill on Sundays, nor the Way of the Cross on Fridays on the Cross mountain.
    The evening services - the prayer program - you can follow via live stream.
    Fr Marinko also said that all of us knew what to do in the school of prayer of Our Lady: pray the Rosary, read the Holy Scripture and fast of Wednesdays and Fridays.
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    There are facets to be sides...

    The problem here in Ireland we are both short on priests, and they are elderly.

    Our diocese have a full program running from the main chapel, the Cathedral.

    The bishop said 12:30pm mass today. And at the risk of sounding like Father Ted, he says a truly wonderful mass.

    They have a great program running all day, everyday. Adoration, devotions, masses, divine mercy prayers. Its v well done.

    It's a chance too for people not from these shores to 'attend' an irish mass.

    Here's the link, just click on the webcam:
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    If your local chapel does something similar, send me the link....
    I like to listen when I'm doing my chores..
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    Just about the same here. The military is setting up tents at fed ex field in suburban Maryland (home field of redskins ) there is a land complex there
    Same thing , Don
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