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    Clericalism. Right from the top.
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    Well t least it will give people a chance to think. The modern world is so busy I don't think people do much real honest thinking to themselves anymore.

    One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was from my Spiritual Director. He told me that instead of reading newspapers and watching the media to give it all up for six months and just go and think about things myself.

    We're all going to die, virus or no virus. But as they said in the film, 'Gladiator', what we do now will echo in Eternity.

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    Just what I was thinking. Bossy boots.
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    What a wonderful God inspired idea! Amazing.

    I must think. But where would you get a lit up Cross from?:rolleyes:
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    Wrap some Christmas lights around a cross
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    Pachamama, yes, but New Zealand politicians decriminalised Abortion this past Wednesday.
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    This is good news, the present testing method is inadequate. I pray there are no delays in distributing these new test kits. They can't get them out soon enough!
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    I really love this idea. I was planning putting out my Easter decor a little early this year to cheer us up, but I never thought about the lights!
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    Figures. :(:mad:
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    We may want to start praying for a heat wave.
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    Padraig, I just ordered one from Amazon. It looks ok and I just found one that may be better for you. It is larger than the one that I bought and it looks a lot better but it has a BS plug on it, is that what you use? Here is the link .


    PS - I was going to try and make mine own but I was afraid I'll set my blinds on fire or something like that. I basically chickened out.
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    Dr. JOHN Campbell is really good! Thanks Brian.
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    I’m planning on going to an Orthodox Church for the first time tomorrow morning, as far as I can tell they haven’t ceased public mass. I won’t receive,
    of course, but am looking forward to it.
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    We are just going into winter here in NZ
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    Thanks for this reminder. I’m going to check our local Orthodox churches to see if any are still open.
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    I have a feeling that there will soon be a run on this by many who as yet are not candidates. At least you have to have a prescription for it. There is really a panic reaction built into this scare beyond past, annually expected viruses and that seems to be particularly pre-planned here in order for the powers that be to gauge the amount of control of the public such tactics....into the future....can be expected and what more may be needed. After all it will be the "savior" to arrive at such great times of panic to be the one to solve all the problems: AC

    Hospitals Begin Stockpiling Hydroxychloroquine Following Announcement of its Success Rate in Battling Coronavirus

    On Friday night Dr. Mehmet Oz was the latest medical professional to cheer the news of a successful drug combination that shows a 100% success rate in fighting the coronavirus.

    Dr. Oz said, “There was actually pretty big news today. There was a paper that came out yesterday that was being discussed but didn’t get the attention that I thought it would that a paper from France that the use of an old drug, the malaria drug together with the Z-Pac seemed to dramatically impact on this virus. And that could be the biggest game changer of all that can alter if we can ever become Italy… But I’ll give you the biggest fact of all. In this study they shortened the amount of time the patients excreted the virus down to six days. The norm is approaching 20 days. That completely changes the behavior of the virus. Which means it may be actually more like a flu virus in its impact on us. It’s still dangerous but now as contagious… If drug that has already been on the market for 65 years could be effective in treating a new virus, yes there are potential side effects, there are eye problems that potentially arise, we know that we use these drugs commonly. But I think it’s worth the chance. And we should be doing the study starting today! And we’ll know in six days. In the meantime the task force is going to liberalize use of these medications.

    Several hospitals are already stockpiling the Hydroxychloroquine following the news this week on its success rate in treating coronavirus. reported:

    Hospitals have been rushing to stockpile a decades-old antimalarial drug touted by President Donald Trump and others as a treatment for the new coronavirus.

    Hydroxychloroquine is being snapped up by medical systems at more than twice the typical pace as U.S. hospitals seek to build large inventories in anticipation of the medication’s potential use in patients with Covid-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus.

    From March 1 through March 17, U.S. hospitals bought an average of 16,110 units of hydroxychloroquine, compared with an average 8,800 units a month from January 2019 through February 2020, according to Premier Inc., which helps 4,000 member hospitals buy and manage their supplies.

    National Boycotts is urging the Trump administration to post the latest breakthroughs on the successful treatments.

    The national and world economies are shutting down. A state-induced Great Depression threatens to place many 20 – 60 year olds on the streets in the next week. That state is funded by your tax dollars–the same dollars you store value within when you interact with them as both a worker and a consumer.

    Yet we are getting no daily reports on our best hope to fix this problem: hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin.

    – What hospitals have received shipments of the H&A drug combo?

    – Are the H&A drugs in transit now?

    – How much H&A drugs per each hospital are being delivered?

    – We know what factories are producing the H&A drug combo. But do they need to hire extra workers to ramp up supply? If yes, where are the job listings?

    – How many patients are being treated with H&A now?

    – How many are being cured?

    – What are the patient’s daily viral loads?

    – Where are the databases for this information? If none exist, will they create one immediately? (A simple online spreadsheet will suffice.)

    Start demanding answers. Our livelihoods are at stake. Your tax dollars and votes are inducing this.

    Make them answer. Spread this message. This level of economic shutdown is unprecedented.
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