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    Dear MOG family, I almost never post, but I just read that our diocese is ending all public Masses too. I must confess that I did acknowledge the possibility since so many others have had theirs cancelled as well, but never thought it would happen here. I live in northwestern New Mexico and our diocese is spread out over a very large area and is not heavily populated. I must have thought we'd be spared. I feel like I've been kicked in the chest. So sad. Both my husband and I are 67 years old, so no longer in the spring chicken category, but I am more upset at the loss of Mass than I am about possibly catching the virus.


    So I am stepping out from my status as a lurker to more active participation on this wonderful forum. I thank God for you all and pray for our spiritual strength. May God's love and grace sustain us all.
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    I grew up in New Mexico and still love it. I just couldn't get my husband to move there.
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    Asymptomatic Transmission Explained

    If it doesn’t make sense to you that a person can have enough virus in his or her body to be able to spread the infection, but not enough to feel ill, you’re not alone. It doesn’t make sense, but there is an explanation.
    Infectious before becoming ill
    So how can a person be infected enough to spread the virus, but not enough to feel ill? We tend to think that the sicker one appears, the more infectious one is, but that may not be the case with a novel virus like COVID-19, where no one’s immune system recognizes it. This allows the virus to enter the cells of our respiratory tract without being recognized for a while. It sets up shop, and immediately begins reproducing millions of new viruses that fall out into our respiratory tract. With no immunological fire alarms triggered, the not yet symptomatic host feels fine, but a simple throat-clearing cough (and we do this fairly often) or an unwitting sneeze (‘must have been some dust off the keyboard’) can send millions of highly infectious viral particles into a shared office space.
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    For some reason, to me that sounds so Irish, like being asked, "Have you lived here all your life?" and getting the response, "Not yet."
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    Thank You Lynn.
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    Me Three!
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    This is something I thought myself too regarding the mortality rate, but then when I look at Italy and how their health care system is buckling under pressure with an influx of cases, that's something we haven't seen happen in relation to the common flu, it leaves me somewhat perplexed. Why over react if common flu has a higher percentage rate? Why, if Covid19 isn't as deadly as the flu (according to these numbers) the morgues are full in Italy and Iran to max capacity?(n)
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    It might be because it is a Chinese business?
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    as I understand it, coronavirus is dangerous because it causes pneumonia more easily than the common flu? why are communist countries like China, Cuba in control? Russia also seems to have control over the epidemic,?
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    Can I ask for prayers, please, for my youngest child, Stephanie. She is studying at University on the North Island while we all live on the South Island of NZ . She does not realise that soon our whole country will be locked down. I want her to fly home, but she wishes to stay up in the North Island. I am starting to feel really sorrowfull about it because naturally we do not want our children to brave this alone, and she might get very sick and have no one around to care for her. Today, we bought her an airline ticket to fly back to the South Island in 6 days from now, but shes being quite stubborn. Any day now,an announcement will be made that all NZ schools and universities will close. Then pandemonium will ensue. Please pray for her to see reason and come home!
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    Wow. Just. Wow.
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    Its manufacturing is done in China. And China claims to be "over" the spread of the virus. But who knows really.
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    All 3 of these countries are very secretive so what is really going on is hard to know.
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    Beautiful prayer Carokyn. Thankyou. I'm sorry to hear of your Mass being shut down. It's a terrible gut punch I know.
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    Praying your daughter will return home. So worrying.
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    Carolyn, I will pray for you and all who have lost this most precious gift. Just a reminder, we have the special gift of spiritual communion as well, which is very blessed. We have our rosaries, blessed holy water, candles and our bible we can take great joy in. We need to use our sufferings and prayers for our clergy, who seem to think taking the Holy Eucharist away from the faithful is the answer, rather than having more masses and confession said and heard. Such a lack of faith on the part of our hierarchy today. It was once said that the world could survive longer without the sun that it can without holy Eucharist and I believe we are about to see.
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