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  2. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    An awesome honest perspective on the importance of living within the Ten Commandments of God. I would not be looking forward to entering an eternity of looking over my shoulder incase some pervert, thief or violent soul might be lurking around waiting to pounce, like we have to on this God forsaken planet.

    Of course we pray and hope all sinners repent and return to the path traced out for us by Jesus Christ in order to find our way home. And pray Our Lord will mercifully open our minds and hearts to find salvation in His Holy words and instructions through His faithful Apostles and Pastors even to our own day.

    Was Father Weinandy the Priest who wrote a very strong letter to Pope Francis about the strange things being presented to the Church in our day? I thought he would be an outcast after daring to question the nuances put up for discussion with a view to implementing them as modernising the Church. God bless him for his courage.
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    Awww apparently in China dogs can pick up a mild version of the bug.
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    There's nothing like death to concentrate the conscience
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    On top of everything else the weather is abominable.

    Another nudge from heaven?
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  6. Apparently, according to Fox's MD contributor, Dr. Siegle, dogs can carry the little buggers in their fur and "elsewhere", so, like anything one might "handle" this can be a spreader....esp. at doggie parks, etc., there they play and lick and sniff each other, etc., it makes for a "non-spacing enough" environment!!
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    Yes, I guess they used it to treat fevers.
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    Raining buckets around here too.
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    I think the weather reflects God's displeasure.
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    To make things worse, even if God withdrew this pestilence I don't even think the Irish would have the wisdom to truly thank God for it.

    We are so far gone.

    But maybe as things move along...

    I hope..
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    Some bad children need a shaking and some very, very bad children need a very, very good shaking.

    I am afraid we fall in the later category.
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    Well I won't be eating them as is the Asiatic custom.

    I would be too afraid.

    They'll probably wind up eating me.:)
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  14. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I get a dying practise twice a year nowadays when I have to have surgery to keep the kidneys working. I am practising what Jesus said on the Cross as I lie on the slab waiting for the drug to take effect, and am assured I will wake up in the recovery room. I keep saying (silently) "Into Thy Hands, I commend my Spirit." Just in case I find myself on the other side. Yesterday 16th was the latest practice, and here is Julia still alive to tell the tale. Death where is thy sting, death where is thy victory. Praised be God.
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    I have faced death many times myself Julia, bless you praying for you

    I walked through the virus ward the other night and it opened my eyes.

    Those medics are very, very brave indeed.

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    How terrible though to face only hell at the end of it, not Eternal Life and joy
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    Death is only a doorway.

    A curtain pulled.

    It truly, really is.
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    Death has no import.

    It's living a life in love that counts

    Love and do as thou wilt as At Augustine said.
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    well, our diocese closed their doors to public mass today. Also, no confessions. We are closed to April 3 and then reassess....Churches will be open to pray, however so thank you God for that.
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    I saw a picture of the coffins of six Italian priests in a little town in Italy who died of the bug tending their sheep.

    I thought,
    'Straight to heaven!'

    'Straight, straight to heaven!'

    How wonderful!!!
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