Civil War in the Ukraine?

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  1. Former Top Putin Advisor Sounds The Alarm: Putin Has Already Declared War On Kiev

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    Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 21:23:05 -0700

    Subject: Fw: article about war on kyiv

    Subject: article about war on kyiv

    Former Top Putin Advisor Sounds The Alarm: Putin Has Already Declared War On Kiev
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    Vladimir Putin’s top economic advisor (and personal envoy to the G8) , has warned in aninterviewwith Ukrainian television that Putin has already declared war on Kiev. Putin’s war is being conducted by Russian Spetsnaz (special operations) forces and KGB (now called FSB) agents and is aimed at toppling the pro-Western government in Kiev. The Spetsnaz forces’ orders include the sowing of civil unrest throughout Ukraine via strikes, demonstrations, staged incidents, and street battles. Putin’s subversive forces will also gin up neo-Nazi incidents with Nazi regalia and Swastikas on full display. Their orders include as well the deliberate killing of Russian soldiers and of ethnic Russian civilians to prove the hatred and extremism of radical Ukrainian nationalists. These orders come from Putin himself. Their goal is to create an image of intolerable chaos and loss of civil authority to justify a Russian takeover of all Ukraine. Putin’s goal is the destruction of pro-Western authority in Ukraine, the total humiliation of the West, and a makeover of the geopolitical balance.
    Illiaronov’s urgent advice to Ukraine: Place all your effort into preserving civil order and avoid falling for the Spetsnaz provocations. (This will be difficult as Spetsnaz-organized gangs are already storming public buildings in East Ukraine). Ukrainian authorities must immediately close all borders with Russia to slow the infiltration of Spetsnaz and FSB destabilization units. Ukrainian TV and radio must immediately broadcast all their news in Russian or in English because many Ukrainian citizens and Russians do not understand Ukrainian.
    Illarianov pleads that the whole world understand what Putin is up to. A Putin success in taking over Ukraine would changeEuropeand the balance of power and lead to further “restorations” of the former Soviet Union. The West should not hesitate in vigorously countering Putin’s war making for fear a strong reaction could trigger another cold war. We are already in a cold war, whether we want to recognize it or not.
    This is scary stuff coming from someone who sat by Putin’s side as his chief economic advisor from 2000 to 2005. If anyone understands Putin it is Illarionov. He is not one to frighten without good reason.
    Throughout recent history, the so-called civilized countries have had trouble coming to grips with evil. We thought that Hitler was just spouting off about ridding the world of Jews and Slavic Untermenschen. Surely a nation that gave us Beethoven and Goethe would not do such things. We could not believe that Stalin could stand by while millions of Ukrainians and Kazaks died of famine or that he could shoot his inner circle for fictitious crimes of espionage and treachery. We think the same of Putin. Surely the land of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky will have civilized leaders once it shed its unfortunate Soviet past. In his recently published memoir, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War, Robert Gates writes (p. 169) that after meeting Putin he said to his colleagues privately “that I looked into Putin;s eyes, just as I expected, had seen a stone-cold killer.” In his carefully researched The Moscow Bombings of September 1999, scholar John Dunlop demonstrates rather convincingly that Putin ordered the bombing of four apartment buildings with 300 casualties to build up support for his first election and all-out war on Chechnia. For Putin, ordering his special ops forces to do away with some ethnic Russians is small change.
    Europe and the United States: Pay close attention to what this Putin insider is telling you. Either roll over or do something.
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    Lord have mercy.
  3. Andy3

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    (I did not write this: marti)
    The article contains quite a lot to be concerned about. Although I earlier expressed the view that Russia had not yet done much to be criticised for, the critical test is what Putin does next. If he does enter the rest of the Ukraine then I will definitely come 'off the fence' about whether he is on the side of good or bad.
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    This is all looking worse by the minute. Judging by the reactions not only on this forum but elsewhere, there are a couple of basic facts which seem not to be sufficiently understood:

    i) the international community's refusal to acknowledge Sunday's plebiscite in the Crimea is not simply a hypocritical refusal of the principle of self-determination. The referendum clearly violated the Ukrainian constitution, which does not allow a region to secede in this way without the consultation of the rest of the Ukraine. It was also preceded by illegal armed action in the Crimean peninsula.

    ii) Russia is in flagrant violation of its international obligations as a signatory of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, in which the borders of the Ukraine were guaranteed, with the Ukraine in return relinquishing its nuclear arsenal. This last point is absolutely critical in terms of understanding the balance of power between Moscow and Kiev. The question of whether the Crimea should be seen historically as part of Russia is irrelevant - what is at issue here are fundamental principles of international law.

    If Russia continues on its present path it will show itself to be a rogue state.

    This is not to say that Western policy has been without fault in generating and (mis)-managing the current crisis. There are however multiple sources indicating that the Russian authorities have consistently misled public opinion both in Russia and elsewhere about the Ukrainian situation. It should be noted that there are many Ukrainian and Russian intellectuals who are allied against the Kremlin's policies (a leading player in this is the group of ecumenical thinkers clustered around St Clement's Institute in Kiev and the publishing house Duh i litera) and who will be holding a congress "against war, against Russian self-isolation, against the restoration of totalitarianism " today. These figures are looking for a 'third way' which does not insist simplistically that the Ukraine should have to choose between East and West: that IMHO is the way forward in terms of reconciliation, but unfortunately I don't get the impression that these voices are in the majority...
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    Mother Mary takes such good care of us - sharing wisdom and clarity through our members.

    Keep the brilliance coming, Peter. In times like these, it's a rare commodity!
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    I notice that, side by side with events deteriorating in the Ukraine things are also falling apart in Venezuala..

    Somehow events in these two widely apart regions of the world appear linked, because as the Servant of God Maria Betania said, 'It will begin here'.


    When Our Lady appeared in 1981 in Medugorje in what was to be the greatest series of Marian Apparitions in the history of the world she did so as, 'Queen of Peace' and to me that always indicated that a key part of the Great Chastisement that is about to come upon us was war.

    A great saint was one time asked, 'If you knew tomorrow was your last day , what would you do?'

    He said, 'Exactly what I have done today'.

    When asked why he replied,

    'Because today I have being doing the Will of God and tomorrow I intend to do the same'.:)
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    What great, great peace Our Faith gives us, a peace the World cannot know. A great peace and security.

    I wonder if I have time to do a Holy Hour tonight? The question really is, 'Have I time NOT to do a Holy Hour tonight.

    I have regularly been praying an hour every day for the forum , especially its members and have been shown with a deep sadness that when the hour of testing comes upon us some forum members will take a wrong turning and turn apostate. So I have been praying the Fatima prayer for them.

    O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy. Amen.


    It makes me so sad that even here were the Truth has been shown forth in great clarity and where abundant graces have been bestowed, the Signs of the Times ennumerated, still people will turn from the Light of the Truth and walk towards the Road to Hell. Even when the Light of Heaven has filled the skies and the Cross of Blessed Saviour shown for all the world to see in the sky above us.

    But it is not enough that the Tree of the Faith is planted in our hearts, it must be watered with great constancy with the waters of prayer and soil of fasting. Especially now as the first winds of the Great Storm begins to blow.

    May God grant no one from amongst us may be lost. Why should we fear those who can only harm the body? It is he who would steal our soul we must most fear.

    Ah Queen of Fatima, save all of us from the fires of hell, especially those amongst us most in need of thy mercy.
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    And Syria Padraig. Plus while all this is going on it will be curious to watch developments between China and Japan as well as North and South Korea.
  10. Andy3

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    Thanks MS7. That is what I was referring too. Heard that this morning on the way into work. This April to June time frame is very uneasy for me in my soul these days. Last night I took a walk with the dog and was in some rather deep prayer with the Lord and actually St. Gemma who I just learned about yesterday. Later in the night as I was heading for bed I saw the most beautiful moon out one of the windows of my house. It was so peaceful for some reason. A few seconds later I was at the kitchen window and the moon looked completely different. It had a huge cross in front of it with the moon in the center. It was so beautiful. I couldn't believe my eyes. I went outside to look at and the cross was not there at all but then again there through the kitchen window. I took some pictures of it but they did not do it justice at all. The cross extended all the way down to the horizon and upward and much bigger than the pictures. I thought maybe it was a trick in the one of kitchen window panes but it was present in both kitchen window panes but no other windows. I will temporarily use it as my avatar.
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    Padraig, when I read this, a chill went through me, and a deep sadness. It makes me think of Judas, who had the unfathomable grace of being called and taught by Jesus Himself, only to betray Love and lose his soul through pride. Pride makes us all stupid, and ripe for deception.

    Sweet Jesus, tend the garden of our souls, and rip out the weeds of pride by their roots, no matter how much it hurts. I beg you that not one will be lost for lack of prayer and sacrifice, especially on my part.
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    Wow Padraig. Keep praying for us and I will do the same even more. I pray to The Lord every day to not ever let me to lose this love and growing trust I have in him even if I am standing in front of a tank I never ever want to denounce Him. I pray to never succumb to the worldly fears and weaknesses that fearful children can succumb to. To always be bold as a lion, bold as St. Stephen. I was lost a long time in my life and never ever want to be lost again.
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  13. padraig

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    1 Peter 4:19

    Suffering as Christians
    18AND IF IT IS WITH DIFFICULTY THAT THE RIGHTEOUS IS SAVED, WHAT WILL BECOME OF THE GODLESS MAN AND THE SINNER? 19Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right.

  14. Charity

    Charity Mercy

    We must also pray that we all "Accept God's Mercy"- for even some of those that know the truth, when faced with the Brilliance and Beauty of the Light of Truth and Mercy, will run toward the darkness believing they are not worthy of such a Gift of Love and Forgiveness
    May we All accept His Mercy
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  15. Andy3

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    Indeed charity. I will feel like this I am sure not able to look up until he touches me or gives me the ok.

  16. garabandal

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    The temptation to compromise will be great and there will be a general confusion surrounding the faith making it difficult to follow the truth. Families will be divided so some will compromise the faith because of familial attachments.

    Understandable but God must come first. Our families will be saved if we remain faithful until the shedding of our blood.
  17. Heidi

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    Padraig, have you been shown which members will go astray? I feel like the apostles when Jesus told them one of them would betray him and each asked if it was him.
  18. Andy3

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    I feel the same way Heidi but also we have to pray hard for trust and help. I am reminded of this line in one of the 15 prayers of St. Bridget:

    I beg of Thee, O Jesus, by the memory of this most Loving suffering of the Cross, to grant me the grace to fear Thee and to Love Thee. Amen

    We must pray to fear and love Him for then I feel we may be safe. St. Paul said we must work on our salvation with fear and trembling. If we fear our salvation then I think we are on the right path to one day replace that fear with His Love.
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