Civil War in the Ukraine?

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  1. rest of question and answer interview with Putin.

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  2. padraig

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    I hve lost hope of ever untangling who is right and who is wrong in Ukraine. But I still think Putin is getting ready to hit the place and planned this all along. As to who is behind Putin and pullling his strings, beside the devil, who knows? Such a den of snakes.

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  3. Fatima

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    Well said, Padraig!!
  4. Ang

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    Wow MS7 thanks for all the research!
  5. padraig

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  6. PotatoSack

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    don't forget that march 18th is a significant date in the medj world. will be interesting to see if something big happens on that date. Ukraine situation seems most likely out of the many signs of the times to explode at any time. ppray, pray, pray!
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  8. padraig

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  9. Mario

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    It is important to listen to both sides of an argument in order to form an unbiased position. Paul Robert's uncritical endorsement of Putin raises warning flags in my mind. His reporting is anything but balanced! :censored:

    PS Just to let you know, I am fully aware of the globalist agenda; still, I don't find Paul Robert's analysis helpful.

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
  10. picadillo

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    Thank you for your thoughtful critique. I find Dr Roberts very credible especially on matters of finance and knowledge of politics given his position of assistant treasury secretary under Ronald Reagan.
  11. Bernadette

    Bernadette Archangels

    Wow it seems every day the tensions are growing between Russia and the rest of the world. Won't be long now before everything hits the fan! So prophetic we're in Lent and all of this instability about to happen. It feels like we're on the verge of war and prophecies.

    God Bless!
  12. Andy3

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  13. padraig

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    At the start everything went well for Hitler and Germany too. Everything.

    Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first raise up.
  14. davidtlig

    davidtlig Guest

    I think I'm in a minority on this but, so far, I see very little to criticize in Russia's behaviour. I copy, below, Gorbachev's views on the matter and Gorbachev is no friend of Putin.
    For me the critical test of Putin is whether he will go into the rest of the Ukraine. That remains unknown.

    Mikhail Gorbachev says the West should respect the choice of the people of Crimea after they voted overwhelmingly to join Russia.


    The world should welcome the prospect of Crimea becoming part of Russia as it rectifies a historic mistake from the Soviet era, the Soviet Union's last leader Mikhail Gorbachev says.

    Gorbachev said that Crimea had only ended up in the territory of post-Soviet Ukraine because it had been transferred from Russia by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev when both countries were part of the USSR.

    "For sanctions to be imposed there should be a very serious basis. And they must be supported by the United Nations," Gorbachev told the Interfax news agency on Monday.

    "The possible taking of Crimea into Russian territory does not constitute such a basis," he added.

    He described the weekend's referendum where almost 97 per cent voted in favour of Crimea joining Russia "as a success that responded to the expectations of Crimeans."

    "If until now Crimea had been joined to Ukraine because of Soviet laws that were taken without asking the people, then now the people (of Crimea) have decided to rectify this error," he said.

    "This should be welcomed and not met with the announcement of sanctions," he added.

    European Union foreign ministers agreed sanctions on Monday against 21 Russian and Crimean officials deemed responsible for the referendum in Crimea, officials said.

    Gorbachev remains despised by many in Russia for allowing the break-up of the Soviet Union, a country for which many Russians still feel nostalgia.
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  15. miker

    miker Powers

    It will be interesting to see the impact of the annexation of Crimea upon other parts of the world in similar situations. The logic employed here is very troubling. When a region or sub-population can arbitrarily decide to secede from a state without the entire population of state agreeing leads to a the slippery slope of polarization and conflict. I'm thinking about the Province of Quebec in Canada- they want out so if they vote yes, do they leave and "rejoin" France? Does Texas rejoin Mexico? I'm sure you can all think of many more examples. Instead of looking for ways for a state to protect the rights of all people, we appear to be moving backward to a time of tribalism. It's not good. It will lead to violence.
  16. picadillo

    picadillo Powers

    I view these events as a positive. A kind of "waking up of people" and a protest of sorts against one world government de-centralization versus centralization). Whether it leads to violence is beside the point because it is going to anyway with the NWO with stan leading it.
  17. miker

    miker Powers

    I don't think this has anything to do with one world government. These are all sovereign nations that have minorities within them and instead of seeking ways to work and live together, we are saying let's move apart, put up borders, and identify each other as opposites. I don't see that as good. I'm not advocating a one world government as potentially chartered by the UN but a sense of unity within nations where we acknowledge our differences and protect minority viewpoints. Look at what has happened in Syria, Iraq, Libya- it's all factional infighting and eventual that will spill over.
  18. Bernadette

    Bernadette Archangels

    I am waiting for Texas to secede from the Union! Count me in. I see all of what's happening as totally positive simply because God's will is being done and he had the final say so in the end. All of these leaders are His pawns. He is going to triumph soon so keep praying for all lost souls to not perish.

    God Bless!
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  19. picadillo

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    Why is the EU trying to draw everyone in? Are you familiar with the "troika" of the EU who were appointed and make all the decisions? Who appointed them? Who appointed the pm of Ukraine? The "force", that is who.
  20. miker

    miker Powers

    Have no clue what you are talking about. I'm not into any of this politics nor the blame game. I don't know who the "powers that be" are but I'm sure they are on all sides - plenty of blame to spread around. My point is really quite basic- rather than separating and isolating into deeper factions which appears to play right into the hand of the "force" you reference wouldn't it be better to stay together. It's harder but seems that us exactly what the force dies not wan us to do. No disrespect intended, but this is my last comment on the subject. Peace.

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