Christina Gallagher, by Dick Hogan

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    honestly, the only visionary I am interested in is Medjugorje....that's it. I don't need anything else with the Eucharist, Mass, Confession, Rosary and Liturgy of the Hours....I love to delve into saints....Especially this new mellenial Carlos Acutis and apparitions like Fatima, Lourdes, Rue de Bac.....

    the rest is fluff....I might read out of curiosity but I don't delve into it. I even had dinner with visionary Edson Glauber and have been in his presence many times. He seems legit, but some of the messages are off lately.
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    CG was invited to the UK decades ago around the start of her 'career' by someone in a prayer group I attended. Another member of that group came from the same part of Ireland and was very impressed. When she next went home she made enquiries and sought an interview with CG and returned very unimpressed and warned us off her. Even at that stage she was living a very elevated lifestyle (architect designed home, fancy cars etc.) for the wife of an army sergeant and many of the locals were suspicious and cynical about her unexplained wealth and that of her family and her liking for clubs and pubs. The high-living continued and was recorded by the Irish press along with claims of pressure to donate large sums for her 'work' by the families of several aged people who had donated all their savings and were refunded only when court action was instituted. The constant appeals for cash are apparently a major feature of her meetings and have put off more than a few. The 'threats' rather than the usual warnings given by visionaries seem to be a unique feature of CG's messages. Her former close assistant/companion, a former nun, has abandoned the cause which says much.
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  3. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I was not thinking about funds, but about the content of the messages. And how so many of the alleged prophesies panned out or as they say came to pass.

    Similar accusations were made about the Medjugorje visionaries with regard to making money from those who believed the visionaries. I focused on the alleged messages there too. Thank God Medjugorje doesn't get the same criticism when we read about them here.
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    speaking of Medjugorje, I read in Mystic Post that perhaps the Covid virus is the first's an interesting spin....if you read what Mirjana said about the first secret in 1985, in many ways it fits....
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  6. Donna259

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    I think the people in Medjugorje realize its gravity because all pilgrims have stopped coming as of March and Mirjana's monthly apparitions ceased. That was a big clue.
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    As far as I know, the first and second secrets will be announced before they occur and no announcement was given about the Chinese Virus.

    From :

    Ten days before the first and second events contained in the secrets, Mirjana says she will reveal what is about to happen to Franciscan priest Father Petar Ljubicic of Medjugorje. He will fast and pray for seven days. Then, three days before the event, Father Petar will make a public announcement as to what is to happen and where.
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    ok, I thought it was going to be announced before the 3rd secret.....
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    All messages were once unapproved by the church. Scripture tells us "do not despise prophecy", which many do. It also say's, For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his plans to his prophets, his servants" Amos 3:7. While one does not have to pray and discern, one at the same time cannot blame God for not doing as he said in sending his messages through his prophets. They are given to warn and prepare. Some will listen, most will not. Either way, God has spoken as he said he would.
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  10. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Your post is how I also understand the Medjugorje secrets will be revealed. I was thinking earlier about all this, and some believe the second secret may be announcing the Illumination/Warning.

    Then when you think how in Scripture it says when the day of the Lord comes, it will be like a thief in the night. People will be eating and drinking and marrying etc., as normal when that time comes. Just as they were at the time of Noah and at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Well, it seems to me life is not normal while we have this Covid with the lock downs and Churches not able (or willing?) to minister as normal. So I wonder if while this pandemic/plandemic is in force, can we maybe be led to consider the Warning/Illumination is not about to happen until after all this has passed. Otherwise how can the scripture be fulfilled should this happen at this time.

    Has anyone got any ideas on this possibility.
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    I find this very interesting since the nun I referred to while back while I lived in Palm Bch. Gardens, FL, (she also was from Ireland) who knew Christina whom she met in Medjugorje and wrote to her very often, told me that Christina's husband was a plumber (at least that's what I remember as this was about 20 years ago) and that she lived very humbly in a little house in Ireland with her husband, Paddy, and two children. I don't know where these stories come from, but I do know that this nun would not lie to me about Christina. There are other stories I could relate regarding her, but do not want to cause more problems here on this thread as so many are against Christina. So, I will just be silent!
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    At the time that CG came to a local parish in the UK to give a talk which I attended (probably late '80's) she herself said, in my presence, that her husband was a sergeant in the Irish Army. I can promise you that this is true. He may well have become a plumber after leaving the army, I don't know.

    As to where the stories come from, that would be the Irish newspapers who have done numerous stories about the many luxurious properties that CG has occupied and the several court cases about claims of duress by the families of elderly donors. Most of these were available for viewing on the net until a year or two ago but have been recorded on this site

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    Living here in the US, all I can say is that I have learned never to trust what I read in the news!
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    In the short video below Mirjana explains that she has chosen Father Ljubicic to announce the secrets to, however she states that it is up to Father to pray about revealing the secrets, and that she can not say one way or another whether father will reveal the secrets, because Father must pray and obey what he receives from Our Lord and Our Lady in regards to revealing them or not.

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  15. Jo M

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    I did not know that Mirjana's monthly apparitions had ended. I don't really follow Medjugorje closely, but it seems a bit strange that the apparitions ceased when the pilgrims stopped coming. (n)
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    The 2nd of the month messages stopped on 2nd March.

    Pilgrims were still going to Medjugorje then when it was announced the messages on 2nd were to stop.

    The message on the 25th of the month continue.
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    yes, the Blessed Mother announced the 2nd of the month messages would stop. Pilgrims were still there at the time. Then the lockdown ensued shortly I thought that was telling. It happened before the lockdown in Bosnia Herzegovina...
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    Pilgrims are still going to Medjugorje, one of my friends was there recently
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  19. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I know this risks the wrath of the critics; but the last message on 29th October warned of a bad situation which indeed has landed on America since 3rd November 2020.

    Now, if this latest message is followed by action as the last one was within one week, we all need to get our house in order; because things are about to get a whole lot worse.
    Remember we can always Keep Watch and Pray.

    Message received by Christina - 31 December 2020

    The Lord spoke to Christina in a very stern voice. He said,
    "Woe, woe, woe unto the one who blocked My word to the heart and soul of mankind who might have responded to Me.

    Fire, pestilence, plague, famine and the third world war will rage upon the earth until two thirds of the world's population is wiped out. Those who will remain living will envy the dead. The man from the east will be evil, cruel and show no mercy to the world's inhabitants. O the foolishness of man believing that when he has a vaccine, all will return to a normal behaviour - as it was before. How foolish of such 'man' who has failed to hear My call because if My words had been taken to heart, you would have the wisdom to understand how you have been deceived by those in union with antichrist. It will be the deception of the man-made powers to control and destroy you!

    My Church has emptied itself of all that belongs to Me and has left you My people without anyone to shepherd the flock. As I once told you, I will shepherd My flock Myself and woe unto the man that has led My people into darkness and has denied the sacredness of the treasures of My Church to My people. So many run and hide rather than serve My flock with the celebration of Mass and feed My lambs with My Sacred Body but to such as these who claim to be shepherds, I say, 'You have brought Me nothing but shame.'

    The world enters now the darkness of antichrist so there is no return to 'normality' as man sees it but to the darkness in union with antichrist being forced upon you in your deliberate failure to respond to My call. My Church is prepared for the entry of antichrist as there are those in union with antichrist active in My Church and there are those bringing about a one-world currency. As I have already told you, they will control your existence, dictating to you in the manner they desire and all that you own will no longer belong to you. As you, o foolish people, behold all this unfolding before you, I want you to realise the many times I have echoed those words through My little one- but to no avail.

    The stench of death will be everywhere because life will have neither meaning nor value for those of antichrist: you will be disposed of. I call upon mankind to pay attention and listen to what I say. Open THE BOOK and read at chapter eight of the seventh seal of God..."

    (For the convenience of those who may not have a copy of THE BIBLE at hand, chapter eight of the Apocalypse is provided immediately following this message. Jesus then concluded;)

    "...At this time there will be a great silence in Heaven.

    Pray, pray, pray for the souls of all humanity and the souls of the many who will die unprepared. Little one, do not be afraid to make known all I tell you.

    Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

    Apocalypse, Chapter 8
    (The seventh seal of God)

    The Lamb then broke the seventh seal, and there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

    Next I saw seven trumpets being given to the seven angels who stand in the presence of God. Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. A large quantity of incense was given to him to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar that stood in front of the throne and so from the angel's hand the smoke of the incense went up in the presence of God and with it the prayers of the saints. Then the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar which he then threw on to the earth: immediately there came peals of thunder and flashes of lightning, and the earth shook.

    The seven angels that had the seven trumpets now made ready to sound them. The first blew his trumpet and, with that, hail and fire, mixed with blood, were dropped on the earth; a third of the earth was burnt up, and a third of all trees, and every blade of grass was burnt. The second angel blew his trumpet, and it was as though a great mountain, all on fire, had been dropped into the sea: a third of the sea turned into blood, a third of all the living things in the sea were killed, and a third of all ships were destroyed. The third angel blew his trumpet, and a huge star fell from the sky, burning like a ball of fire, and it fell on a third of all rivers and springs; this was the star called Wormwood, and a third of all water turned to bitter wormwood, so that many people died from drinking it. The fourth angel blew his trumpet, and a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of the stars were blasted, so that the light went out of a third of them and for a third of the day there was no illumination, and the same with the night.

    In my vision, I heard an eagle, calling aloud as it flew high overhead, 'Woe, woe, woe, for all the people on earth at the sound of the other three trumpets which the three angels are going to blow.'
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    Where's that whisky?


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