Beware Regeneron’s monoclonal antibodies against coronavirus

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by BrianK, Aug 21, 2021.

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    Thank you Jason!
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    Thank you, Jason.
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    I'm afraid that Dr. Mobeen is another who sees nothing wrong with those antibodies. He's also a big supporter of the vaccines. The reason I continue to watch his videos is that he isn't in the vaccinate or lose your liberty camp and is calmer than most. I also like the fact that his guests are doctors with experience of treating patients and keeping them out of hospital.

    Have you seen Dr. Zalenko's protocol? Here it is:
    I looked up Azithromycin and Doxycycline. They're antibiotics. Here's what I found:

    Dr. Mubeen has a video about a new vaccine from India. It's a DNA vaccine but not intravenous. Using a gadget that looks like a syringe with no needle, they press it against the skin. I wasnhalf asleep watching the video so may have misunderstood how it works but I think that while some of the vaccine may penetrate the skin most of it remains on the surface. I haven't the patience to re-watch the video. I'm not sure whether the vaccine has emergency approval in India or whether it's awaiting approval pending completion of the third trial. It's a three-dose vaccine and has about 70% effectiveness. No mention of whether it was developed using cells from an abortion but it may have been.
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    Very Important - avoid these monoclonal antibodies as much as humanly possible!

    Ann BarnhardtSeptember 17, ARSH 2021
    Note that the murdered children whose organs are collected and used are called “donors”. Donate, as in “to give”. What an utterly satanic inversion. -AB

    Here’s the money shot:

    “Fetal liver samples were obtained from the Human Fetal Tissue Repository at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, and from Advanced Biosciences Resources, Alameda, CA.”
    “Newborn RG SKI and RG SKI IL-6 mice were irradiated and engrafted with human CD34+ cells purified from the fetal liver. “
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    I am sickened by the whole fiendish thing. Science as a cult playing God. Yet when in desperate straits with this disease I can see many people glad to get this so called therapy. I pray to God and Our Mother I am never in that situation.
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    Thank you for posting. I also think the the fetuses have to be alive when this tissue is taken.
    I can no longer in good conscience donate to any bleeding-heart request to find a cure for anything. Who knows what they will do with your money?
    Human fetal tissue repository? :cry:
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    I cannot even comprehend the level of evil it would take to participate in the butchering of these innocents. Planned parenthood must make millions selling fetuses to these laboratories. :cry:
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  9. Thanks for posting this BrianK

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