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    I don't know if anyone has thought of this, but in the event that Russia or China carry out an electromagnetic weapons attack causing a blackout in the US and/or European countries along with cyber attacks, people may be more susceptible to false news aimed at destabilization. of the country, I speak of undercover agents sowing false news as possible attacks in the cities that will not occur, I don't remember the source now, but there is at least one Catholic prophecy that says that the population will set Paris on fire because of the news about an invading army.
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    I do remember that prophecy about "Paris will burn." I think it was Marie Julie Jahenny.
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    Awhile ago I used google translate to translate a bunch of Alois Irlmaier's prophecies. There are several, so I am only going to post those that mention Russia for those here who may be interested.

    Russia is mentioned a few times in the following interview of Alois which is not dated but it seems to be statements from the mid-1950's. There are more that I will also post soon, this particular one is the only one that mentions Finland and Sweden so I thought that you may be more interested in it right now.

    "Gardeners" by Leo Degard [26]

    "For the time when his prophecies were fulfilled, he saw in the fields of modern machinery, under which he could not imagine anything, and strange" Kasteln ", about 1.5 meters tall and shining for half a year or three On the fields, presumably the plastic-packed straw bales that have been used for several years. "

    "There are uprisings in the US."

    "There are many wars in the Near East."

    "Alois Irlmaier said [in the year of the war] that it was, in a year when winter was not a real winter. '"

    "The Russians are crossing Norway. But also via Finland, Sweden, the Baltic States and Poland to Western Europe. "

    "It is due to a lightning attack by Russian units in Belgrade at a very short notice to a conference in Budapest. "The witness, who has passed this testimony, and who has been well acquainted with the Irlmaier, now thinks that the 'Priest' is a youthful American president."

    "The upholder is murdered by the Russians. Then his successor simply declares war on the Russians. But the Americans are completely taken aback by the fact that the Russians are already attacking on the third day after. They thought that the Russians would still need time to mobilize and attack. But this will not last long, the Russians are like the mushrooms in August. Immediately after the Budapest conference, the people in Passau came out of the cathedral and found that there were tanks on the other (Austrian) side. At first they thought it was an exercise of indigenous tanks; Until they find that they are Russians. They are terrified, and now everything is lost. "

    "Immediately after the Budapest conference, the people of Passau come out of the cathedral and find that tanks are on the other side. At first they thought it was an exercise of indigenous tanks; Until they find that they are Russians. They are terrified, and now everything is lost. (...) After the Russians invaded Eastern Austria, the Austrians fled Salzburg on the A8 motorway, in such a dense way that the motorway was blocked on both sides by refugees in the west. (...) If they had only remained where they were, it does not get any better; It gets worse for them. "

    "The Russians are already standing on the first day of the attack on the Rhine." There are already many agents here who trigger chaos. "

    "One day, he said, the Russians would push into the Ruhr, and they also reached the Atlantic in the north, possibly at the mouth of the Rhine."

    "The Russians are trying to penetrate Alaska to North America, and also Western Europe is extremely vulnerable to Norway. No atomic bomb falls on Irlmaier's nearer home, but at least two American cities, including Quebec and Detroit, are destroyed by large atomic explosions, by means of missiles coming from submarines. "In the mid-1950s, Irlmaier spoke explicitly of a nuclear attack by submarines. The first submarine, which could firing nuclear weapons, was not put into service until 1960. "

    "In the North Sea, there is a huge tidal wave. The Netherlands, Hamburg, the south of England and London are going down. Scotland remains as an island. "

    "A little-known statement by Alois Irlmaier shows that he too had visions of striking bodies of heaven. He said that the "earth crack" came against warfare. It is true that this is the gigantic impact of comet regions north-east of Prague, but it can also be the case of the former three-country triangle GDR / FRG / Czechoslovakia. "

    Luan, HH is right but Alois spoke of Paris in the 1950's also:

    "A great city - the city with an iron tower (Paris?) Will burn, but not because the 'from the east' have laid the fire. The inhabitants will set their own city on fire and then make it to the ground. It will also be terrible in Italy. Thousands will be killed, and the Pope will flee from Rome. Many priests are to be killed, the churches destroyed and devastated. In America there will also be great fires and unrest, while in the East there will be a revolution and civil war, until the cross and the Christian faith have come back to honor. "

    Alois's prophecies are all alleged and have not been approved by the Church. They also contain a lot of details which may have changed due to prayer and fasting. It is worth mentioning that he predicted the timing of some of these things and he was wrong. I think that someone recently posted on the forum that Malachi Martin thought that 1999 might be a crucial year and Alois predicted the following (Maybe MM was aware of Alois' prophecies?):

    "The year 1999 will bring destruction, followed by peace. A darkness of 72 hours will precede peace. The time of the year may be autumn, for there will be snow on the mountains, but not yet in the lowlands. The sign if[sic] the Cross will appear in the heavens. The war will end as quickly as it began, and a natural phenomenon will end it. The last battle will be near Cologne, and it will be won by the West...

    It is also worth noting that, Alois appears to be speaking of the Warning and/or The Illumination of Conscience in the above.
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    hello Carol there is a statement attributed to Pope John Paul II that his predecessors did not reveal the third secret of Fatima because it could encourage the russia/ussr to make certain military moves; I wonder if the atheist Soviet leaders would heed a Catholic prophecy (with a possible prognosis of Communist Victory) if the message did not reveal something strictly confidential to the Soviets, such as the development of a secret weapon that would devastate the West.

    When Sister Lucia asked for the secret to be revealed in 1960, she seems to indicate that the onset of apostasy in the Church could be stopped until this year close to the council; however Pope John Paul's statement about possible Russian military actions seems to suggest that the punishment of war would not have a fixed Schedule.
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    Putin reached the presidency in 2000 when the Soviet Union no longer existed; so if the secret revealed in the same year by the Vatican still had a hidden part (concerning what John Paul II feared would encourage the Russians), I imagine it would be something that doesn't apply exclusively to the bankrupt communist Soviet empire.
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    God help us but this sounds like the impact of a neutron bomb. It kills all living creatures, animal life, and plant life but depending upon where it is detonated, it leaves most buildings and structures untouched.

    I don't know much about this form of radiation but I'm sure others on the forum might. The following is a real eye opener.

    Supposedly it was abandoned as a weapon of war but I believe that that's untrue. It might have been used in Yemen not long ago.

    Bio of Sam Cohen...sick, sick man.
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    I know that this thread is about Alois Ilrmaier's prophecies but I needed to remind myself of what Desmond Birch stated in his book about the end times events and I thought that others here might want to do the same. Mr Birch only uses approved Catholic Prophecies in his book Trial, Tribulation and Triumph but no Catholic prophecy that I am aware of speaks of a nuclear weapon being used during the Minor Chastisement (Tribulation) but Mr Birch was not certain when the 3 Days of Darkness would occur and leaned toward it occurring at the end of the Minor Chastisement. I do wonder if what Alois describes during 72 hours of darkness is related to the neutron bomb (a type of nuclear weapon) described above. Alois mentions many of the things that Mr Birch has included in the Minor Chastisement.

    I am providing an abbreviated timeline that Mr Birch states in this book to help us determine where we might be in this timeline, if possible:

    1. The Minor Chastisement will occur if not enough people convert by turning to prayer, sacrifice and penance, it will be mostly a man-made tribulation

    · the church will be afflicted by heresy and schism

    · civil wars break out in France and Italy at the same time, a sign that the minor chastisement has begun

    · this spreads to general wars resulting in famine and pestilence

    · civil wars break out in most of the world, total chaos, including in England

    · earthquakes, tidal waves, floods and other natural disasters

    · Moslems will cause great trouble for the Church and Europe in general

    · an army of Russians will invade Western Europe, just when everyone thinks this is impossible

    · the Pope flees Rome with several Cardinals and is found cruelly murdered

    · a man who will be later known as a great saint will be elected as Pope near the end of the minor chastisement

    · the new pope will have great influence on the acceptance of a new great leader by the French

    · this Great King will lead his army to a victory in Cologne and a final victory in Westphalia against Russian and Prussian forces, it will be apparent that Christ through the intercession of his Blessed Mother took direct miraculous intervention in this victory

    · at some point the Great King will chase an invading Moslem army back to the Holy Land

    · near the end of the minor chastisement God sends the Three Days of Darkness (this appears to be in part a divine intervention possibly including the Warning IMO and appears to coincide with scripture "unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved")

    2. The Age of Peace the time of the renewal of Christian culture in the West, the time of the Great King and the new Pope

    · the Great King establishes peace and civil justice in the world; protects the Church; and defends the poor

    · the new Pope calls for the greatest ecumenical council in the history of the Church

    · the world is spiritually and materially prosperous as never before and many Jews, Mohammedans, heathens and heretics will enter the church

    · eventually this increased prosperity causes many people to grow lax in the faith and wars and bad economic times break out again

    · after the death of the last Holy Roman Emperor, the Great King, ten kings divide up his empire (there is a possibility that this division of the empire occurs after several successors of the Great King, this is dependent on the grace of the people)

    3. The Major Chastisement - Antichrist the precursor for the Antichrist is the False Prophet, during the time of the Antichrist the Two Witnesses will preach to the people against the Antichrist and the Jews will convert during this time also.

    · the ten kingdoms of the Roman Empire will be dismantled by an evil leader, the Antichrist, three of the ten kings will not follow the Antichrist

    · the Antichrist begins his rise to power at around the age of thirty and after he rises to total power his bestial persecution of the church lasts 3.5 years

    · the Antichrist then kills the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem, their bodies lay in the streets for 3.5 days until to everyone's amazement they are resurrected by God

    · the Antichrist will unsuccessfully attempt to ascend to heaven and Saint Michael will cast him down to his death

    4. The Four Last Things Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell; when Jesus comes in glory to judge the living and the dead.

    Birch does, of course, state that some of these things are conditional. I hope that this is helpful.

    My optimistic outlook has been to hope that the Warning would prevent the use of nuclear weapons but after looking at this again, I am not so hopeful about this aspect anymore.
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    Thank you, Caroline.

    This distillation is so helpful to me. I'm finding it more and more difficult to process all of the signs as they occur and pairing them up with the prophecy that God has revealed.
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    Personally, just my opinion, I think the Three Days of Darkness will be toward the end of the Minor Chastisement. Also just my opinion, I think we are in the Minor Chastisement now.
    Thank you for posting this list from Mr Birch.
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    I feel this is the minor chastisement. Sort of midway into it.
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    Me too dmj. My brain reels. I guess I will know it when it lands on me.(n):p
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    Yes agreed
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    Ha! My Mom used to do crossword puzzles and she was as sharp as a tack. I'm doing well to solve the Quordle.:LOL: Forget about yesterday, if I don't write it down, it might as well have happened a month ago. So I appreciate the forum for helping me put everything together. Thank you everybody!
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    Here are a few more statements from Alois Irlmaier. I'm praying that many of these things will not come to pass but we already seem to be at #5 in the first section below.

    Irlmaier to the Caritasschwester Maria Luise Bender [33] [34]

    "In the 50s, Carsten's sister Maria Luise Bender from Alois Irlmaier, the clairvoyant of liberation, learned that Sister Maria Luise was driving with her driving instructor, who lived in the neighboring house of Alois Irlmaier. One evening Irlmaier approached her, saying, 'Girl, you are experiencing the great upheaval that will come.' Irlmaier spoke to all of you, although the sister, now 89, was about 50 at the time. He said:

    1. First comes prosperity like never before!
    2. This is followed by a drop of faith as never before.
    3. On a morass of morals as never before.
    4. Then a great number of strangers enter the country.
    5. There is a great inflation. Money loses more and more value.
    6. Soon afterwards the revolution follows.
    7. Then the Russians invaded the West overnight.

    On another occasion, he said that this would happen when the enemy warships appeared in the Mediterranean.
    In his 1959 death year, Irlmaier was asked whether his predictions were still valid. Then he replied, 'I can see the events even more clearly, as they are nearer,' and added: 'I can clearly see two eighths and one nine. What I mean, I do not know. "To the invasion of the Russians, before which Fatima urged that she should still be in the second half of the century, when men did not return to the commandments of God, Irlmaier said:" When the Third is murdered , It goes on overnight! I think it will be in the Balkans! '"

    "Gardeners" to Bouvier [35]

    "Irlmaier was frequent guest with the G. am Chiemsee family. The then young G. reported that Irlmaier had said there was 'a world-wide earthquake before'. Above all, the USA is affected. With us the tremors would be the strongest along the Rheingraben. 'Here' (ie in Bavaria) the earthquakes are also felt. During the Russian campaign, there were still aftershocks, in such a degree that both attack and defense operations suffered. "

    "With his parents the already o. A. Mr G. heard the following statements from Irlmaier:
    'There is a war going on in the Middle East.'
    'The spheres of influence and interests of the US and Russia are all mixed up: there are already smaller battles.'
    Peace Conference USA / Russia in Budapest. '
    , The American President is murdered, then the vice president of Russia immediately declares the war. Practically at the same hour on the highway at Passau, enormous amounts of Russian tanks roll to the west. The inhabitants of Passau are frozen with surprise and horror. '
    , In the south, the Austrians flee on both tracks of the motorway from Salzburg to Munich to tens of thousands in light flight. '
    "The Russians are pushing out their vehicles with their tanks on the motorway west of Passau and are driving at high speed towards the Rhine."
    After three to four days, the west wind sets in and western planes throw a so much 'yellow dust' between Salzburg and the Baltic Sea that it becomes darker. In Vienna, no one will survive. '
    The remnants of the Bundeswehr - completely surprised and surprised - flee, the weapons are thrown away, panic trucks and the few ready-to-use tanks stand. "
    'Denver is cremated from a submarine.'
    , Russians end up in Alaska. '
    'There is a second moon in the sky.'
    , Three days of darkness. In northern Germany no one will survive. '
    "No massive famine after the war, because many have not survived." "​
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    there is a prophecy of St Hildegard of Bingen that is more than 800 years old that seems to point to the destruction of the USA because of earthquakes and other natural catastrophes:

    "Before the Comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scoured with want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent by an earthquake, storm and tidal waves will be devastated. It will be divided, and in great part submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea, and lose its colonies in the east through a Tiger and a Lion. The Comet by its tremendous pressure, will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. All coastal cities will be fearful and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of these cities does a person live according to the laws of God.".

    it would certainly embolden America's enemies when it occurs.
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    Luan, I believe member Vouthon who studied Saint Hildegard's prophecies a lot stated that this prophecy is something that is floating around on the internet and recopied several times but is made up.
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