Alert: Volcano eruption in La Palma could result in mega-tsunami

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    This feed shows a good portion of the new vent:

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    You can see the black smoke/ash being ejected from the new rear vent, behind the cone of the main lava erupting vent, as well as the two smaller vents in front of the main cone/vent, in this feed:
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    13 minutes of very detailed drone footage of the lava flows.

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    Drone footage of vent locations:
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    That new rear vent went from black smoke to violently spewing lava very quickly.
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    GutnTog is a German posting videos from LaPalma on Youtube. He said in his latest video that the volcano is more active at night. What would be the reason for that. Could the moon be having an effect on the volcano?
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    Coastal Spain doing a tsunami drill?


    The Junta de Andalucía has announced that it is preparing a large regional emergency drill for October in which the response in the event of a catastrophe in the event of earthquakes, tsunamis or floods will be tested.

    The exercise, which is unprecedented in the region and which has been called 'Response 21', will take place on October 19, 20 and 21 and will recreate three emergency situations such as a major earthquake in eastern Andalusia ( Almería, Granada and Málaga), a tsunami in the Gulf of Cádiz (Cádiz and Huelva) and serious floods in the provinces of the Guadalquivir Valley (Jaén, Córdoba and Seville),

    Never before has such a comprehensive and ambitious exercise been convened in the autonomous community that combines so many scenarios and possible risks."

    "This represents an organization and planning challenge in terms of collective security unprecedented in the Andalusian community

    The exercise will take place over three days in three different scenarios focused on specific risks, in order to have a global and multisectoral vision that tests the response and service mechanisms for citizens.

    Thus, on Tuesday, October 19, a possible seismic movement that will affect eastern Andalusia will be recreated.

    One day later, on Wednesday, October 20, the timeliness and effectiveness of the Contingency Plan will be measured against the risk of Tsunami

    Finally, on Thursday, October 21, the Plan against Flood Risk in Andalusia will be launched
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    4.9m earthquake this evening: 9BA644AA-A862-402C-9512-EDC3AB22183A.jpeg
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    Frankly, , this strikes me not as sinister, but prudent. The officials have been warned (as has the whole world) that a potential disaster exists just a short plane ride away. Rather than trying to pretend that nothing is wrong, nothing to see here, folks, they're doing these drills. Any other time of year people would be complaining about the trucks taking up the road, and the inconvenience of it all. Now, they're going to be paying attention to the preparedness warnings the local officials will be giving them.

    One of the scenes I hate in the movie "Dante's Peak" is where the volcanologists are in a room with the city council arguing over what needs to be done. The councilmen want to sit on things, thinking they don't want to drive away tourists. The volcanologists want to start moving people out of the way now. I can't help but think how this Iowa boy would put some calm into the situation. Does the town have an emergency plan? Does it have an evacuation plan? When was the last time someone went down all the roads leading out of town and made sure they were still usable. ("The map says there's a bridge there, so there's a bridge there. Where is it?") This is what you communicate to the public. "People have been asking questions, which made us realize it's been 10 years since we last updated our plans in case of emergency. So we're going to take advantage of this time to be reviewing, revising, and updating the plans as needed. We'll post regular notices about what the plans are, which roads are safe to use, and so on."
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    Yeah its been rumbling last few months but its a very active volcano...something woke it up for sure....

    I see on the IGN earthquake page the sea between la palma and tenerife is getting rattled with more smaller earthquake, possible that the magma is being drawn from there to la palma, that means potentially larger earthquakes for that area..
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    How freaky is this...all I could think of was "And the sea shall give up its dead" :eek:

    Japan mystery as ghost ships rise to the surface off island following volcanic activity
    SEVERAL ships sunk as part of the bloody US assault on Iwo Jima at the end of World War 2 in 1945 have risen to the surface following a sudden bout of volcanic activity in the chain of islands due south of Tokyo.
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    This is very interesting. I immediately thought again of how December 8 is the 80th anniversary of the United States declaring war on Japan....there’s a lot happening here.
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    La Palma end in site..:(

    The eruption, now over a month old, continues without significant changes, and no soon end in sight.
    However, at least visually, the intensity has been lower today so far compared to last night. Ash emissions been decreased and stronger trade winds bring much needed relief to the Ariadne Valley.
    The active lava flows unfortunately continued to advance and reached the center of La Laguna, where more and more buildings and structures fall victims to it.
    Volcanic tremor remains high, with little change, suggesting that magma flux remains in the same order as during the past weeks. The new vent southeast of the main cone, which had been seen appearing or reactivating itself and erupting ash plumes last Friday, is active again, according to reports, ejecting some lava material as well. The more lava erupts from this vent, probably the better for the endangered areas along the northern margin; if it starts to produce lava flows, they are likely to remain on top of older flows.
    Other parameters show little variations as well that could point to important changes: Earthquake activity remains elevated with more than 100 quakes above magnitude 2 recorded during the past 24 hours, slightly more than average. Ground deformation remains stable, with no clear trend towards in- or deflation visible at the GPS stations.
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