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    St. Philomena, loved by the Cure of Ars, beseech Our Lord to pour His healing grace upon Verne's wife and daughter. Amen!

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Take note: It will take 25 or 30 years to start the tribulation. we were bestowed with the last extension of the time of mercy.

    More than one source of this. Very private
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    From the Marian Movement of Priests, #548, Aug. 5, 1995, Our Lady said;
    "In these times of yours, the mystery of iniquity is on the point of manifesting itself in all its terrible power.
    And so, at the present moment of the great tribulation, which has come for the Church and for humanity, white flakes of snow are coming down from my Immaculate Heart upon you, children consecrated to me, so that you may bring to all my motherly voice which leads you to hope and confidence."

    She also tells that the great tribulation has not yet reached its apex, but it has already begun. #560
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    Many will doubt we are in the tribulation and that is to be expected. They think the seemingly downfall/deep corruption of hierarchy, clergy and laity within God's established church is normal. They think that all the evil we see in the world and the means to desimate the world in a heart beat through nuclear war as normal. Well, as for me, I will stay with the consensus of God's prophets of today and believe we are in the midst of the tribulation scripture and his prophets foretold. Each to their own on discerment. Last survey has only 30% of Catholics believe in the real presence.......maybe some feel we need to be at 10% or less before the tribulation is here.....
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    I can look forward then to retiring 2027/2028 and getting my pension. Yippee!
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    Our generation has become so accustomed and acclimatised to sin, bit by bit, that we have in a sense become 'used to' the current state of affairs and so some of us may doubt the commencement of the tribulation. I however, would agree with you Fatima that we are already in the tribulation.
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    Yup, we are the frog in the boiling water syndrom and the temp is nearing 180 degrees and moving towards boiling ever so fast. But, as you say, we have conditioned ourself to the climate or environment of corruption, relativism and Godlessness. Few will be prepared spiritually or physically for what soon lies ahead.
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    I am not living in a tribulation and nobody here is. There is no "prophetic consensus" about this. GSWYL for example says there may not even be tribulation in our generation if there is conversion of the world after the warning.

    The real tribulation will take 30 years. Churches closed, persecution, masses underground, meteors hitting the Earth, Wars, Tsunamis, great famine etc.

    30 YEARS FROM NOW. Wait and see.

    A person who gets angry that God has given more time of mercy seems to be possessed
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    Don't know where you get your "30 years"?? Are you a prophet of God that knows this? Do you know of a prophet from God who has said this? Because I can lay out many approved current messengers from God that contradict your premise. Start with Luz de Maria who has her bishops approval, or Pedro Regis who likewise has his bishops approval. If you don't think the events you mentioned could not take place in a heart beat you must not realize what one major global disaster could do..... global nuclear war, global astronomical event etc..... Events could happen in moments, not decades as you prophecy. If you don't understand this you might want to go back to scripture and read about the great flood of Noah's time.
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    If Garabandal is true (which I believe it to be) then the Warning will come in the lifetime of Conchita (who knows the date of the miracle) and she is 70 years old. One would imagine that we have at most 10 years to wait for the warning.

    But there are many signs that are emerging at present which indicate it may come sooner than that.
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    I found this providential in reading what Pope Benedict XXI said and how God said the same thing to Verne in two different messages the year prior. Here is what Pope Benedict said:
    "The primacy of the will sheds light on the fact that God is charity before all else... (Apostolic Letter October 28, 2008). Then he say's: The height of freedom is the 'yes,' in conformity with God's will. It is only in the 'yes' that man truly becomes himself; only in the great openness of the 'yes' in the in the unification of his will with the divine, that man becomes immensely open, becomes 'divine'... It is by transferring the human will to the divine will that the real person is born...- Pope Benedict XVI (General Audience, June 25th, 2008).

    Less than a year prior to our Popes words on not living in our human will, but the divine will, God told Verne in the book God Speaks Will You Listen the same words as follows:

    My people, you need to learn to start thinking as I think or nothing transpiring on your earth will make any sense to you. How do you begin to understand and think as I your Father does? By learning to understand, think, live, and exist in my Divine will only, and not your human will. You my children are limited in your understanding, because of your human condition of original sin. The creation cannot comprehend the creator. Infinity is far above the finite. But by accepting and learning to live in my will, you will begin in this life to understand your Father. Even my angels in heaven cannot understand me completely. This is one reason why Satan’s power is limited, because even he is my creation and is limited by my will. He just cannot bring himself to admit this. Pride was and will always be his downfall and so it will be your downfall if you allow pride to rule your heart, soul, and mind.

    For no one is worthy to enter my Kingdom and era of peace without my mercy and graces. Fulfill your mission for me. Live by my divine will and not your human will, and I will lead my chosen people of the New Israel into the seventh day of creation and eternally into the eighth day of creation. God Almighty has spoken to you. Amen.
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    What a gem we had in Benedict XVI
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    Yes, very orthodox and prophetic he is and his mission is not done with yet....
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    Spirit of antichrist and the Antichrist

    My son this is a message to clear up confusion in your mind. Remember there are many voices in this world trying to deceive you. Not every voice which claims to speak the word of God is from God. For my word states: Dearly beloved, believe not every spirit: but try the spirits if they be of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus is not of God. And this is antichrist, of whom you have heard that he cometh: and he is now already in the world. You are of God, little children, and have overcome him. Because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. I John 4:1-4.Read I John 2:22. Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is antichrist, who denieth the Father and the Son. Read I John 2:18. Little children, it is the last hour: and as you have heard that Antichrist cometh, even now there are become many antichrists: whereby we know that it is the last hour.

    My son as my word clearly states, you have been in the last days, since my church began. In every generation, false prophets and heresies have risen up to deceive mankind. Your generation is no different. You know you are in the last days because of the appearance of the spirit of antichrist. He has been manifested since his rebellion against my Father. The spirit of antichrist is Satan, who is the father of lies. Prior to my coming, he was not referred to as the spirit of antichrist, because the Christ had not yet appeared on earth. After my ascension into heaven, Satan has been described as the spirit of antichrist because he is against me. Notice I John 4:3 states: he is now already in the world and verse 4 states: You are of God little children. And have overcome him, because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. When these words were written, my children had already overcome the spirit of antichrist, who is Satan himself. I John 4:1-4 need to be understood in its entire context. It refers to the spirit of antichrist. I John 2:18 refers to many antichrists. The understanding to this passage is I John 2:22. Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father and the Son. In John 8:44, I told the Jews, the devil is a liar and the father thereof. Any person who is against me is being led by the spirit of antichrist and is an antichrist. If you deny that I am the Christ who came in the flesh, you are led by the spirit of antichrist and are an antichrist. Simply stated: antichrist is anti or against the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. A person led by the spirit of antichrist becomes an antichrist. I John 2:18 states: even now there are become many Antichrists. Throughout history there have been many souls, who fulfilled the criteria and were antichrists. Be careful who you label as an antichrist because Satan is a deceiver and you may be committing the sin of slander.

    The book of the Apocalypse is a vision of the sufferings, struggles and triumph of my church. The prophet Daniel has many prophecies which correspond with the book of the Apocalypse. Daniel 12:9 states: And he said: Go, Daniel, because the words are shut up and sealed until the appointed time. My Holy Spirit will unseal the prophecies and give an understanding at the appointed time. Many are prophesying your generation is the fulfillment of these prophecies. Pay close attention to the words of your Popes. Both of your last Popes have stated you are in the battle of Apocalypse 12 between the woman and the dragon. The woman can have several meanings. It is both my church and my blessed Mother who are fighting against the dragon, who is Satan. The third part of the stars of heaven who are cast to the earth, represents the clergy, cardinals, bishops and priests who are following the dragon.

    Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have warned the faithful, not to be seduced by the dragon. Another spiritual meaning from this passage refers to the great battle which is taking place between the woman and the red dragon of masonry and communism. My blessed Mother’s appearance at Fatima was a sign from heaven to mankind to not be seduced by the lies of masonry and communism. My blessed mother appeared prior to the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 to warn the world of these errors. This struggle is still continuing today. My blessed Mother is the prophet of your time. Pay close attention to her approved apparitions and pay close attention to the Holy Father’s teachings. My Holy Spirit is opening the book of Daniel and the Apocalypse through my blessed Mother’s teachings, my Holy Church’s teachings and the messages from my messengers of today. Remember Amos 3:7: For the Lord God doth nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets. The message from 9/25/07 describes the Fatima consecration in more detail to you. As explained to you, on 9/25/07 by my Father, masonry and communism are once again gathering forces in your world. The destruction of these forces will be accomplished by the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    My son, I ask you how are you protected from these evil forces? By receiving the seal of the living God. Read Ezekiel 9:6: Utterly destroy old and young, maidens, children and women: but upon whomsoever you shall see Thou, kill him not. And begin ye at my sanctuary. So they began at the ancient men who were before the house. Now read Apocalypse 7:3: Saying: hurt not the earth nor the sea nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads. What is the seal of the living God? It is my life residing in your soul. It is sanctifying grace. You are sealed by the Holy Spirit at baptism and confirmation. Those who claim you need a special seal from God to be protected, be wary of. 2 Corinthians 1:21, 22. Now he that confirmeth us with you in Christ and that hath anointed us, is God: Who also hath sealed us and given the pledge of the Spirit in our hearts. Again re-read I John 4:4: You are of God, little children, and have overcome him. Because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. These children of mine had already overcome the spirit of antichrist in their day. The same teaching has not changed. When you use the sign of the cross, you are also protecting yourself with the seal of the living God. It was through my cross the power of Satan, sin, and death was defeated. Each holy Eucharist partaken increases my Divine life within your soul. My people where is your faith? If you have sanctifying grace in your soul, you are protected from the spirit of antichrist. Do not let Satan deceive you otherwise. If God be for us, who is against us? Romans 8:31.

    My son, a day is soon coming when Apocalypse chapters 13 and 14 will be fulfilled by the spirit of antichrist manifesting himself through a particular person called the Antichrist. Do not concern yourself with this day. Many are deceived by Satan by concentrating on whom this person may be and not fulfilling my mission for their souls. Each generation has thought their generation was the fulfillment of these times. Let my Holy Spirit lead my church and your soul. Be forewarned! You are living in the most sinful generation in the history of your world. Your generation has been warned again and again. My holy word gives you examples of my justice: the flood of Noah, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the exile of the children of Israel. Your generation is no different. If mankind does not repent and continues to reject my mercy, I repeat my Father’s words to you from yesterday. I will allow another World War and I will allow the appearance of the man of sin in your generation. The fulfillment of the Apocalypse will take place with a literal one world government and my people grazed and marked by the authorities. There will be one man who will lead this Masonic communistic government as the antichrist. Many messengers have warned my people of these events for many years. But my people refuse to listen and take heed to my warnings. Hitler, Stalin and Mao have been types of this antichrist. But my faithful, have faith and trust in my word. My Spirit with the brightness of my coming, will destroy this spirit of antichrist with his followers and bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    A further warning, Apocalypse 19:20 tells the fate of the False Prophet and the Antichrist. These two are cast alive into the pool of fire burning with brimstone. Do not accuse anyone of being the false prophet or the antichrist because their fate is sealed. Satan will not reveal their identity until allowed by Almighty God. My Holy Spirit will identify these men at the proper time, not your time. For when you falsely accuse another soul of being either the False Prophet or the Antichrist, you offend your God. All those falsely accused are souls that need my salvation. Pray for their salvation. It is your fear and lack of trust in me, which causes you to falsely accuse someone. Watch and be ready. Read accurately the signs of the times. Great changes are upon mankind. My church and earth will be purified and mankind will truly know I am Jesus Christ who once came in the flesh and who is the only Savior and redeemer of mankind. All who reject me are following the spirit of antichrist and will be cast into hell forever. Do not let this be your final destination. Do not be deceived, I will not be mocked much longer. These words are from Jesus Christ to his people.
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    This is immensely helpful.
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    In the present time of confusion and during the most challenging times during the tribulation, I feel this message will be the one to most remember through it all. Sometimes we easily dismiss what God really wants from us.


    My son, write these words to my people. My people do you truly believe and trust in your God? Do you truly believe my presence is with you? Do you truly understand what my presence with you means? Do you understand what will bring peace to your lives and your world? Can you answer these questions with more than words? Do you really live the answers to these questions?

    The answers to all these questions is myself, Jesus Christ true-God true-man. I made you a promise in Matthew 28:20: And behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world. What does this statement mean to you? It states that I Jesus Christ, will be with my faithful all days, not just some of the days. I am not a part time God. I do not leave my people. I wish to share all the aspects of your life with you, even the smallest details. If you are in sanctifying grace, you take me with you wherever you go. After receiving me in the Holy Eucharist, you take me with you everywhere you go.

    My people if you truly believed this, this world would be changed quickly. Where my presence is, evil cannot exist. When I was tempted, I told Satan, “Begone Satan!” and he left me. When you are tempted, say my words, begone Satan and he will flee from you because it will be my presence protecting you. Do not let Satan deceive you into believing I am not with you. A great revival will take place when my people realize my presence is truly with them. When you consecrate yourself to me, you are allowing me to direct your life. Every thought, word, and action becomes a reflection of me. My people you are my hands, my feet, my lips, and my eyes to the world. Again, every person you meet, you are bringing my presence to them. Rise up my people, your triumphant king is among you. Do not let the evil of this age discourage you. My son, tell my people how to enter my era of peace. You must have my peace with you now or you will not enter my era of peace. If you have my presence with you, then the era of peace has already begun.

    My people you do not realize all you really need, you already have with you, myself. Ponder this question: How will you recognize or be able to discern the presence of my holy angels from demons, if my presence is not with you? You could be led down a path of deception. Jesus, I trust in you. Start this day by trusting in me with all your needs. By trusting in me in this time of mercy with the smallest details of life, you will obtain the graces to withstand the trials and tribulations ahead of you. How will you be able to withstand these days of tribulation, if you have not learned to trust in your Jesus now? My answer to you, is many will not be able because their foundation and trust is not in me completely. I am asking for complete and total surrender today for my people to be able to persevere to the end. I am always with my faithful every day.

    Ponder these words carefully. If my people would have more reverence and silence in my churches, in front of my blessed sacrament, and after receiving me in Holy Communion, my people would find I am willing and ready to speak to them. You will need my voice to protect and help you to discern in the days ahead. You truly do not know the magnitude of the purification coming to mankind. Satan will use every trick to deceive you. But my power is greater than any evil in this age. I warn you again, trust in Jesus or you will be deceived with the rest of my people. I bless you in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. AMEN.
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    ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION as taught to Verne by God

    Now let me clear up an area of confusion for you. Daniel 12:11. And from the time when the continual sacrifice shall be taken away and the abomination unto desolation shall be set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred ninety days. The continual sacrifice is the mass and the abomination of desolation is when the doctrine of the mass is changed in my church- the Roman Catholic Church. If you study church history, this doctrine of the mass is the one Satan has tried to destroy. From the time of the early church until now.

    This is how you can recognize the abomination of desolation. A false prophet or anti pope will proclaim the protestant doctrine of the mass to be correct. This is the one teaching that will change. The rest of my churches teachings can stay the same. Satan knows how to deprive my children of everlasting life, deprive my children of my presence. This is how the man of sin, the son of perdition will sit in the temple of God. Reference II Thessalonians 2:4-10. He will attempt to lead my people to deny my presence in the Eucharist and to teach the mass is only a symbol. This is antichrist. This will bring the wrath of God on the children of disobedience. This will cause the unleashing of the bowls of divine justice. My sacrifice of the mass daily holds back my Father ’s justice. Luke 18:8. But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth? Will I find any of my children, who I recognize with my life in them? Will there be faith left in my holy sacrifice? These are the questions which need to be pondered. My son, a false Christian church will be forced on the people. A gospel of prosperity and a make you feel good gospel will be preached. My churches can be filled with people, but the churches will be dead because I am not there. Without my presence in the churches, God does not dwell in the churches. Then, these sheep who hear my voice will be forced to worship in underground churches where I will be present. This truly is the abomination of desolation and antichrist. Then I will come with the brightness of my coming, destroy this false church, and restore my church according to my will. Then you will see an era of peace. A Eucharistic era of peace where I will reign in the hearts and mind of my people in the holy Eucharist. You must believe all these words I am teaching you and the teachings of my church or you will not enter my era of peace. Ponder these words or I may say to: I NEVER KNEW YOU. The words of the Lord. I bless you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. AMEN.

    9/4/07 AM
    If you seek myself in other religions or denominations who deny my Eucharistic Presence, you will not find me and you will deny the food for your soul. For truly, Satan will do everything to distract and prevent you from participating in the Holy Mass, because he knows the truth. If you eat my flesh and drink my blood worthily, you shall have everlasting life. For I prophecy to you, when you deny my Eucharistic Presence, you are contributing to the abomination of desolation foretold by the prophet Daniel in bringing about the reign of the man of sin. For the abomination of desolation, is a belief in the protestant doctrine of the mass, as my Blessed Mother has explained through many messengers. You are either with me or against me. You either have faith in all my words, or you have no faith at all. A third meaning of this verse occurs with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. My spirit with the brightness of my coming, will cast Satan, his demons, and those who refuse my grace, into hell, and mankind will enter an era of peace. What will the era be like? It will be the fulfillment of my Father’s will through my Eucharistic reign in my Holy Catholic Church. Ponder these words, for my people are being deceived by an angel of light. Satan does not care how be traps your soul, he will use whatever method he must. My Eucharistic presence in your life will protect and preserve you soul from the deception and lies of Satan. For truly it is the fulfillment of the Old Testament which states, “I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” Be my people of the Holy Eucharist and enter my era of peace. Start today. The hour is late. Live in my peace today. Do not wait until tomorrow, for tomorrow may be too late for your soul. These are the words of the Lord.

    10/5/07 AM
    My son, I give you a private prophecy. Share it at my leading. The Antichrist is rising to power as I speak to you. He is hidden until revealed according to my Father’s will. Many natural disasters have and will continue to occur. Then you will experience the warning. After the warning, rejecting my mercy will cause you to take the mark of the beast. You will then experience the abomination of desolation and a fierce persecution of my faithful Catholics by: lukewarm Catholics, Protestants who are apostate, and the followers of the Antichrist. After my two witnesses battle the forces of Satan, you will see my two witnesses killed and taken up into heaven. Woe to those who are alive during those days. Without my mercy, no flesh would survive. My Father’s wrath will be unleashed on the ungodly and sinner. I will then, with the brightness of my coming, cast the Antichrist and his followers into hell forever. As a result, the world will experience 3 days of darkness and my creation purified of evil. Nature and my people will be healed. Then my son, the era of peace will take place where my faithful will be resurrected and rewarded in the first resurrection. My faithful will receive glorified bodies. Those who survive the days of tribulation will be able to live out their lives in peace. Once this era of peace is over, Satan will attack my New Jerusalem, the church, as the Prince of Gog in Ezekiel 38, 39. The length of time of the era of peace has not been revealed to mankind. Time will be no more, as you know it. The final act of Satan will bring about the end of human history. I will return in the flesh to bring judgment on mankind. I will separate the sheep from the goats. The righteous will inherit eternal life with glorified bodies, and the sinners will be cast into the pool of fire with Satan forever.

    Many teach the Antichrist will resume the Jewish sacrifice in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem to constitute the abomination of desolation. This is a false teaching, not from God, but from human understanding. My son, in the book of Daniel, the persecution by the Jews under Antiochus can be considered a partial fulfillment of the abomination of desolation. But the complete fulfillment has not yet taken place. At my death, the veil in the temple was rent in two and the old sacrificial covenant was replaced by my new covenant. My sacrifice on the cross was the final sacrifice for my peoples’ sin. I am the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham. I am the seed of Abraham, the son of David, in whom all the nations of the earth are blessed. My nation of Israel is my church, not the modern nation of Israel. My people are now all those who become part of my church through sanctifying grace. The complete fulfillment of the prophecy from Daniel of the abomination of desolation will occur: when the continual sacrifice of the mass is abolished by the False Prophet and the Anitchrist. Acceptance of the protestant doctrine of the mass by an antipope will be the fulfillment of the prophecy. The temple of God is my Holy Roman Catholic Church. My faithful remnant will be persecuted worldwide with the mass taking place underground. These conditions will be similar to the early persecutions by the Romans. The Roman persecutions were a foreshadowing of the persecution and time of the Antichrist. Remember all this will be allowed and take place according to the will of my Father in heaven. Scripture must and will be fulfilled.
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    I was praying in front of the blessed sacrament the Divine Mercy prayer for Halloween evils. As I prayed, I learned a little what prayer means. Romans 8:26 Likewise, the Spirit also helpeth our infirmity. For, we know not what we should pray as we ought: but the Spirit himself asketh for us with unspeakable groanings. As I prayed, I had a vision of Christ on the cross. As he said, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? Father into thy hands I commit my spirit. It is finished. These words came to me as I prayed, For the sake of his sorrow passion have mercy on us and on the whole world. There were 3 crosses on a hill and there was darkness in the sky with lightning. When Christ said it is finished, I realized the power of Satan was destroyed and God’s justice satisfied. The veil of the temple was rent in two. The old covenant fulfilled and the new covenant initiated. The door to heaven was once again open to mankind through the cross of Christ. There is no other way. Then the suffering Christ spoke to me in a voice which sounded filled with anguish.

    My child, are you willing to suffer with me for the salvation of souls? Are you willing to suffer my passion with me? I said yes Lord, but only with your help. He said my grace is sufficient for thee. Matthew 10:38 And he that taketh not up his cross and followeth me is not worthy of me. Are you willing to lose your home, job, life, and everything for my sake? I said yes Lord, but I need your strength. I cannot carry my cross without your help. There will be much suffering but I will give you the grace to bear it. I Peter 2:24 Who his own self bore our sins in his body upon the tree: that we, being dead to sins, should live to justice: by whose stripes you were healed. As I had to suffer for your sins, so must you suffer for the kingdom of God. I Timothy 3:12 And all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Galatians 6: 2 Bear ye one another’s burdens: and so you shall fulfill the law of Christ. My whole life and my mother’s were one of suffering for the salvation of souls. If I your Lord and Master suffered, can you expect anything less? Then after the Divine Mercy chaplet the vision of Christ ended.

    You have a long road ahead of you. You are being given the graces now for the road ahead of you. Use this time wisely. Because only he that shall endure or persevere to the end shall be saved. Matthew 24:13. Mathew 7:14 How narrow is the gate and strait the way that leadeth to life and for there are few that find it. You have found the way to life do not lose it. OPEN YOUR HEART TO MY SUFFERING AND YOU WILL TRULY UNDERSTAND MY LOVE FOR YOU.
    Jesus Christ
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