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Mother of God Prayer Chain

Discussion in 'On prayer itself' started by Woman Clothed WithThe Sun, Feb 16, 2014.


Would you like to have a Mother Of God Prayer Chain?

  1. Yes, and I would be interested in participating with my prayer

  2. Yes, but I cannot participate directly

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  3. Yes, although I'm not sure if it's going to work

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  4. I don't think it's a good idea

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  1. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    the link is not working
  2. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    I pretty much spend 45 minutes each morning saying the rosary on my commute to work and 45 minutes each evening saying the chaplet of divine mercy and then other prayers each evening on my commute home. This is usually between 7:30 and 8:15 am est and then 5 to 5:45 pm est. I am sure I will be able to find the time.
  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

  4. Yes MomsCalling! since you gave the precise information ... :D
    You still have to write down your time difference though.
  5. You have a point here, Padraig. ;)
    It seems that we can't just edit one slot to add another name -we need to re-fill the slot adding whatever we wish to add- so I think that I will temporarily remove most of my times so that people have the chance to fill up more freely those I have already marked. I will complete my time afterwards.

    Please, don't be shy writing down your times! (y)

    Indy, please, do you have any instructions/suggestions with this thing of adding names to a slot already in use?
  6. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2014
  7. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I was only joking.:D I was admired how much you pray, Sister.:)
  8. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I did my first little hour tonight and was drawn to my surprise to thankfulness for all the graces given to the forum , the gentle, kind loving Marian way it is is not an accident it is as a result of graces given.

    Then I thought if it is so Marian now how much more wonderful it might be well watered with prayer. Of course there must have been a lot of prayer to get it the way it is now.

    Anyway many, many thanks to Mary for her presence in the forum. What a woman, what a mother. :)

  9. Indy

    Indy Praying

  10. Padraig, I'm a "professional" pray-er as I said before (this is a kind of pun, since I've made a religious profession around prayer :love:). Everything I do is secondary to prayer.
    As a contemplative, prayer is my daily "work" and it takes about the usual full time job every day as for any person, although I'm not writing everything down in our calendar.
    As a hermit I don't have a community, and this is why I've dreamed of this kind of chain to gather the prayer of our forum into something more tangible.
  11. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Its a great idea. I wonder if anyone anywhere has had the idea of a prayer chain encircling the globe 24 hours.

    We may be in the Guiness Book of Records.:)
  12. Indy

    Indy Praying

  13. This is an overview of our Prayer spreadsheet as of today. Not bad although still some blanks to fill:
  14. Mario

    Mario Powers

    I've filled one slot. I'm thinking about adding a slot in the evening (East Coast). There are lots of blanks there. Let's see...:rolleyes:

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  15. Go for it, Mario. We all need it. No prayer is too small.

    There is such NEED for prayer in our world. God, the Omnipotent, All Powerful Creator and Redeemer has tied His hands with our free will. He can't force free will but he HAS TO respond to prayer -only God could invent this limitation and enforcement to His Divine Will.

    This means that God "NEEDS" our prayer. He has chosen to be a beggar of something we can give to God. This is God's "prayer to us". We have Our Blessed Mother repeating the message and the supplication from God: PRAY, PRAY, PRAY and FAST!!!

    We are not asked to do it PERFECTLY, we are asked for our good will, for our love and wish well to others, and for some of our time.

    We don’t have to ask for a little, something kind of proportional to the coins in my purse. Our “purse” is FULL AND OVERFLOWING with the merits of Christ, and the Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints in Heaven. We only have to take the purse out and pick up what is inside with closed eyes, and give it away, again, and again, and again.

    Fr. Adam says that Our Blessed Mother told him once: don’t ask for small things, ask for everything! This is what St. Therese of Lisieux did too. Her desires were way too big, and she only had –of her own- her useless life of a young, sick, enclosed, ordinary Christian. We too are ordinary Christians but we have available and accessible the treasures of Heaven and of God Himself.

    I’m going to open another thread with possible devotions that might help people pick some frame for their desire to pray –and maybe not finding a good match yet to do so.

    Your example, Mario, trying to give a little more time to use your power over God’s Infinite Power is very commendable, as it is what everyone is doing –and will do even more in the future, I’m sure, about our need to GET INVOLVED WITH OUR WORLD AND WITH GOD’S NEED FOR US TO BRING HEALING AND SALVATION TODAY.

    There are so many, many, many people –and good people at that- that in today’s world have no longer a clue about the transcendence of their own lives ... A still young father of a young family gets to ICU, sees a nun walk by the door and sends a nurse to call her because he has a question: Sister, what will happen to me if I die? What happens next? ....

    People don’t know. People need the “godincidence” of hearing about God even in their death bed. This is only a very small example. I’m not mentioning so much, SO MUCH that is in the news and that needs redemption and God’s intervention.

    WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD. “We” is you and I, each one of us.

    We may be doing good talking and talking and talking and more talking about how bad things are, how few are saved, how there is going to be left only one little remnant ... but all that TALK doesn’t save ONE person.

    And yet if we take the same 5 minutes –or 15- that we use in writing those comments, and instead of discussing things with each other, we take at least once a day that time to TALK BUSINESS WITH GOD.... THAT will save not one but many people among my family and friends and around the world, today, and who knows how further ahead in time into the future.

    GOD, THE OMNIPOTENT NEEDS our poor, distracted, bored, sleepy prayers. HE makes miracles with them.

    Can we believe it and give them to Him?

    We will be asked about the use of our talents. Prayer is our universal talent. Even a quick intention, a look addressed up to God may change the course of history.

    Please friends, forgive me for this outburst. I fully respect and value each one of you, and I know that there are many reasons for what we do. And above all, the fact that a crazy idea about a visible chain of prayer in a forum doesn’t show up, it doesn’t mean that you don’t pray. So please, I don’t want to offend anyone. But whether you write your name and devotion or not, please PRAY, and invite others to pray. This is as much an emergency –that we pray, and pray some more- than it was by the Twin Towers in 9/11 to have the firefighters, medical personnel, and priests or ministers do their job and attend at the situation. Our world is in flames. We have to do more than just sit in front of the TV and watch it burn.

    God bless you all, and please pray for me too. Thank you.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2014
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  16. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    We need to find some people from Asia to fill the first rows. I really want to see this spreadsheet full and 3 deep per hour if I can be greedy in my prayer to God to have people fill the boxes. For me it is a great reminder to pray in the boxes I signed my name to. It is like a small contract for God and I don't want to disappoint my father. This is a great idea and it makes me happy to know others are praying in the hours I am not. It has also helped me come closer to God in just a few days. Sign up friends. Have the courage to commit some time to help Jesus carry His cross. Our prayers help others but also bring comfort to Our Lord in his great burden and sacrifice He made for us. I can't even imagine what it must always feel like to God to lose so many of His perfect creation. We can help him with His sorrow by saving just one.
  17. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

    is there a save button you need to hit? I tried entering my times but they did not save.
  18. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    Yes. In column A there is a button for submit.
  19. Thanks PotatoSack.
    There is no need for doing anything but write down whatever you want in the chart. It automatically saves into the hard drive.
    There is line at the top that says this and it certainly works for me.

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