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Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by Glenn, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Glenn, did you remove my post of today from this thread ? I mean you could have informed me about this in order to enable me to move it to another thread... now I have to write it all over again. Christians are sooo nice to each other....
  2. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    I sent a private message to you requesting only Garabandal prophecy here on this page, you quoted another several times. I was " Christian" send a private note , so not to upset or embarrass you.
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  3. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Glenn, I did not receive a private message....
    You say that "I quoted another prophecy several times". Well I did not post messages here during several months, so I cannot remember it anymore and I just forgot that you do not allow other prophecies in this thread. Those things happen, we are human, especially when people prevent you from sleeping at night... like in my appartment. I suppose it was the computing system that did not forward your private message to me, because I still cannot find your private message.
  4. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    Mary on Obedience

    The virtue of obedience is one of the greatest indicators for determining the authenticity of alleged apparitions. According to the Saints, it is the only virtue the devil cannot imitate (who, by his nature, is disobedient), and is therefore the hallmark of authentic apparitions. In the apparitions of Garabandal the examples of obedience are so numerous and varying, that one can say that it permeated from all facets of the girls' lives. Most notably, the Blessed Virgin instructed the children on the importance of obedience, especially to the Bishop. In fact, She told the children to obey the Bishop even before her; "She taught us to obey the Bishop before her." (Interview with Conchita, 1972). What is most striking, is even the Blessed Virgin Herself, in the apparitions, obeyed the commands of the bishop, as detailed in the account below;

    Conchita, interview, 1973: "At the beginning, we used to go into the Church (editor's note; The Blessed Virgin often led the girls into a local church, where She would recite the Rosary together with them). But then the people, because they wanted to be first when we extended our arms, would make a big disturbance. So the bishop said we could not go into the church anymore. Then the Virgin, from the time the bishop said not to go into the church, never would let us in there again." Conchita recounts that, from that day forward, the Blessed Virgin no longer entered the Church, but instead remained outside.

    The children learned from the example of the Virgin, and followed it themselves. The girls were not only obedient and docile to the bishops, but also to their parents, interrogations by doctors, physical exams, psychological tests, criticisms and slander, and so forth. They went along with everything imposed on them.
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  5. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    I was talking to one of Conchita's close friends today about the "Obedience" article I posted yesterday, and she told me a story that Conchita told her, that I had never heard. Here it is.

    On one occasion the parish priest of the village for 30 years Father Valentin, (who was removed from the duties of the village one month after the apparitions ,because of his belief in the girls ) was sitting in
    Mary Loli ‘s house one night. During the course of the evening Mary Loli was asked by her mother to go out in the dark and take the clothes off the line. The priest knew Mary Loli was the most frightened child in the village who feared the dark the most. The children of the village use to make fun of her because of this extreme fear she had of the dark.
    Father Valentin noticed Loli went into ecstasy immediately after she was asked by her mother and went outside in the dark without hesitating and brought all the clothes in off the line. Loli bringing the clothes inside came out of ecstasy and smiled at Father Valentin. Father Valentin not understanding the apparition asked Loli “what happened?”.
    Loli explained that the Blessed Mother knows that she is afraid of the dark, knows Loli wants to be obedient to her mother, because if the girls do not obey the fourth commandment to honor their mother and father, the Virgin cannot appear to them. The Blessed Mother was aware of Loli’s mother’s request, she appeared to Loli all in light, went outside with her and the darkness was like daylight so Loli could retrieve the clothes.
    Our Lady knew Loli wanted to be obedient so she helped her along.
    What a wonderful mother we have in Heaven!
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  6. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    TODAY IN GARABANDAL HISTORY: On December 6, 1962,
    Conchita had a 90 minute ecstasy around 5:30 in the afternoon after which, she provided another piece of information regarding the Miracle: One day, before the Miracle, something will happen that will cause many people to stop believing in the apparitions of Garabandal. The doubts and desertions will not be due to an excessive delay of the Miracle.

    ALSO TODAY, Conchita declared that as the future great events draw near ( The Warning & Miracle) “presumed and false manisfistations of the Blessed Virgin will increase considerably “. The purpose behind these false appearances was for Satan to blur Garabandal until it was a distant memory, and preferably completely forgotten.
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  7. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    If you have the time to read, this 3 part journal from Fr.Valentín Marichalar Torres, has a wealth of personal eyewitness information, and documentation of the apparitions for the years 1961 & 1962.


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  8. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    Fr.Valentin Marichalar removed for his belief !

    In the first month of the apparitions occurring Msgr Valentin Marichalar was removed after 30 years and put on sabbatical and a younger priest Fr. Amador Fernandez Gonzalez
    was assigned ...the younger priest was asked by the villagers what was it that the bishop needed to approve these apparitions and the younger newly assigned priest from the bishops office said "nothing it's never going to be approved"

    The priest who had replaced Don Valentin was present at that ecstasy and
    Conchita was heard telling the Virgin, “A new priest has arrived to relieve Father
    Valentin.” She then preceded to remove the priest’s glasses so she could make the
    sign of the cross over him.. From his first day in Garabandal, this priest received
    plenty of proofs. According to what I was told, when Don Valentin came back to the
    village and his replacement returned to his destination, the Bishop said to him, “I sent you to prove that the apparitions were false, and you come back more convinced of their truth than the girls themselves.”
  9. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    Dear Glenn, on the advice of the experts consulted in the USA, the film that will reach theaters will be made with subtitles. When the DVD comes out - God willing- you can have both versions, the dubbed and the subtitled.
    I have asked those responsible for the distribution of the film to contact you to discuss the offer you made to help us distribute the film in the USA. I hope they will talk to you soon and we can find a way to collaborate to carry the messages of the Virgin to the last corner of the USA. We are working on the English version of the web. Soon it will be online. May the Lord bless you, Glenn. Anything, do not hesitate to contact us.
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  10. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Catholic with Baptism of desire

    Glenn I joined the Message of Garabandal group, I joined under my private profile. because if you know the situation I have right now, with my family, as half and my mother are Jehovah's witnesses. I would love to join God bless you.
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  11. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    Awakened by a mysterious interior uneasiness, Conchita went to the church at around 5:30 a.m. with her mother. Before the church doors, she fell into ecstasy . . . The Blessed Virgin first "wished me a happy feast day," adding these profound words (almost identical to those said, in 1858, to Bernadette in Lourdes): "You will not be happy on Earth, but, yes, you will be in Heaven!" She also revealed to her other "future events" about which the visionary was told "not to make known" . . .

    [Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 179]
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  12. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    Then a boarder at the College of Burgos, Conchita will tell in 1966 to Sister Maria Nieves Garcia, that “ until now ,every December 8, I had an apparition or a locution from the Blessed Virgin”.
  13. John T

    John T Principalities

    This is interesting in a sort of funny way and then A Wow/Amazing Statement by our Blessed Mother to Conchita: The funny thing in my Opinion is Blessed Mother wishing Conchita a Happy Feast Day Of Herself! :)

    The Amazing/Wow Statement is that the Mother Of God Just told you (Conchita) while you “won’t be happy on earth, you will be in Heaven.” The Joy of knowing that you (Conchita) will be going to Heaven (as if we had any doubt? NO!:) Must Of been overwhelming! If Conchita actually thought about that. I know at that age she often didn’t put things like that together being a simple person from Garabandal. But still-Amazing either way in my view! Happy Feast Of The Immaculate Conception to all!
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  14. Aviso

    Aviso Angels

    Hi Glenn my good Friend, according to what I have been told, the movie is good and match mainly the Apparitions, so if you can do anything to promote it in the USA, please do it without any hesitation, thank you.

    Holy Feast of the Immaculate, as you know you are Great.

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  15. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    The girls would have their fingers full of wedding rings, and while in ecstasy they'd raise up their hands and ask the Virgin to kiss them. After this they would return the rings to their owners without making any mistakes and without seeing who they were giving them to as their heads were always tilted backwards and their eyes fixed on the apparition above them. 1907311_830820756932946_8742583101380228242_n.jpg
  16. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    Light bulb story

    The Chief of the Civil Guard, Juan Alvarez Seco, who lived nearby, remembers this case.
    “One day María Dolores ( Mari Loli ) was on the second floor of her house where she had apparitions many times. Her father Ceferino had said that, when they came down from there to the floor below where the tavern was, they would unscrew the light bulb since there was no switch to turn it off. Loli, while putting her hand on the bulb this time, fell into ecstasy, and she didn't take away her hand. We all feared that if she continued like this, holding onto the lit light bulb, she would burn her hand. Her mother said, “Heavens, take away the light bulb!”
    However all our efforts were useless. Then we called Mari Cruz who wasn't in ecstasy, and she—with the greatest of ease—made Loli let go of the bulb. Her hand was not burned. Then the girl went down the stairs and continued her ecstatic march “.
  17. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL July-August 2004

    THE PASSION "Fix your gaze upon the Passion of my Son." --- Our Lady to Faustina (Diary, 449) "Think about the Passion of Jesus," --- Message of Our Lady, June 18, 1966
    APPEARANCE OF OUR LADY "I saw the Mother of God in a white garment and blue mantle with her head uncovered." (August 15, 1935) (Diary, 468) "The Blessed Virgin appears with a white dress, blue mantle and a crown of small golden stars." [but no head covering] --- Conchita's Diary (On one occasion Our Lady appeared as above however without her crown.)

    HUMILITY AND SIMPLICITY "I keep company with you as a child to teach you humility and simplicity." --- Our Lord explaining to Faustina why He sometimes appeared to her as the Child Jesus (Diary, 184) "Love humility, simplicity." --- locution of Conchita with Our Lord, February 13, 1966

    NOT FOR YOU ALONE "The graces I grant you are not for you alone, but for a great number of other souls as well." --- Our Lord to Faustina (Diary, 723) "I have not come for you; I have come for everybody." --- Our Lord to Conchita, July 20, 1963

    ABORTION "I was seized with such violent pains that I had to go to bed at once ... Jesus had me realize that in this way I took part in His Agony in the Garden, and that He Himself allowed these sufferings in order to offer reparation to God for the souls murdered in the wombs of wicked mothers." --- September 16, 1937 (Diary, 1276) "Can you imagine how somebody could kill children in the womb without thereby killing the mother? ... Well, the Blessed Mother spoke about this and she let me know that this will happen with the overflowing of the chalice [of iniquity]." --- Conchita to Albrecht Weber of Germany, November 14, 1965.

    HUMBLE AND PROUD "He [God] is well pleased only with the humble; He always opposes the proud." --- Our Lady to Faustina (Diary, 1711) "What God loves most is humility; what most displeases Him is pride." --- Words of Our Lady at Garabandal as recounted by Conchita to Sister Maria Nieves in Burgos on April 19, 1967

    COMMUNION FROM AN ANGEL "I saw at my bedside a Seraph who gave me Holy Communion ... This was repeated for thirteen days..." (Diary, 1676) "[T]he angel appeared to us with a goblet that looked like gold ... and then he gave us Holy Communion. He gave us Holy Communion over a long period of time." --- Conchita's Diary .

    from GARABANDAL JOURNAL, July-August 2004
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  18. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    In speaking to the film company today they have informed me that their website is now available in English (except the trailer), to learn about the movie. Here is the new link : https://www.garabandalthemovie.com/
  19. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    I tried to fill out the form that requests to have the film in one's area but got an error message on their website. Hopefully we can get our requests known....suppose we also have to wait until they have the English translation for the film itself.
  20. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    From the website:

    It is important to note that behind the scenes of Garabandal: Only God Knows, there is no super-producer, even less a super-budget, and there is not even a team of super-professionals. The only thing behind Garabandal: Only God Knows is a deep love for the Virgin Mary, and the desire to collaborate in her motherly mission of guiding all humanity towards its only Savior: Jesus Christ. Therefore, all the participants of this project have done it on a voluntary level.

    Another of the surprises of this film is that none of the performers had previous film experience, nor work in the world of cinema. Practically, the same can be said of almost all the technical team including the artistic director, Brian Jackson, for whom the project Garabandal: Only God Knows was his first experience at this level.

    Another surprising fact is the shooting time: the recording was made in twenty-seven days, an absolutely record time if factors such as the aforementioned little experience of both the performers and the technical team are taken into account; the amount of extras that had to be moved; and all the set and wardrobe changes that had to be foreseen.

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