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Dedicated Garabandal Resource

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by padraig, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Pope John Paul II - ON Garabandal

    There is a book on Garabandal, written by Albrecht Weber in 1993, entitled Garabandal Der Zeigefmger Gottes (Garabandal: The Finger of God), of which a first edition copy was presented to Pope John Paul II. He later asked his secretary, Fr. (now Archbishop) Stanislaus Dziwisz, to write to the author. In the subsequent printing (2000) of the book, on page 19, a portion of the Pope's message is reprinted, as follows:

    "May God reward you for everything. Especially for the deep love with which you are making the events connected with Garabandal more widely known. May the Message of the Mother of God find an entrance into hearts before it is too late. As an expression of joy and gratitude, the Holy Father gives you his apostolic blessing."

    Weber writes, "From the attached greeting in the Pope's own handwriting, with his signature, it is clear how deep an interest he has in the events of Garabandal, and how anxious he is that they should be made known in a credible way."
    On July 23, 1988, during a special general audience with the Pope at the Vatican ... "special" because it was held on Saturday, rather than the usual Wednesday... Father Robert introduced Garabandal Visionary Mari-Loli and family to him. Father Robert who was holding 7 year old Maria Dolores, one of the three Lafleur children, said to the Pope: "Your Holiness, a special blessing for your littlest children who come on behalf of The Blessed Virgin from Garabandal." Our Holy Father exclaimed "Garabandal!". . . And immediately kissed Maria Dolores.

    In the latter part of his pontificate, The Vatican gave permission to the Bishop of Santander Spain,to erect an basilica at Garabandal. The Bishop at the time , Bishop Jose Villapiano disdained the permission.
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  2. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    Conchita, diary jp204, 1966: He [Jesus] replied..."I want to tell you, Conchita, that before the miracle occurs, you will suffer much, for few people will believe you. Your own family will believe that you have deceived them. I am the one who wants all this, as I have already told you, for your sanctification and so that the world may comply with the message. I wish to advise you that the remainder of your life will be a continual suffering. Do not be freightened. In your suffering you will find me and also Mary whom you love very much... I will be with whoever suffers for me."
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  3. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    3 events confirm it , A message to Joey from Mary, Conchitas 's letter to Joey as given by Mary, and Joey's dream !

    A MESSAGE FROM MARY. Unless specifically asked, Joey never mentions the prophecy concerning his eyes. But he believes without reservation that he will one day see. The Virgin Mary said so.
    How did the prophecy come about? There’s a little more background to it than is generally known.
    Some months after the accident (June 27, 1947) that blinded him, Joey was asleep at home in Brooklyn. He shared a bedroom with his three brothers. Joey’s bed was farthest from the door. He woke to a voice which seemed to be coming from the hallway:
    "Joey do you want to see again?"
    "Then you pray. Say 17 Hail Mary’s, seven Acts of Contrition, five Our Father’s three times a day.
    When will you be back?
    Concerning this voice, Joey is emphatic: “I never had any visions, locutions or any of those things. I’m just ordinary. But God knows what it takes to move me. This thing that happened to me was real and I know it, and I will never believe I dreamed or imagined it.”
    Many years passed and, as Joey puts it, “Nothing happened.” But the reality of it never diminished. He continued to say the requested prayers faithfully three times a day.

    Seventeen years later, in Garabandal, he told Conchita about it. He told her at the same time about his desire to establish a home for the abandoned afflicted, a project he’d conceived as a result of having participated in several pilgrimages for the sick to St. Anne de Beaupre' Shrine in Canada. Conchita told Joey she would speak to the Virgin Mary about him. Joey left Garabandal on the same day, March 18, 1964. Two weeks later at his home in Lindenhurst, New York, he received a letter from Conchita:
    St. Joseph’s Day
    My Dear Joseph,
    Just two lines to tell you the message which the Blessed Virgin gave me for you today at the pines…she told me that the voice you heard was hers and that you shall see on the very day of the Miracle. She also told me that the House of Charity you will establish in New York will bring great glory to God.
    Conchita Gonzalez
    “It took some time for the prophecy to sink in,” says Joey. “But the thing that made me very happy immediately was the confirmation of the voice. God rewarded my faith in His own wonderful way.” As to the “House of Charity,” Joey believes the Virgin referred to his New York Garabandal Center. “Everything we do here,” says Joey, “is for the glory of God.”


    It was early in 1965, Joey was at home in Lindenhurst lying on the couch saying his rosary. Meditating, these words kept coming to him-dream-trees-Garabandal-dream-Garabandal -trees-dream.... His mind went back to May, 1949, he had just been registered at Blind School.

    He was unhappy in this strange place, with his blindness - he didn’t want it. He was alone, he missed his family, and he knew they were suffering. Joey had been put in the infirmary for orientation. He waited, he listened, he knew he was alone. After a while, he got up, began to take a few steps, then a few more-the door- way. Cautiously, he made his way down the hallway but then, without realising it, passed through an open exit door and fell down a flight of stairs. Not wanting to cause alarm, he quickly crawled up the stairs and clung to the wall searching for the doorway opening. Hurt, scared, lonely and frustrated, he laid on his bed, took out his rosary and then began to cry. He cried himself to sleep.
    Joey recalls this dream:"I saw what I thought was a beautiful golf course, lush green grass, rolling hills, a clump of trees behind me and I was standing there, looking up. There was something going on up in the heavens. I had my eyes back-and they were blue." "When I awoke I felt comforted by what I saw. Although I was scared, I knew in time I would be all right. This thought sustained me as I started a new life in a blind world and I had the courage to make the most of every opportunity that would come to me."It was only in 1965, after all those years, that Joey was to connect this consoling dream with the Garabandal events.
  4. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    November 13, 1965, was a day mixed with joy and sadness for Conchita. The Virgin appeared with her Child to the teenager but it was to be for the last time at Garabandal. As Mary had already indicated this was to be a special apparition for kissing religious objects and Conchita had many with her. After kissing the articles, the Virgin said: 'Through the kiss I have bestowed on these objects,my Son will perform prodigies. Distribute them to others. Talk to me, Conchita, talk to me about my children. I hold them all beneath my mantle. This will be the last time you will see me here but I shall always be with you and with all my children. Conchita, why don't you go and visit my Son in the tabernacle? He waits for you night and day." Conchita said to the Virgin, "I am so happy when I see both of you. Why don't you take me now to heaven with you?" She replied,"Remember what I told you on your patronal feast day?" When you present yourself before God, your hands must be filled with good deeds done for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, your hands are empty." It was all over. The happy moments when Conchita had been with her heavenly Mother and the Child Jesus had passed although she still felt Their presence. She said, 'They have left my soul filled with peace and joy and a great desire to overcome my faults and to love with all my strength the Hearts of Jesus and Mary who love us so much."
  5. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    FEB.1977 interview with Conchita: Q. Many years ago you told us the event of the Warning begins with the letter "A. " Since Our Lady never told you not to reveal it, can you now mention it?
    A. She did not forbid it, but I don't know why I haven't said it and I don't feel as though I should say it now.

    Asteroid,This has been been considered,but it may also be"Aurora Borealis", which might be more in line with a "stars colliding " or a "light show" in the sky.

    Asteroide and Aurora Boreal. In Spanish
  6. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    GARABANDAL- “The Pines “ sacred ground.

    We all know about the special area of Garabandal called "The Pines" (the 9 Pine trees where the Blessed Mother appeared, and foretold of the great Miracle that will take place there),but there are some other facts that have been forgotten about over time. Mary called this place "sacred",read why.

    Conchita 's grandfather Serafin. In his younger years when he was the mayor of the village, grandfather Serafin had the idea that every child, in commemoration of his or her First Holy Communion would plant a pine tree on the heights above the village as a symbol for his or her life. Of those planted, nine survived and grew into massive trees, at the place to which the Virgin Mary referred ' saying: "God loves this place very much. This place is sacred." Today they are called "los pinos" and one awaits the great miracle announced by the visionary children. "It will be the greatest miracle that my Son, Jesus, will have ever performed for mankind. It will also be the last one before the end, she had said .

    I have a funny little story about when Joey Lomangino bought his house in NY. When he and his wife went to buy a house ,his wife Marilynn was describing the outside of the house to Joey. The real estate person mentioned the “Pine trees “ that lined one side of the house. They asked ,"how many pine trees are there ? The real estate person said " 9 " ! " We'll take the house ! "
  7. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    Conchita has said:
    “The BlessedVirgin told us that it is a greater grace to receive Jesus in Holy Communion
    than to see her.” www.garabandal.us/bo_eucharist.html
  8. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    Fr. Luis Andreu

    The little known 5th Visionary at Garabandal !


    3 INDISPUTABLE MIRACLES ! We know that on the day of the great " Miracle" there will be a permanent sign left at the nine pine trees, and Joey Lomangino will receive his "new eyes" after being blind since 1947, and the day after the Miracle, Fr. Luis Andreu's body will be found incorrupt after being dead since 1961 !
  9. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    mita145.jpg CONCHITA & MOTHER TERESA

    Mother Teresa & Garabandal:

    The famous Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity has never expressed any doubts about her profound belief in the divine origin of Garabandal: "It was in 1970 that I heard about the apparitions of San Sebastian de Garabandal for the first time . . . From the beginning, I felt that the 'events' were authentic . . ." (Letter of November 10, 1987 to Msgr. del Val).

    During her frequent trips to the United States, notably to New York, Mother Teresa had the opportunity of meeting Conchita who has lived on Long Island since 1972. This was the beginning of a strong human and spiritual friendship that never faltered. Mother Teresa is the godmother of Conchita’s third daughter, Anna Maria.
  10. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    LUNCH WITH CONCHITA . (I post this just for the simple reason of showing you the mind set of a true holy person ).

    I had the extraordinary blessing today (9-29-12 ) of having lunch with Conchita,and learning some invaluable life lessons. The first was, I talked to her in general terms about the Warning ( because so many people areconcerned and worried about it, I never discuss dates ). Her advice wasamazingly simple and profound ! She said " Have faith and do not worry. Ifyou have faith, you have everything ! " , Pray and don’t worry “. Herconcise advice demonstrates how to live a simple happy life. God bless her andher example to us.

    Lunch lesson#2. We were discussing how so many people are going to psychiatrists, or take drugs or drink to fight lonliness,and she said " Dopeople realize how lucky they are, that there are churches everywhere, whereGod is waiting to talk to them ? " Brilliant !

    Lunch lesson#3. We talked about how the world's perception of happiness is linked toconsumerism. Here is her idea of "happiness". She said (I'mparaphrasing) If you seek money, money is not happiness, if you seek health, itis not happiness, if you seek heaven, heaven IS happiness !

    Lunch Lesson#4. On the topic of how to pray. We talked about how to "ask" God forhelp with a particular intention. We tend to " tell him " what wewant, instead of realizing he already knows what we want,or really need. Wehave to learn to submit ourselves to his will,trusting in him and he willprovide what we truly need, and what we need to do to draw ourselves closer tohim. I know I'm as guilty as the next guy that "thinks I know whats best forme ". I am still learning how to completely trust God in everything, don'tfeel bad, I'm a work in progress too,lol.

    Lunch lesson#5. Suffering . Who wants it ?? You know when you're in the presence of a trueholy person when they embrace suffering,almost joyfully. Padre Pio said "if you knew the value of suffering,you'd never give it up ". I listened onhow she described the purpose of suffering,and "taking up your cross"has so much spiritual value,we truly don't comprehend it sometimes.We talked aboutthere is so much cancer in the world,and the suffering it brings,and againthere was a simple profound thought,is it possible the illness is allowed byGod,and maybe this person will actually benefit from the illness by bringingthem closer to God then they would have ever been. Lets face it, when you arereally sick ,what is the first thing you think about,praying to get well ! Herlittle story was simple,inspiring,and brilliant. She said (again Imparaphrasing the long story), There was a sheep herder,who each day would tendto his flock,and each day one of his sheep would run toward the edge of amountain cliff,and almost fall over. Each day he would pull him back, but thesheep "wanted to run toward the edge of the cliff". Finally the Sheepherder decided to break a leg on the sheep,well knowing this was painful,andwould prevent the sheep from walking. Each day though,he would pick up thesheep and carry it on his shoulders as he went out into the field. This allowedthe sheep to still be outside,but more importantly the two of them bonded andbecame closer because the sheep was dependant on the herder. The herder knewthat this the right thing to do, even though Im sure it was not what the sheepwanted,but in the end,he healed,walked again , and the two were closer thanever. I will never look at suffering again the sameway. I'll offer it up and ask God to draw me closer to him, for he knows best.
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  11. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    When Mary appeared as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, wearing the Brown Scapular over her arm, she instantly sent a message of its importance. It also connected the Brown Scapular to the devotions Mary talked about (the rosary, the morning offering, etc) to the Garabandal messages.

    I bet you’ve never seen this ! Karol Wojtyla ( Pope John Paul II ) as a young factory worker, wearing his Brown Scapular. When he was pope, in 1981 he was shot , during the operation ,he told doctors not to remove the Brown Scapular. popejohnpaul.jpg
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  12. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    Many believers in the apparitions of Garabandal have been worried about the effect the death of Pope John Paul II [and now the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI] has in relation to the predictions of Our Blessed Mother. To make the matter as clear as possible, we offer these quotes from Conchita's own diary. The announcement about the last Pope and "the end of the times"

    It was during the early part of June 1963, the bells of Garabandal started to ring. The following conversation then occurred between Conchita and her mother, Aniceta:

    Conchita: "The bells are tolling for the dead! It must be for the pope (John XXIII, 1958-1963). Now only three remain."

    Aniceta: "What nonsense are you talking about?"

    Conchita: "It is not nonsense. The Virgin told me: After this pope there will only be three more."

    Aniceta: "Then what? Will it be the end of the world?"

    Conchita: "The Virgin did not say the end of the world but the end of time."

    This excerpt is from Ramon Perez's book "The Village Speaks."

    We are now in the "end of times" which is a very difficult thing to explain (see below). There will be more popes elected. We are not looking at the end of the world but the end of an epoch.
    God bless,
    Tony, National Director
    Talking to Mother Maria Nieves Garcia
    Principal of school in Burgos)
    Conchita: "One day I said to the Virgin, at the time of the future events (warning, miracle and chastisement), 'Will that be the end of the world?' "

    And she answered me "No, the end of time."

    What is the meaning of "the end of the times" el fin de los tiempos"?

    In English, the translation is: "the end of our epoch", or "the end of these times". It is also satisfactory to say: "The end of the present period."

    Conchita told Fr Marcelino Andreu: "When you see the warning you know we have opened up the end of time."

    I (Glenn ) would like to offer up an explanation of why the "3 Popes " quote is still in line with the Garabandal prophecies, even though Pope BXVI was considered the 4th Pope. To answer this question, you must understand what Conchita was referencing . When she was told that there would be 3 more popes, then it would be" the end of the times" this meant an "end of an era." The prophecy had nothing to do with the future number of popes, it was MARKING A PERIOD IN TIME. The reason it is the end is we are entering a new era, one which this generation will witness the "Warning, and the great "Miracle", and obviously a new pope. This new era will define history ! Will mankind heed God's mercy in the form of the Warning? Or , will it fall back into its God offending ways, even after the warning and miracle, and face a chastisement. The actual number of popes does not contradict the prediction, we just witnessed BXVI resigning ! This is a new era ! Those who question this, ask yourself a simple question. If the Blessed Mother wanted to indicate the final number of popes,she would have just said it, she didnt,she said "the end of the times", clearly indicating a reference to TIME, not popes. Ask yourself this, Why is the number of popes important? If it was she would have said "listen 3 more Popes than the world ends " See ? The number isn't important , she would have indicated WHY it was ,but she didn't, she is referring to the end of an era, and the beginning of another.
  13. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    The Great Future Miracle
    The "extremely great" Miracle which Conchita mentions in her Diary is more fully discussed in the notes she gave Francisco Sanchez-Ventura, author of The Apparitions of Garabandal: "I am the only one to whom the Blessed Virgin spoke of the Miracle. She forbade me to say what it will consist of. I can't announce the date either until eight days before it is due to occur. What I can reveal is that it will coincide with an event in the Church and with the feast of a saint, martyr of the Eucharist; that it will take place at 8:30 on a Thursday evening; that it will be visable to all those who are in the village and surrounding mountains; that the sick who are present will be cured and the incredulous will believe. It will be the greatest miracle that Jesus will have performed for the world. There won't be the slightest doubt that it comes from God and that it is for the good of mankind. A sign of the Miracle—un señal del milagro—which it will be possible to film or televise, will remain forever—para siempre—at the pines."
    On September 14, 1965, Conchita said: "The sign that will remain forever at the pines is something we will be able to photograph, televise and see, but not touch. It will be evident that it is not a thing of this world but from God." At another time, concerning the great Miracle, she added that, "it would last about 15 minutes." On August 10, 1971, while talking to a group of Americans, she offered this revealing information: "It will take place on or between the eighth and sixteenth of March, April or May. It will not happen in February or June." Eight days in advance of the Miracle Conchita will give notice to the world about its coming. Prior to the eight-day notice, God will send a Warning to the entire world to purify it for the great Miracle. Therefore, the world will receive two advance notices—the Warning and the eight-day notice.
    From the book : The Final Hour (Michael Brown ) page 137
    “and the Virgin stipulated, said Conchita, that the great Miracle will not occur on one of Mary’s own feasts. “
    February, 1977 (D)

    Q. Have you ever discussed with Conchita the dates of the Warning of which you know the year, and the Miracle which she knows?

    A. I have never talked to Conchita about these dates.

    Mary Loli, and Conchita NEVER discussed their dates. I confirmed this. I ( Glenn ) asked Conchita this in October 2012 on the phone, and her response was a firm " NO ! ".
  14. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    Mary appeared as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in GARABANDAL,
    from July 2, 1961 until November 13, 1965. She also appeared in Fatima,as OLMC, on the last day of apparitions,October 13,1917. She also appeared in Lourdes, on the last day again, as OLMC, on July 16,1958.

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  15. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Why hasn't the Catholic church approved the apparitions at Garabandal?

    Originally ,the Bishop's took great offense to the Blessed Mother's prediction that they would be going to hell,and taking souls with them, here is Mary's words : “ As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. “
    This obviously is a self-condemning prophecy , so why would they want to approve it ?
    The other reason is the Vatican knows the date of the Warning & Miracle, and since that predicted date has NOT passed yet, they will wait to rule on the apparitions until then, which makes perfect sense.

    Two commissions convened by bishops of Santander, Spain, have stated that there were no phenomena which would authentic the events as certainly supernatural, they did not condemn the message. In this regard, the first commission stated, "we have NOT found anything deserving of ecclesiastical censure or condemnation either in the doctrine or in the spiritual recommendations that have been published as having been addressed to the faithful." The bishop who called the second commission, Bishop del Val, upon retiring from office stated in an interview that the message of Garabandal was "important" and "theologically correct."

    Regarding the theological content of the Messages, in His “Official Note” of July 8, 1965 Bishop Eugenio Beitia of Santander wrote, “We point out, however, that we have not found anything deserving of ecclesiastical censorship or condemnation either in the doctrine or in the spiritual recommendations that have been publicized as having been addressed to the faithful, for these contain an exhortation to prayer and sacrifice, to Eucharistic devotion, to veneration of Our Lady in traditional praiseworthy ways, and to holy fear of God offended by our sins. They simply repeat the common doctrine of the Church in these matters.”
    The history of all approved apparitions shows that the Church requires unequivocal evidence of supernaturality. This can be cures, as at Lourdes or a supernatural prodigy, as at Fátima.
    At Garabandal this would include the ecstasies, the ecstatic walks, the returning of rosaries and medals to the proper owners and so on. None of these things, much less the miraculous photos, rosaries turning gold etc. , proves anything to the Church about the divine origin of a phenomena.
    There seems to be two obstacles. The first is that the Bishops expected the "Warning & Miracle "to have happened already, and thus it would have been approved after both had taken place, as prophesied.
    The other obstacle was the Blessed Mother's condemnation of her priests. The second message caused particular controversy when it was revealed that Conchita had actually written "many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are following the road to perdition." So how can they approve a condemning self fulfilling prophecy ? The answer to this question from Bishop Dal VAL IS VERY TELLING :
    Q. Were the Garabandal Messages found to be theologically correct and in accordance to the teachings of the Catholic Church?
    A. I think yes. Theologically correct, yes. But one of the details bothers me like the one: "Many bishops and cardinals are walking the path of perdition" it seems to me to be a bit severe.

    And people wonder why the Bishop's won't approve the apparitions.

    It seems, therefore, that notwithstanding the decisions of two commissions accepted by the bishops of Santander, that there are reasonable grounds for individual Catholics to find Garabandal credible. The children themselves predicted that the message of Garabandal would be approved with difficulty, but in sufficient time to spread it. Perhaps this means that the "Warning" (a clearly supernatural event) must occur first for approval to be given. Given the seriousness of the times we do well to heed the message of conversion, whether proposed by Fátima or some other source such as Garabandal.
  16. Glenn

    Glenn Guest


    The question was presented, if they already dug up Fr. Luis Andreu’s body and it was decaying, does this negate the prophecy about he being found incorrupt ?

    Digging up Fr. Luis Andreu's body in NO WAY invalidates the prediction, why ? Conchita, in a letter dated August 2, 1964, wrote this to Father Ramon Andreu (his brother) “On July 18 (1964), I had a locution in which I was told that on the day after the miracle your brother (Fr. Luis Andreu) would be removed from his grave and his body would be intact.” SO infact , the Blessed Mother said it would be " THE DAY AFTER THE MIRACLE ", NOT BEFORE ! The prophecy is still valid until then.

    Consider this too, know that we know his body decayed, how much more of a greater miracle will it be when he is found incorrupt the day after the Miracle ?
  17. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Conchita on the time frame of Warning & Miracle

    Interview: Conchita 1974
    Q. Do you think of the day of the Miracle often, and are you anxious for the Warning and the Miracle to come?
    A. Sometimes I think of it as so imminent, sometimes far away. It seems so near when I think that people are not answering the Message, because after the Miracle there may come the punishment. I am anxious, yes. I wait. The Blessed Mother never lies. For the words of the Blessed Mother to be complete, there must be the Warning and the Miracle. It is all one message.
  18. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Mary Loli on Communism & The Chastisement

    Further information from Loli (related to the chastisement) was contained in messages bearing her signature that were presented to Maria Saraco and published in 1970 by Fernand Corteville in his newsletter L'Impartial (No.31):
    In spite of continuing to see the Virgin, (during the
    Nights of the Screams
    ) we saw a great multitude of people who were suffering intensely and screaming in terror. The Blessed Virgin explained to us that this great tribulation, which was not even the Chastisement, would come because a time would arrive when the Church would appear to be on the point of perishing. It would pass through a terrible trial. We asked the Virgin what this great trial was called and she told us it was "Communism." Then she showed us how the great Chastisement for all mankind would come, and that it would come directly from God.
    At a certain moment, not a single motor or machine would function; a terrible heat wave will strike the earth and men will begin to feel a great thirst. In desperation they will seek water, but this will evaporate from the heat. Then almost everyone will despair and they will seek to kill one another. But they will lose their strength and fall to the ground. Then it will be understood that it is God alone Who has permitted this.
    Then we saw a crowd in the midst of flames. The people ran to hurl themselves into the lakes and seas. But the water seemed to boil, and instead of putting out the flames, it seemed to enkindle them even more. It was so horrible that I asked the Blessed Virgin to take all the young children with her before all this happened. But the Virgin told us that by the time it came, they would all be adults.
  19. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

  20. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    READ: http://www.ourlady.ca/info/fatimaConnection.htm

    The Blessed Mother appeared at Fatima, on the last day Oct. 13,1917 as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (same as Garabandal).

    One time Bishop of FATIMA, Bishop Joao Venancio proclaimed Garabandal's message is the same as Fatima.

    It was under the pastoral government of this well-known Bishop of Fatima-Leiria that the famous "third-secret" was brought to the attention of Pope John XXIII. Known for his profound Marian devotion, he had the privilege of frequently discussing with Sister Lucy, who herself informed him, so we are told, of the "events" of San Sebastian de Garabandal.

    Conchita herself visited Msgr. Venancio for the first time in 1967; she returned several times later to Fatima. As for the Bishop, he would make the trip twice to see Conchita at Lindenhurst, N.Y., U.S.A. He quickly and firmly believed in the supernatural authenticity of the phenomena that had occurred at Garabandal. In 1983, he would declare to Fr. A. Combe that: "this Message given by the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal is the same as the one given at Fatima, but it is updated . . . At Garabandal, Mary came to upgrade her Message given at Fatima to new conditions of the Church (and of the world). It is obvious to me that the Message of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a Message of salvation for our time . . ." Yes, without any doubt, but perhaps much more . . .
    [From 'Garabandal' Book, page 226]
    http://www.mensagemdegarabandal.com/products/msgr- joão pereira venâncio/

    Finished his sermon on May 13, 2010, on Fatima with this quote:
    " May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions (of 1917 at Fatima ) hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most High Trinity. "

    ( since the Vatican has been aware of the Miracle date from Conchita, was this an insight to the possible culmination for the Warning & Miracle ? May 13, 2017 ???? )

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