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AVISO NEWS: No longer supports supporters of Pope Francis

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by local, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    I bet aviseo didn't predict Glenns NJ Giants loosing to the cowgirls right now ...

    G Men will come back in the 2nd half!!!!
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  2. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Actually I'm a Packer fan and team owner :)
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  3. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Gmen fans....can anyone read Glenns post, I only see a smilie?
  4. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Actually I'm a Packer fan and team owner .
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  5. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

  6. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    I was hopin you were a Gman, and called Conchita for a prayer. After my first post the Gmen picked off the ball and ran it back....a few other miracle plays happened! Gmen won!!!! wooot

    Its ok, discount double check!:)
  7. Michael Rafael

    Michael Rafael Under Mary's Mantle

    “Where Peter is, there is the Church; where the Church is, there is no death, but eternal life.” (St. Ambrose, ca. 397)
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  8. Tiny Me

    Tiny Me New Member

    I think the word is Pride. Remember we can only plant seeds and let the Holy Spirit work. I know often we feel like we can change someone's mind or help them along the way somehow, but nothing will happen unless the Holy Spirit gives someone the grace to understand.

    I learned a hard lesson growing up that you are utterly powerless in convincing anyone about anything. Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, and Council are gifts from the Holy Spirit.

    A quote from George Carlin, “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” (Not a huge fan of George just the quote.)

    I sometimes liken Fallen Saint to a warrior that runs out into battle with little clothes on. His intentions might be good, but his faults are plain to see. Why on God's green earth, would you ridicule the guy? It only shows a lack of spiritual maturity, and lack of love for your brother. Private message him and bring up your concerns. Why would anyone want to "Be Right" in a discussion? You'll always have better luck with souls by listening than beating them over the head with the I'm right club.

    I left the battle of being right along time ago. It is better to be a fool for Christ than a soldier of self righteousness.

    Fallen Saint, I'm not throwing darts at you, only using you as an example. You seem like you can take one on the chin for the team, so to speak. I love how you are willing to come out swinging, you are obviously Catholic and care about your religion! "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Far too often people stand idly by, but learn how to pick your fights and who with.

    I'm not on anyone's side here, but Christ's (I hope). I love both of you like you are my very best friends. God speed and Peace...
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  9. kathy k

    kathy k Guest

    The need to be right is such a curse. It's being weeded out of me, often by the thought, "Jesus is always right - so all I have to do is lay down my desire to be right and follow him..."
  10. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    I have suffered greatly in life by the need to be right and have done all I can to ask Jesus to help me rid myself of it. There has been great progress in this fight but it still rears its ugly head from time to time. Just last night I just needed to be right in a dispute with my spouse and at the end of fight, there were no winners, just losers. Today I have been down in the dumps all day about this need to be right. It is not worth it my friends. Pride is a "you know what" rid yourselves of this. Ask the Lord to rip it out by the roots and to replant the mustard seed of humility in its place.
  11. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Thank you for your input, but this is not about pride to me, and unlike 90% of you here I, use my real name, my real picture, my reputation, and dedication of over 20 years of my life in education and defense of Mary's messages at Garabandal and Saint Padre Pio's absolute guarantee of its authenticity. So when someone tries to tell me that Saint Pio is not a better spiritual judge ,than the local Bishop ( who the Vatican caught lying and hiding testimonies ) then I must defend Saint Pio. Some "anonymous " members here have nothing to lose or if they influence novices learning about Garabandal in error, some actually come her to try and discredit the apparitions. So forgive me if I come out swinging (as it where ) because this is not a pass time or hobby for me ( like most here ) this is a mission given by God, ( our Blessed Mother & Padre Pio ,whom all granted me a miraculous healing, as a boy ) and who arranged for me (since the age of 13, I'm now 57 ) to be involved with Joey ,Conchita, and this apostolate, and I take every post, seriously. One day I will answer to them for my work here, saying I did and defended to the best of my ability. Imagine being one of those who has to explain being opposed I pity them.

    "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice."
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  12. The more i read from you, the more i respect you Glenn
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  13. pilgrim

    pilgrim Guest

    This may help… worth reading anyway… part of a talk given by Fr Svet OFM when he was a pastor at Medjugorje


    “I am going to share something with you. I am the Rector of Mother’s Village and 83 people are employed there. Today there are 350 there for lunch. You get into a situation of human relationships when someone is in charge of a portion of the work there and takes it very seriously. I am sharing my frustrations with you.

    “This person in charge, he suddenly sees that someone is doing something wrong. Wrong, period! The mistake that people make is that with the justice of God and their righteousness, they go charging in and in a rage crush the heart of another person. If someone then reprimands them for the tension that is suddenly in the workplace, they will say, “Don’t you know I’m right?” So with vengeance and justice they walk around ‘right’. They are able to crush their fellow co-workers and make tension in the whole place and create situations that are not desirable.

    “This happens because we are not willing to suffer. We are so often so willing to condemn, judge and be righteous. The most damage we do to ourselves and others is by being righteous, by being right. That is why Christ goes to be crushed on the Cross. He didn’t say a word to the person who was crucifying him. He allowed that person to learn himself, in his own time. At that moment he didn’t know what he was doing. He allowed him to learn, to grow, to find out in his own way.

    “That is the way we will be brothers and sisters and pilgrims: allowing the person next to you to be stupid, to be wrong, and you remain silent again and again and again, and be calm and then the situation will be resolved by itself.

    “Pray to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God will teach you, but only after you have suffered and prayed. Then you become a redeemer yourself, a co-redeemer with Jesus Christ for your family, for your children for your friend, for your neighbour, in such a way that we stand not as judges but as brothers and sisters who will bring blessings to others, not condemnation. This person might be or is wrong, but the damage that is coming to this person in this harsh way is far greater damage than the initial wrong that this person was doing. Then we inflict greater sufferings with greater consequences that this initial damage that was there, that we thought we needed to address.

    “In pilgrimage, we actually learn to walk, become willing to suffer, to experience injustices, willing to be misunderstood. We walk with the shortcomings, wrongs, injustices done against us. The time will come, but only after we have suffered a bit, when we will be able to address the situation, to dress the wound and clean it and let it grow better. Then these people around will realise that they were seen doing wrong, and they were not rejected or crushed – and they will appreciate that and they will grow. This is the area where we need to investigate the mysteries and secrets and wisdom of life.

    “We pilgrims pray in such a way because all this is common sense. We don’t need to wait for a child to do something stupid to warn them, gently, with the love of God, and not with vengeance and poison of our own, fears and selfishness. Pilgrimage is something we allow to happen. As we go with pilgrimage we go with God, and we meet other people because this is where we are meant to be, where we are created to be. We will be allowed to have the cup to drink, but also where we will bless abundantly so many we will encounter on the journey of our life. We are so quick with this judgement against others that with the same mentality we accuse God, where we even see him doing something wrong to us.

    “When Christ walked towards the Cross, to embrace it, to lift it on his shoulders, he questioned God for letting him be in such a position. If Christ was able to come to such a position then we too will be in a similar position where God will allow us to walk into this encounter with the Cross; then in our justice we will condemn even God for being wrong. This is the same mentality we use in our relationships with the people around us. In this mill, in the prayer, in this pilgrimage we are crushed in those selfish attitudes. Our selfish ways are crushed.

    “Often we are like an angry dog who has experienced beatings and thinks that everyone wants to harm him. So before he is hit, he bites. In pilgrimage we need to allow ourselves be crushed, to become a new person, so that we become blessed ourselves, like Our Lady, and not only blessed ourselves but medicine for the wounds of others. So God will be able to bring you to where he is expecting you to be, there to bless. There is somewhere a wound for you to attend to and heal, just by being there, present. So in this pilgrimage we allow a similar process to Christ allowing himself to be crushed. ‘God count on me.’”
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  14. Michael Rafael

    Michael Rafael Under Mary's Mantle

    I don't want to hide my face, but I think my original Avatar gives more glory to my Queen and first of all my Mother!
  15. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    I feel naked ? :)

    Yes, I am anonymous...i don't think i could be on the MOG if i needed to disclose who i am. For me it is better to stay a happy face. But if i have said something against God or the Catholic Church please reprimand me. Everything I write come directly from Catholic Teaching. So, you might not appreciate the tone... but this is a Forum.

    Not once have i spoken bad about Glenn or Garabandal. I have said over and over...i am on the fence about the visions. What keeps me minutely interested because i appreciate Conchita, not trying to push the issue or make money from visions. That makes it interesting.

    The humanity of saints, as well as padre pio, has nothing to do with being right and wrong. It has been addressed by many spiritual writers. You might not like the way i say it but its spiritually sound. I don't get bent out of shape like some people here...and i always just ignore most statements anyway. But sometimes they go too far...just like to keep things balanced.

    Hopefully, some of my posts...help others find God.


    Idiot...lol i have been called worse things :)
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  16. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    Not beating a dead horse, Glenn. Just correcting the record.

    It is not correct to elevate Saint Padre Pio over the local bishop with regard to the question of Garabandal.

    It is also not factually correct to assert that "THE VATICAN & EVERY POPE SINCE THEN DISAGREES WITH HIM & YOU." That statement by you is just factually wrong. And you should know better as the primary promoter of Garabandal. The fact is that the only time the Vatican officially spoke on the topic of Garabandal, it was to AFFIRM and SUPPORT the negative decision of the local bishop. I am of course referring to Cardinal Seper's letter which is easily available on the internet.
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  17. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    You just can't let this go, so here we go again. The Vatican has never released an official statement ,so you are incorrect. Second the only two people at the Vatican who actually interviewed Conchita ( Cardinal Ottoviani & Pope Paul VI ) BOTH believed her , and their statements (even though private ) have been written about in several books. As for your one source of negative response ( if you bothered to research ) IS NOT AN OFFICIAL VATICAN LETTER.
    1. This letter is not binding on the faithful, since it is not an official public declaration to the faithful. It is a private response to an inquiry from a Bishop from New Orleans, Louisiana. As such, one cannot conclude that this letter is necessarily representative of the judgment of the Congregation, or whether it is the Cardinal writing his own opinion at the time. Furthermore, it defers all authority to the local bishops.
    2. This letter was written in 1970, prior to the second investigation in 1987. Thus, it was written under a false premise, based on incomplete facts from a poor initial investigation (recalling to mind that the girls were not even questioned in the first investigation, nor their parents, etc.). Over the past 30 years, the bishops have been finding more and more favor with Garabandal, as the facts come out. Upon retiring from office, Bishop del Val (who commissioned the second investigation) stated that the message of Garabandal was "important" and "theologically correct.". AND if you remember what I told you earlier ( which you probably ignored ) Bishop Del Val Gall RESIGNED from the bogus first commission.

    Now as for the Popes, you again are wrong, since the apparitions, popes PaulVI, JohnPaul II, Benedicted XVI , were all believers, and I posted stories, stating that . So since the apparitions ,the only pope I don't have anything on is Pope Francis. If the Vatican thought this was not true,they would have shut it down 50 years ago, or anywhere since they BUT THEY DIDN'T.

    Do me a favor ,don't tell me how to represent this apostolate , you are so under qualified and under informed its funny. You are posting the same borrowed, unoriginal, fragmented,unresearched ,boring arguments that people who don't study Garabandal do.
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  18. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    Glenn, I am responding with facts and you are making this personal using such uncharitable language as "same borrowed, unoriginal, fragmented, unresearched, boring arguments..."

    Glenn, relax. Have a snickers bar.
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  19. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    You're response proves you have no come back or facts to refute the truth. You're waisting mine and everyone's else's time time here.
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  20. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    Glenn, educating others about the truth of any unapproved private revelation is never a waste of time. The truth is that the first Bishop's commission was not deficient nor was the Bishop incorrect nor did the Bishop lie, as you have asserted. Saint Padre Pio is NOT the authority on Garabandal. The local Bishop IS the authority on Garabandal. The reason I have spoken up on these matters is because you are the primary promoter of Garabandal, and you are presenting a picture of Garabandal that is incorrect.
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