You’ve created this monster. And now you can live with it.

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  1. BrigidK

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    I was interested to read this article. It is good to remember that the current liberal "culture" is only built on lies and like anything built on lies it will implode and "devour" itself eventually. Thank God for His Truth that prevails through the Catholic Church!
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  2. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Maybe this is the beginning of a blessing in disguise. If from now on girls begin to go back to being girls, and concentrate on cooking and sewing and knitting and doing girly things again, instead of competing with the boys.

    Then the boy losers who can not beat the real boy athletes will have to find another hobby to beat the girls. I wonder if the boy losers will take up cooking and sewing and knitting and doing mumsie things.

    The question is Willy or Won't E.
    Crazy losers.
  3. Dolours

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    That's hilarious.

    I think that Donald Trump should grow his hair a little longer and announce that he believes he's a woman. I would so love to see CNN hail him as the first female President of the USA.
  4. Jarg

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    Your comment reminded me on this line I read not long ago on this essay about Brother's Karamazov:

    "Dostoevsky lets evil speak to bring it to the point where it refutes and condemns itself."

    Maybe that is why God is allowing so much evil in and outside the Church, so it reveals and there fore condemns itself...hopefully it will not be through a cataclysmic war ;-)
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  5. Fatima

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    Sometimes the world can get you down and then you have to turn your thoughts towards God and remember he has a plan. Sometimes we see such evil around and forget, God has a plan. Our human nature sometimes wants to give in and assume we have lost our battle, but God has a plan. When God reveals his plan he will make sure we do our job. I am naturally impatient, so I have to work hard to not push God's plan by expecting it to take place on my time table. I love the inscription on the bottom of the Divine Mercy image, Jesus I Trust In You. Sometimes that is all we can do and it is what Jesus wants us to do. He is teaching us how to be patient and trust in him. Why is that so hard sometimes? Many times the Blessed Mother had to be patient when she was told many things that would worry anyone to death, yet she would tell us what she told the waiters at Jesus' first miracle, "do what he tells you". She didn't have an answer so she throws it back to her son. It all up to him. All we have to do is stay the faith.
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