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    Superficiality is sadly a tool of JoeJerk. Your eight co-workers don't think deeply because for the most part their lives are skin-deep. Thank you for this story. I will pray and fast for them that they come to drown in the awesome depths of God's love. He is reality!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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  2. Just work - funny there is one young non Catholic just been here.
  3. Have a good day.
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    To go to hell for something serious , Terry. But to go to hell for never having bothered to to take life seriously at all is another. In many ways I prefer the truly evil. As Jesus said;

    Revelation 3:16

    To the Church in Laodicea
    …15I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other. 16So because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of My mouth! 17You say, ‘I am rich; I have grown wealthy and need nothing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.…

    Such very,very serious words from Jesus , to , 'Spit people out of my mouth', from the God of love.

    It is as though life were some kind of serial on TV. It is impossible to get serious with them because they do not take life seriously.

    Such a mystery. Yet I admit what Jesus said touches my heart for I feel the same way myself. You can argue or affect an atheist or an agnostic, for at least they bother with the bigger questions. But those who go along from day to day and never even ask the questions?
    A mystery. What are they doing?
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    I always assumed before this that there was never anything malicious about you Joe. . That you were innocent, but misguided. I am reconsidering this .

    I repeat , we all crave love.

    But to be esteemed and to be loved are not one and the same thing. I can understand your need to be loved, part of all of us long for this.

    But you are getting the two things; esteem and love, mixed up. The devil is tempting with you on this. Reject it. The devil is using you to cause trouble on the forum . I am aware of how he is doing this through you and why he is doing it.

    Reflect on this. It has it roots on the Cardinal sin of Pride.

    You are being used Joe, but only because you are permitting yourself to be used.
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    To be noticed is a struggle within the heart of this sinner, too!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    St Margaret Mary Alocque is a good teacher on this I think Terry. One of the Irish Jesuits who was tasked with the Job of acting with as Devil's advocate on her life remarks he never found an example were she never appeared to have smiled or laughed once in her entire life, so terrible were her sufferings. Certainly her nose was always to the grindstone.

    It's better this way. Certainly it never happens by accident. Pride is death, death, death. Better humiliation. Constant constant humiliation. Like the Hebrews in Eygpt.
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    Look at poor Joe. I have rebuked him. But the chances are very ,very slim he will endure it. Once pride catches even the smallest grip ...

    The only reason he will tolerate to any least degree it is he knows his ass is just about to kicked. Then where will he be so admired if he is gone?

    Once again . This time for good. Pride on the level he is exhibiting; it just amazes me.
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  11. Padraig
    I hand your opinion of me over to the care of Jesus and Mary and St Michael. Have a good day.
  12. what on earth are you tal
    Many years ago I was advised that the most important thing in life was not to feel loved but to love. I still try to live by that. Esteem does not come into it but I enjoy helping others. That is a great part of my job. I greatly prefer anonymity and privacy but to share on this forum means to forfeit both which I do willingly. If I have said something wrong please tell me what it is. If not, why have you turned on me?
  13. There is a difference between self esteem and the esteem of others. If the esteem of others facilitates and confirms good service then yes, it is to be valued and appreciated.I thank others for their good opinion and I hope I will live up to their estimation. This is fundamental to any professsional life and to the life of anyone who wishes to be of service. If a man has a reputation of being good and wise then I am more likely to consult with that man. He he confers those qualities on himself I would not touch him with a barge pole.
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  14. There is also a good and healthy self esteem or self regard which is tied in with good and healthy self belief or self confidence which comes with hard work and experience in the service of others or the practice of ones craft. But any accolade for such expertise, ability and giftedness should always be proclaimed by another, not oneself. It was once suggested that if I wished to enjoy such esteem I should do esteem-able things not for the sake of esteem but only the satisfaction of a job well done and a service well rendered. This is happiness - the joy of a soul surrendered to the will of God. It is not a feeling. It is a way of life.

    I do not come here generally with screeds of other peoples words but rather I share my own experience.

    Right now I have three faith journeys on the go. In the first I am encouraged by a faithful long term patient, Barbara, mother of 10 and very active in my parish, who is convinced my vocation is to minister spiritually to patients of all and no faith. This week she met a friend who attends her Pilates class and also comes to my clinic. They were comparing notes on their treatments and Barbara's friend asked her - "Do you get the spiritual talk". Barbara said "yes." Barbara loves my wee stories and my understanding of the Faith. Her friend who has not been to Church for years then told her she was thinking of returning to the practice of her Faith and attending Mass again after listening to me. She wanted what I had which is a gift from God. I take no credit for my gift.

    The second also involves a long term patient who attends another Christian denomination. Over the years we have shared many faith stories. The latest involves Akita. I recently received a short not from the sisters there. With it was enclosed a booklet on the Rosary. My patient showed interest in this book and I offered it to her as a gift. Although completely unfamiliar with the Rosary she immediately recognized it as a means of meditation. She had been aware of the lack of this aspect of spirituality in her life. She now wishes to investigate the Catholic Faith and to attend Mass to acclimatize herself to it all. I have offered to take her. She was delighted with my latest gift to her - a blessed set of Rosary beads. She has many questions awaiting answers.

    Which leads me neatly to the third story - another story of conversion told to me by yet another patient, David. David and his wife have been attending the RCIA and she is sponsored by the wife of yet another patient who is non-Catholic for whose conversion we are praying.

    Back to David - I asked David if he minded telling me about his faith journey. Although non Catholic David's daughter 7, attends St Joseph's primary school, the best in the district. She was coming home with lots of questions about God and religion but David had no answers. He felt awful about this as he could not fill this void in his child's life. Then recently on holiday he visited the Vatican. As an engineer he was amazed at what he saw there. But there was something more that left him awe struck. It was nothing physical but he could feel it. He was overwhelmed and began to cry. He dropped to his knees and began to pray. His wife thought he had lost the plot. All this was completely out of character. These two influences - the Spirit he encountered in the Vatican and the Spirit of inquiry he encountered in his children set him on the path to conversion. His wife has joined him on this path.

    These are the types of encounters I experience on a daily basis and which I use as the basis of my faith stories to others. I seek no kudos or commendation but I am commended and recommended. This does not go to my head but it swells my heart. I seek no satisfaction but I am satisfied with the joy such encounters bring and the satisfaction they bring to others.

    Mine is a small world with its own share of difficulties but I have a few good friends who help me carry the load, who help me build this world of faith and edify the faithful.

    God forgive me if pride and malice figure in this scenario but I am not aware of their presence either in motivation or satisfaction. At the end of the day we shall be judged on who said that?
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    I'm currently taking a course now, based in part, on a book entitled, The Speed of Trust, by Stephen M. R. Covey. It conveys similar themes to the ones you've mentioned in the last couple of posts. :)

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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  16. Thanks Mario. I have not read a book in years. It's good to know they are still out there!
  17. Martina

    Martina Pray Hope and don't worry: Padre Pio

    I have booked a trip to Garabandal next April I am taking my Son along he has no idea what Garabandal is. He has Aspergers (mild) and from a young age told me he does not believe in God this distressed me a lot as I am not a great Catholic but I've always prayed everyday even though I'm terrible at praying I try. Anyway I told my sons therapist about his non belief and her reply was "oh all aspies (that's how they refer to themselves) are the same they are non believers" and I was to settle for that.
    My son and I have long debates on religion and God he still does not believe and I tell him Padre Pio will sort him out . He has blessed medals in his school bag, Padre Pio prayers under his mattress, blessed salt scattered in his bedroom and a Mother who constantly prays for his Conversion and he knows none of this. I'm going to Garabandal in hope that he feels something there not for THE MIRACLE but wow it would be great, with or without the miracle I feel a pull there anyway.
    I don't want leaving this kid behind so I pray that one day he can pray too.
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  18. Hi Martina
    May all your prayers be answered.
    I work with several aspies of varying degrees and I pray for them all.
    I will include you and yours now.
    Please remember me at Los Pinos.
    Many thanks
  19. Martina

    Martina Pray Hope and don't worry: Padre Pio

    Thank you and I will remember all on MOG while I'm there as I've learned so much here.
    Happy Tuesday....God Bless
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    I will keep your son in my prayers!:)

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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