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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by PotatoSack, Jul 8, 2013.

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    It is interesting that some on this forum believe they have been given instruction on where they should physically be / live during the chaos we all believe will happen. MS7 has moved to where she believes God has told her to go...Kathy K. believes she is to stay put...etc. My living arrangement is up in the air but I expect to have to move at the end of September...but I have no idea where or how this will happen. My feeling is God is arranging things right now and where-ever it may be is where God wants me for the coming chaos.

    I believe it is a sign of the times that God is moving us all into place for the coming events. Have others here received anything in prayer on where you think God wants you to be? Do you feel you should be "detaching" from where you live in case you need to flee or otherwise move?

    It would be great if people shared their thoughts on this...although it may be a bit personal, so I'd understand if you don't share much or anything at all. For me personally, part of my cross is not only letting God decide where I should live...but also detaching from my old place where I lived for about 15 was my home, but no home is where God plants me and even that is temporary. It's taken a long time to mentally detach from my old home and be okay with God deciding where I live and maybe even having to flee someday.

    What do others feel God is calling you to do?
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  2. Rain

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    Speaking for myself, no.
  3. garabandal

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    I have a very strong feel that I will be moving after the Warning - bur not 100% sure where!
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  4. Phillip

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    This has been on my mind as well. We moved from Utah to our present location in 2010. Prior to 2010 we lived in what we considered to be our dream home: a large cabin on 2 acres up a canyon in the mountains. The views were stunning and we were part of a really great community. The problem was that I worked at a university supported by my former religion and I had come to the painful conclusion that it was not true and that Catholic Church was the church that Jesus had founded. This meant that leaving my job (I want to add that I was treated very fairly by my employer - it was a mutual decision) and moving if I wanted to continue my profession. What made things even more difficult was the fact that my wife is still a believer in our former religion and really really did not want to move. But move we had to. And circumstances more or less forced us to a certain job that wasn't nearly as good as the one I left, and a certain location that none of us wanted to live in. At the time I kept asking God why. Why not guide us to something better or at least as good as what we were leaving? Why put my family through this? My becoming Catholic was difficult enough for them, why add to it?

    If we are entering into a period of tribulation then I hope that God sent us to this place for a reason. Some good things have already happened that wouldn't have if we had stayed in Utah. I need to trust that The Lord is guiding us.
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    I have recently taken a pay cut and need to sell this larger house and downsize. Also, my investments have taken a big hit. I have been praying to God for gudance and have not received anything. I love the parish and want to stay here. I, too, believe He may be asking me to step out in faith and trust. I am kind of paralyzed and keep waiting for some answer to my prayers. In the meantime I am fixing little things around here to get my house ready for the market.
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  6. Carmel333

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    I was told 16 years ago in a locution to stay put and since I was looking to sell my house and move at the time, I just knew He meant to stay in my house. Now I really want to move as I have RA and am about to go through my second ankle surgery in 8 months (I have a bone tumor), and my house is on top of a hill with several levels and 50 steps from the driveway to the main level, and I just don't feel I can keep doing it. Anyway, have been praying REALLY hard for a while waiting for an answer on this, but I really have always felt the Lord wanted me to stay in my home until after the Warning.
  7. cornhusker

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    We are in the process of moving. We are looking to move out to the country - more than anything for a simpler lifestyle, and I can tell you that it is the Holy Spirit that compels us to move.
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  8. kathy k

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    Thanks so much for starting this thread. I've been a little troubled since I shared what I believe to be my instructions. I wouldn't want anyone else to "stay put" based on what I said.

    What keeps coming to me in prayer is that Jesus is tending to the smallest details regarding the lives of His people right now. (Probably delegating heavily to our Blessed Mother and her army of Saints and angels!:)) Some of us will be called to move, some to stay, and some to do both in due season. I have this idea (and I may be making this up...) that there will be something like the underground railroad as God moves His people from higher to lower danger areas. Those of us who are to "stay put" will be charged with providing hospitality/ safe harbor to brothers and sisters passing through.

    I think what's really key is to stay close to the sacraments and dive deeply into prayer, and earnestly request the fine-tuning of our internal ear to the promptings of the Spirit.

    Over the years, I've seen people take big spiritual falls by stubbornly clinging to a mission/job/location, pointed out at one time by the Lord, long after He's called them to something else. When/if I start getting sharp elbows from my angel to move, I pray that I will have the grace to obey, immediately (without a money bag, sack or sandals, if need be!).
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  9. PotatoSack

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    wow Philip, I have not doubt that your faith and actions will be rewarded. such sacrifice for you and your family. Your place in Utah must have been beautiful. I've vacationed a bit in that state it is breathtaking beautiful and so many outdoor activities to enjoy. But I'm sure it's the Lord who guided you to where you are now...even though it probably didn't feel right and was hard to accept at the time. I don't think you'll regret it in the long run!
  10. PotatoSack

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    yes, I know what it's like to be praying like crazy for resolution to your living situation/other problems and getting only radio silence in response. I've been in limbo for 1 year and 2 months now but I've learned to just lay back and let God handle it and I try my best not to get anxious. I'm in a good place now (I used to feel paralyzed as well)...but it will be harder if there is little resolution to this problem in a month or so. When I moved here it was tough leaving my parish as it was where I re-gained my faith, but now I love the priest at my new parish and don't want to leave that either! But I'm sure there will be a great priest where-ever my next landing spot is! But trusting in this situation is very, very hard!
  11. Phillip

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    God knew I was too stubborn so He had to force me to move. Not a lot of choice involved on my part. God can whisper to some of us. God has to shout at people like me.
  12. PotatoSack

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    your post made me laugh Cornhusker because to someone from the northeast...any place in Nebraska is in the country already :LOL: I think your from Nebraska anyway, based on your username. wonderful to see you are following the promptings of the Holy Spirit!!
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  13. Phillip

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    It was beautiful! It still hurts to think about what it was like. But then I remember what Jesus said about putting your hand to the plow and looking back ...
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  14. PotatoSack

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    what you say completely resonates with me!! I am beyond stubborn and was forced to move too. Not only am I stubborn, but a very literal person too. I don't pick up on subtle promptings/signs from the Holy Spirit...I literally need to be hit over the head with it! He must get so frustrated with me not getting the message half the time!
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  15. PotatoSack

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    Interesting you and Garabandel feel you'll be staying put until after the warning. It is great that you have gotten that much clarity on the situation. I'll pray for you carmel with your ankle...that can't be easy at all!!
  16. PotatoSack

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    I would be wondering about that too if I were you Rain!! God will stop at nothing if we are about to head the wrong way...
  17. PotatoSack

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    Great post Kathy...I think I agree with all of it and it's very sound advice!! I especially like your point about Jesus tending to all the details for our lives right now...I do feel He is doing that right now (with Mary very much in the picture) for my situation, and that makes me feel a lot better. I must pray for a better understanding of whatever promptings the Holy Spirit or my guardian angel may give me. As I stated, my brain is just hard-wired to very literal interpretation and understanding, so I miss many subtle things.
  18. cornhusker

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    I live in Omaha, which is a decent-sized city (800,000+ in the Metro area), but no New York City by any means. I just feel that when we have too much going on, it can drown out the prayer life as I have been finding out. Not only that, when the trials happen, and I suspect they will, I will have a safe harbor away from the city.
  19. I have shared my experience being told to ‘get off the coast’ and my quest to do it. Since I have been in Montana I continue to seek what the good Lord wants us to do. I want to start out by saying that I am one of those people who should have their own salvage company/thrift shop/estate sale business etc.

    I am constantly looking and ‘finding’ the things I want and need; so much so that I used to have two non profit businesses in Germany. One was Help for Unwed Mothers and the other of Help for Needy Families. People would come to me and put their name and phone # in a book with what they needed. I would pray over it and God would provide and then I would call them and they would come pick it up. It was as simple and beautiful as that….

    Through the years I have gotten away from that. Although we as a family have a WANTS and NEEDS list that we add to and cross off of. I have continued to pray for my mission since Mark Mallett said I have a mission, and several Holy Priests. Waiting….waiting ….to be unveiled to me…..

    Then my prayer partner died. He was 73 and died three weeks ago. We had been prayer partners for 23 years. He was a great man and one of the holiest people I ever knew. On the day he died in Virginia I spoke to him for the last time and told him to go with our Lady and live in our Lord’s Divine Will! It was the Feast of the Immaculate Heart! I left my house and went to drop off my child to a meeting and on the way home I stopped at an Estate sale and decided to go in even tho I only had $3 in my pocket!!

    The person there said everything was pretty much gone and I went inside and went through every room. I walked into the last room and there in front of me was a 12” statue of our Lady and Child. I picked it up and said out loud, “Thank you Paul, thank you Jesus, Thank you Blessed Mother!” and I kissed it. It had a $3 price tag on it!! I brought it home and was showing my family when Paul’s wife called to tell me Paul had died. We knelt down and said a chaplet for him.

    I tried to look up the statue on the internet and found one picture. I said to our Lady, “What does this statue mean? What is its name?” She very clearly said, “LOOK AT THE STATUE!” I picked it up and looked closely. Jesus is almost jumping out of our Lady’s arms. He has a piece of fruit in his hand and our Lady is also holding the fruit. The Child WANTS to give it to you. Our Lady is helping HIM! Then the name OUR LADY OF ABUNDANCE came to my heart. THEN SHE SAID, “THIS IS YOUR MISSION….”

    Then it was clear. I am going to be talking, teaching, and living? God’s abundant Mercy. God is Rich. We are not. All will be taken away. When all is gone, what we have left is still God. In our poverty, we MUST rely on God. PERIOD.

    I have no idea how all this is to pan out. All I know is that I have faith that God will show me. I have a great faith that God can do ANYTHING. I believe he can move mountains and that he can make the deaf hear, and the blind see. I believe we can live on the Blessed Sacrament if we have to. That is not to say if God is calling you or me to prepare physically right now that you should ignore that! I certainly have been called to do that.

    I once had a vision of myself with others in a barren area. Like a desert. There was no water. I said, “We must pray to Mother Cabrini. She turned over a rock in Golden, CO and an artesian spring came forth after our Lord told her to.” So we tried to find a rock and finally we found one and knelt and prayed and turned over the rock and water came forth!

    God is so gracious to send us His own Mother! She desires to lead us and begs us to follow. What more can we ask for??? I am going to build a shrine for my statue. Its hand carved and painted and made by the ANRI wood carvings in Italy and its worth approximately $600. What a shocker!! Thank you Jesus and Mary!
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