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    A great world war will begin.

    Little children, know that all you do benefits the world. Your prayers, penances, and fasts are helping to deter the determination of the third World War. Everything is as I have said before. It is in your hands. It depends on you whether the chastisement be as strong as the sorrow that my Son feels or that it [the chastisement] be appeased with prayer . . Great catastrophes are coming upon humanity; the third World War threatens the world. Catastrophes by man are coming. Mary, through Patricia Talbott, Cuenca (Ecuador), January 6, 1990. 341:1

    It will begin with false peace treaties.
    The war is near. It will be started with false peace treaties, treaties, treaties in which we should not place our trust. Many countries would be involved, among them China, Rumania, Russia, and the United States. Initially Poland will be involved also, but when the Holy Father leaves Rome, going first to France and then to Poland, Poland would then be protected. Mary, through Patricia Talbott, Cuenca (Ecuador), January 6, 1990. 341:1

    Physical disasters will occur during the war.
    The Third World War threatens the world . . earthquakes will come, hurricanes, the sky will shower fire, all this will come from the Father, the Son, and the Spirit of God. Mary, through Patricia :)Pachi) Talbott, Cuenca (Ecuador), January 1, 1989.

    San Francisco will be destroyed by an earthquake during this war.
    The earthquakes are horrible. I saw big, big buildings falling down. San Francisco is going to be swallowed up. The earthquake will start on the floor of the ocean. My Father said the floods are going to be terrible There will be no holding them back They'll take down buildings and streets and everything. The war will be in progress, which will make it twice as bad. Christ child, through Eileen George, Massachusetts, February 28, 1982. 344:4

    America will experience defeat.
    The great trial has arrived for your country [U.S.] . . The moment of divine justice and of great mercy has no arrived. You will know the hour of suffering and defeat. Mary, through Don Stefano Gobbi, Milan (Italy), November 15, 1990.

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