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    :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::whistle: Awesome.
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    To rich of soil is not the problem. I have some of the most rich black soil in the world. Over 2' of the black soil before any sandy/clay soil and tons of dandelions if I don't spray .
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    I think AED meant that the soil might be too rich for the lupins. Have you ever seen dandelions growing in woodland?
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  5. Fatima

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    Not woods in Minnesota.
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    I have only seen dandelions growing on lawns/open fields or in the cracks of cement/pavement. I was just talking about dandelions with someone. She believes that they are very good and healthy to eat in salads and soups.

    I just ordered some little statues online from Michael F. Sheehan(?). I got a statue for each of my kids, my husband and myself, one of each of our confirmation saints. I never thought to do this in the past and I am excited that I have now. We each have a rosary and a bible and some other religious books. I still have only one scapular in my home, I want to get one for each of us. I also ordered a St. Michael and a Jesus Divine Mercy statue for my home. All of the statues that I ordered are only 3.5 inches in pewter but I thought that they seemed nice and we can easily bring them with us. I also ordered a replacement rosary for one that had broken awhile ago. As much as I have tried to plan for something big, I have only done the minimum. I have my blessed beeswax candles, I got one for each of us in case we are not together when/if something happens. Some cash is good until it is no longer useful and some provisions, that is all I have done. Besides trying to keep stocked on everything that we normally use and need.

    I have thought about getting some good topsoil because our soil here is horrible but I haven't done it. I thought about composting but I haven't done that either. I have done that lasagna thing that Muzhik talked about but I didn't know it was called that. I should at least store up newspapers which is not that easy to come by anymore in case I want to do this again in the future.

    Thank you for all of your good ideas.

    PS - I would like to purchase a few more books too, about St. Joan of Arc, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Brendan. If anyone has any recommendations I would be interested in hearing them. TY.
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    Chesterton's book on St Francis is wonderful. Mark twain wrote a good though not Catholic book on Joan of Arc.
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    My father ate cooked dandelion greens which apparently is a Greek thing with olive oil and lemon juice
    He kept a container of the pot liquor left over in the fridge unmarked
    One Sunday afternoon after Mass when we were in high school, my friend Cookie went nosing around in the fridge and took a gigantic gulp of the dandelion juice out of the container
    She managed to hurl herself out the back door before she gagged it
    It is still a family joke and she
    Is still able to laugh about it after all these years
    That is the warning about dandelion greens: edible but very bitter
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    Yeah. I tried to use them several years ago. Uh...no. Healthy maybe but aghhhhh. I am told they must be picked young. Once they blossom fuggahdeaboutit!
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    OK, I haven't read Mea Kulpa's post but I am grateful to see this thread. I was just thinking of creating one for communication after the antichrist or false prophet make themselves openly known.

    Thank you Garbandal for starting this thread.
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    The wine my Dad made from dandelion flowers early on was wretched, from what I heard.
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    I believe it!!!
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    Everything I've read about dandelion wine says not to drink it straight, but cut it in half with orange juice.
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