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    I got my gold from bullion by post


    When travelling by Car the number plate is picked up by number recognition camara's. The ptb can tack your movements a registration plate unregistered or registered to someone else means they will think its someone else

    Didnt think about e.m.p or g.p.s both good points
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    Maybe you are being too kind to them. Lupins are one of the few plants I can number among my successes in our heavy clay soil. I've also had some success growing delphiniums from seed. Next Spring I'm going to try taking cuttings from the ones I like best. They are best propagated from basal cuttings, so maybe you would have better luck with a few cuttings from the lupins growing by the side of the road. Here's a link to the BBC Gardeners World website with a couple of videos on how to take basal cuttings: https://www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/grow-plants/how-to-take-basal-cuttings/

    I'm very much a novice at gardening but it struck me that I've never seen dandelions growing in woodland. Maybe that's the reason Pray4peace had no success. Perhaps they need more sunlight than they would get in a wooded area? The middle of lawns seems to be their favourite habitat here. We seem to have as many buttercups as dandelions this year, and they're just as hard to get rid of. Are buttercups edible?
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    Buttercups are poison!!! Don’t eat!!!!
    I think you are right about dandelions. They are a field flower. I hadn’t thought of that. Our soil is actually really good. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe it is too rich.
    Thanks for the link. I used to be an avid gardener but age and stiff joints have put paid to that. I miss it. I used to have some lovely cottage gardens back in the day.
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    Thanks for the warning about buttercups. Spraying them with roundup won't bring on any guilt trips.
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    Thanks for that link. I'll be a good customer when I win the lotto. Until then my Plan A is to hide under the bed and I don't have a Plan B :). I do intend to growing a few vegetables in containers. Had intended to try it this year but winter dragged on too long.

    Joking aside, Wouldn't a number of the small gold pieces from the vending machines be better than a single, heavier gold bar? You could trade as many pieces as you need without anyone knowing that you had more where they came from. Sorry if that's a stupid question.
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    Make sure you have a couple of decks of cards available, some board games (including chess), and books, NOT e-books. Stuff you can read by yourself and stuff you and your family can read together.
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    You know, I hunt up in the mountains and around the 3000 foot mark I can't ever remember seeing broad leaf weeds like dandelions. Even in big mountain meadows there are none. You would think birds would propagate these somehow?

    On a note about Roundup. For broad leaf weeds I have found that a mixture of 1 gallon white vinegar, 1/2 cup salt, and a teaspoon of dish washing soap knock them out really well and is a lot cheaper than roundup. Have to be careful with it though as it will also kill some grasses etc. I spot spray with it in the yard without much trouble though.
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    Scooters would be better, but make sure it's a lower-powered scooter -- something that uses a carburetor instead of fuel injection. Although it's a pain, you can fix a carbureted engine in your garage with ordinary tools. Fuel injected systems use computers and a lot of high-tech tools to fix/adjust. AND MAKE SURE TO BUY AND WEAR A HELMET!
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    If you want to make your clay soil easier to work, check out "lasagna gardening" or "sheet composting". You start by laying down sheets of newspaper over the area you want to use for your garden. This kills the grass underneath as well as any weeds. Then start layering materials, such as grass clippings, compost, vegetable peelings, etc. as well as layers of your clay soil. As you put on each layer (of grass clippings for example), cover it with another layer of newspaper. This will hold it down and aid in the decomposing. DON'T use newspaper with glossy photos. They don't break down easily and can screw up your compost.
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    Dandelions don't propagate by birds eating and pooping the seeds. They are distributed by the wind when the wind picks up the dandelion fluff and blows it all over.

    Good advice on the homemade Roundup replacement. I think what's happening is that you're creating an acidic super-saturated salt solution. Salt poisons the soil and the acid poisons the plant, and the dish soap gets the salt solution to stick to the plant. You can use this ONLY for spot spraying, as the salt will kill all the plant life. Remember that the Romans spread salt in the fields around Carthage (salting the soil) after they finally conquered it to make sure that it would be generations before the anything edible would grow in the area, and the well water would be briney for years.

    P.S. I know here in Iowa one of the jobs the high-school kids get is "walking the beans". Farmers here alternate soybean and corn crops. The kids have to pull/poison the "foreigners" (which are the corn stalks growing where some seed from the harvest spilled onto the ground and not all the birds and squirrels ate it up) as well as the weeds. I wonder if such a combination of vinegar/salt would work as a more natural way of dealing with the weeds, etc. in a larger scale operation.
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    Yep I know because I do the same thing with salt in gravel areas of my property. Buy it by the 50lb bag and put it down every few years and it keeps the weeds at bay. I would not advise this for areas that there is any chance of run off hitting some lawn or bedding areas though.
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  14. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    Yep I know because I do the same thing with salt in gravel areas of my property. Buy it by the 50lb bag and put it down every few years and it keeps the weeds at bay. I would not advise this for areas that there is any chance of run off hitting some lawn or bedding areas though.
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    Scooters are fun too. :)

    I have a few as well as an older Triumph Bonneville in the garage. The scooters get about 60 miles per gallon and the Triumph is in the 50's. All have carburetors and points ignition! Scooters and motorcycles are far more maneuverable than cars and get great gas mileage but the one thing they lack is security. A well placed person with a mop handle can wreck your day if they want your scooter. Goes without saying that proper riding gear is a must. A good helmet, coat, pants, gloves and boots is not optional IMO.
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    The gold bar i have is 50gram its designed so that it can be easily snapped into any number of single 1 gram bars. So you can snap 1gram off or a line of 5 or 10 etc i payed slightly more for it but still worked out a lot cheaper than buying 50 individual 1 gram bars. The value has shot up since i purchased it. I was a member of a another forum for awhile a member there in 2005 before the economic crash was telling everyone to buy gold he gave everyone all the reasons market cycles and even mentioned the unsustainability of the housing boom.. At the time it was about £200 an ounce. He actually sold his house and rented for a while. He used the money to buy gold (i lived at with my parents at the time and told them to do the same but they wouldnt) he is a millionair now. We would not of made as much as he did but we would have been sitting very pretty with around £750,000. The current bar was purchased later @ about £800 an ounce..I did purchase a small amount of gold at the time i later sold it to help fund the purchase of my house at the bottom of the housing price collapse. A house in my street was recently sold and if my house which is the same as that one is valued the same as that its value has risen £40k
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    I did make an attempt at the lasagna gardening method but threw in the towel. I was trying it on a small patch but realised that at the rate I was going it would have taken me too long to finish the job of having a border around the perimeter of the grass. Newspapers aren't so plentiful now that most people get their news online or via TV and radio. Removing adhesive tape and staples from cardboard boxes and then tearing the boxes was a real chore for me. In the end I got someone to dig out the borders. I'm using a mix of compost and manure to improve the soil but I think it will take a couple more seasons before I get the kind of soil I'm hoping for. At my age and with zero gardening knowledge, it takes me multiple times longer to do basic jobs that someone young and fit could do in an hour or two.

    I'm planning to follow some advice given by an elderly gardener in England on his youtube channel. Conscious that he won't always be able to do heavy work in the garden, he mostly uses containers and growbags for fruit and vegetables. By using that method, when his serious gardening days are over he will be able to get rid of the pots and bags without too much hassle, leaving him with just a lawn, shrubs and a few flowers to care for. He grows almost all the fruit and vegetables he and his wife eat. I'm not that ambitious and will be more than happy if I manage to grow a few carrots, parsnips and onions. He makes his own compost. I don't and am satisified to buy bags of compost and manure which I stock up when they are on special offer.

    I use granular weed & feed on the grass and use the old fashioned hoeing and digging methods to deal with the weeds in the borders.
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    I would have done the same as your parents. Younger people can take risks because they have more years to put things right if the risk doesn't pay off. I reckon that security will be the biggest headache for people (like me) not living in rural isolation, especially elderly people. If there is an apocalyptic type chastisement, drug addicts will go crazy for a fix of anything they can get their hands on, and elderly people are most likely to have pain killers, etc.

    Thanks for the info about the gold bar. Maybe I'll treat myself to one.
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    Don't you mean threw in the trowel?

    I'm so sorry. That was so bad, but I had to...
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