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  1. garabandal

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    Dear friends,

    The surprise is that things are still ticking over relatively normal -- prophecy indicates a coming collapse of the political, social and economic order -- we may have a few years left or a few months -- but things appear to be held together by sticking plaster -- the present Euozone is cracking under pressure from Brexit, Italian & Spanish discontent -- my feelings are that things may get really bad by the end of this year -- economically --




    If things do spiral out of control (as with hyperinflation in Germany in 1923/24) does anyone on the forum have a back up plan to cope with the worst case scenario?

    Just pumping this up to get people to think -- maybe I should have a plan in case of disaster --

    Of course in the meantime keep praying the Rosary!
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    Thanks so much for starting this Garabandal, it has been on my mind too. I don't have much to contribute but for a long time I've felt that I should keep a small stock of cash at home. The visa card meltdown yesterday reminded me. Imagine the chaos if cards and ATMs stopped working for some reason... Also, what would happen in the case of the failure of the Euro? Would one need foreign money stocks?

    Looking forward to people's replies to the thread.
  3. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    We would all be well served to have not only enough food and extra's to get their family by for a time but also extras of essentials for barter. Fiat money which is exactly what every currency today is that is not backed by something tangible in times of instability will be the most unstable of all. With the potential for wild swings in both value and availability.
    This can be as simple as having Bic lighters on hand to trade and other essentials such as medical supplies, books or knowledge of herbal remedies available. Everyone needs a way to make fire for example. It is really important to know and have inroads with your neighbors as well since none of us can rely solely on ourselves and we may be called on to help them also.
    I think its a good idea to have a bit of cash on hand in small denominations as well as junk silver or something of value easy to transport and trade if we are able. The nice thing about metals are that they can be stored for long periods and will always index themselves to the current values of fiat money. So, we can store them and not lose money in the process even if the fiat value appears to go down relative to what we purchased them at.
    Essentials such as firewood or propane for cooking or fuel for ones car etc. A way to protect oneself and loved ones obviously.
    A small garden plot is a great way to relax and save some money on the grocery bill too.

    The most important thing is to pray each day our devotions and remember why it is so important.
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  4. Mary's child

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    Also it is good to have medications and medical supplies as hospitals may not be at full running capacity. I have been slowly stockpiling items such as these and cycling through them in use to prevent outdates.
  5. MMM

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    Worst case scenario we starve to death offering up our suffering for the salvation of souls and have Jesus welcome us into heaven for eternity.

    Or is that a best case scenario?

    Seriously though for me it's about attempting to follow God's will and trusting in the same Jesus that provided food from heaven for 5000 that weren't even close to being on death's door. He surely will provide for us if He wants us to survive whatever is to come. You may store up all the stuff you think you need and end up suffering in some other unexpected way. Or maybe God's plan is to take you and your family home sooner than expected? Or maybe nothing catastrophic will happen in our lifetimes. I gave up worrying about the future in any meaningful way a few years ago. We are nothing and can control nothing, God does. If food trucks don't roll and stores are empty and their is no food to be found we'll He will provide or take us home. The spirit might prompt some to save and store but what is the plan? To outlive your neighbor? If it gets bad we'll all be in it together, entire towns, cities, countries......

    Jesus I trust in You. It must be more than just a catching saying, we are called to live by it.
  6. Timothius722

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    If it is to believed. What you see in Venezuela will happen in the West as foretold by Maria. Basically the economic collapse will arrive and those who have forgotten the communism of the past... will endevour to bring it again. Technology will permit these communist to rule with a merciless iron fist. The Western elites will care nothing of the problems of men as long as they mantain contol of power and money.
    People do not see it...but all power resides in Jerusalem now.
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  7. Timothius722

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    As to where to hide...you can't. This is the harsh reality...some of us will make it alive...the better part of us won't. We need to face with certainty that our demise...our families demise may indeed happen in the final clash. So prayer...and prepare for death. We may claim to trust in God...but do we really? Let us not forget that we are children of God...we are Christians. Let no one loss heart because all the Apostles of Christ died a martyrs death except for St John. We are called to do no less...so courage...courage.
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  8. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    Good thread, interesting questions posed, but imo we must never ever lose sight of the fact that, despite the difficulties ahead this is also a moment of joy!

    It´s Our Lord that´s coming!



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  9. Fatima

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    What lies ahead and how to prepare for it is something on my mind daily and has been for many years. All good suggestions posted already. First and foremost we must strive daily, with much prayer and offering up our works, joys and sufferings to our Lord through our mother Mary. Strive to not only do the will of the Lord, but pray to enter into his divine will on earth, as it is done in heaven to the best of our ability with Mary's help. It is very difficult to lay out a road map for all, as it pertains to the physical needs. But, no physical preparations will suffice the times in the very near future without following the prescription above.

    As I am 100% convinced that we will are not entering a 'bump in the road', but "long years" of suffering as a consensus of prophecy suggests, my plan may be different then others.
    • Everyone should have at least several months of basic foods and water. You can buy products to put in water to purify small quantities at a time for drinking and cooking. Clean drinking water will be hard to come by.
    • Bartering materials will serve you well to. For instance, Starting a fire without matches (necessary to cook food & heat) is something most households have few of. If you get stick matches, make sure they are 'strike anywhere matches', not the ones you need to strike on the match box. Get lots and lots of them.
    • Plan on no running water or sewer. By a bucket with lid on Amazon cheaply, as a minimal contingency for what we all have to do in the bathroom. Another great bartering item will be toilet paper, which most will run out off in weeks.
    • First aid: get allot of it. Super glue is great for cuts, as doctors won't be giving out stitches if you could even find a clinic operational. Bandages and other first aid supplies necessary. Basic aspirin and other medicines as seen fit. Hygiene articles. Soaps (hand and laundry).
    • Lots of blankets and extra clothing, as you won't be buying anything during the 3.5 year reign of the AC.
    • Gardening seeds if in the country side. Here is where I got mine and they will last years http://www.survivalseedbank.com/
    • Tools. Hoe's, rakes, shovels. Think as they lived during the great depression, but worse weather disasters.
    • Hunting weapons/knives, ammo, traps etc...
    • Wash tub with ringer (Amazon) No other way to wash cloths when appliances don't work without electricity. Cloths line and pins.
    • Wood burning stove if possible (see Brian K) for his version.
    • If you live in the country and have a well... here is the best pumps I found and purchased https://www.bisonpumps.com/
    • Cooking pans, made out of cast iron for over a camp fire. A grate or cooking stove to use with wood burning fire.
    • Plant some fruit trees/bushes or asparagus plants.....anything that comes back year after year.
    I have a whole lot more to say on this, but I leave the last as the most important. It is all of our spiritual weapons. Extra rosaries, scapular's, holy water, blessed salt. I highly suggest the Scapular of Benediction and of Protection for these times, given to Marie Julie Jahenny by our Blessed Mother on August 32, 1878 (and get it blessed by a priest as all articles should be). It is not only to be worn, but strongly recommended to be exposed in ones home or chapel. The scapular has many details on it explained to Marie Julie by our Lady. I got mine at https://www.leafletonline.com/

    I also suggest getting St. Benedict medals. Very powerful against evil and once blessed make sure you bury some in the ground of the four corners of your property. Have your whole property and house blessed by a priest. I recently purchased 50 miraculous medals and 20 St. Benedict medals to hand out to whom God may send my way (you can find these cheap online). I found a priest who blessed a whole lot of items just the other day, as this is more important than anything in these evil times, where Satan is unchained.

    A few years back, I bought a Mass kit, along with unconsecrated Eucharistic bread (from Amazon) and several gallons of altar wine in the event God sends priests (who will be hunted down) to my place for temporary refuge. Not all may have the means to do this or feel compelled in doing so, but I have been.

    I do believe we will be fed from heaven (just as the Israelite's were in the desert) after the Warning, during the 3.5 year reign of the antichrist. But many of the preparations mentioned are to get us to that point after the global economic, social and governmental collapse thus sparking global war. Others have their own thought on this, but this is why and how I have prepared for many years now (I am not on this thread to argue my vision of what takes place, but in how to plan in some way).

    I probably have much more to say on this, but enough for now.
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  10. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Fatima, read through your list and had a thought.....What will happen if there is no birth control in the long term plan....a population explosion.

    So it looks like you need to add a supply of johnnies to that list. Of course I expect a backlash for this reply, just couldn't resist.

    Sometimes it just has to be light hearted. Because this must be the third time in the last as many years the dreaded scenario has been put to us. So I am beginning to wonder is it worth worrying about; when we might all be pushing up the daisies by the time the dreaded scenario happens....in which case getting the soul ready to avoid being eaten by the worm that does not die might be a better option to focus on. Nothing personal to you, good for you making sensible preparations; after all extended bad weather could result in using emergency supplies without a dreaded scenario on the economic front.
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  11. well neighbour my wife wants to sell up and start a community ;);););)
  12. Don_D

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  13. Fatima

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    Julia, I suppose Noah thought the same thing, but if he had given up preparing his arc, say 30 years into its building, there would be no humans left on earth. I also suppose he got laughed at and ridiculed many many times, perhaps every day for 40 years. I think we can learn from the past and know that God has given us sufficient time to plan, because it takes time to 'put our house in order', both spiritually and physically so that, like Noah and his family, to ready ourselves for the great purification. Perhaps God also gives those who ask for it, the perseverance to ready ones self. I don't know. What I do know is many are tired of waiting and many have simply given up any preparations they once began. Once again, I am 100% convinced in what God is doing and have stuck with what was given to me to understand. I can only speak for myself, as even some in my family have said more than once, "you have said this for over 30 years". I think patience is what God desires. He continues to unfold the mysteries of these end-times and I just have not grown weary in preparing for them as others I know have. I just got back from my daily visit to our Eucharist Lord and I believe this is where my conviction and my determination comes from.

    Luke 17: [26] And as it came to pass in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. [27] They did eat and drink, they married wives, and were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark: and the flood came and destroyed them all. [28] Likewise as it came to pass, in the days of Lot: they did eat and drink, they bought and sold, they planted and built. [29] And in the day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. [30] Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man shall be revealed.
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  14. Fatima

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    Cash is fine till the global currency collapse takes place. Then the $100 dollar bills will be good only for toilet paper.
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  15. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Fatima, please don't think Julia is poking fun at you. Not in the least.

    You are right, Julia is probably in that group who have grown weary of the end days scenario. Of course if we had young children, it would feel very frighteningly different. As it is, we are just the old ones and all the birds have flown the nest. If I was to suggest the young ones stock up, they would laugh at me, so standing back and leaving it all in God's hands has been the lesson Julia has learned.

    Keeping busy focusing on making provision for emergencies is a very positive way to deal with the constant flow of perceived threats to world peace we are subjected to. So I take my hat off to you and anyone else who is doing what they can to prepare just in case. Beats stressing that is for sure.

    God bless you in your efforts. Peace. (y)
  16. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

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  17. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    Sure, but it will work for a time and then as I said, it would be a good thing to have bartering stock on hand and junk silver etc. All your advice is spot on IMO Fatima.

    Does anyone else remember when Trump was campaigning and kept saying that investing in gold and silver was a better alternative than the markets at his rallies?
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  18. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    I don't recall that, but I wonder and suppose that even gold and silver will be of no value to someone who serves the Lord and does not take the mark of the beast after the warning. I realize not everyone agrees with my study and conviction on the timing of the AC, but for those that do, we will be living in a whole new way, much like the Israelite's coming out of bondage completely dependent on God for all our needs. If we grumble as they did in their desert journey we will find their same fate. Remember only two of the over 600,000 who left bondage in Egypt entered the promised land. Caleb and Joshua. Not even Moses was allowed to enter. So it will be for those who enter the journey into the Era of Peace. Only those who remain faithful through it all will enter into it.
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  19. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Do you know, they don't even issue £100 notes any more, at least in my local bank. And if you have £50 notes, nobody likes them because the fraudsters like to make fake £50's.
    £20 notes, £10 notes and £5 notes are more common these days, if you are using cash.
  20. Mary's child

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    I agree fatima, my husband and I thought this over 20 years ago and purchased a farm. We have been pretty self sufficient and as I work in a hospital the thought that they may not be up and running during crisis. So I added medical supplies to my list, including: needles, fine fishing line for sutures, gauze, dressings, surgical instruments (these can be found in fishing Dept where fly tie supplies are kept), pain relievers, plus other. I feel called to do this to help our neighbors in need.
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