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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by padraig, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Good morning all, I was going over Spirit Daily this morning and they had a link to the food shortages happening throughout Asia, specifically in Japan. It seems that they are running out of a certain number of commodities and the government is concerned.

    Here is the link. The title is Japan's hunger becomes a dire warning for other nations ... -27ey.html
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    Oh my, oh my.


    Thanks for the link. We must ernestly pray that God moves upon hearts in this growing crisis. Japan is one of the wealthest nations on earth. The immediate impetus to her dilemma is the fact that Japan imports so much of her food requirements. The amazing reality of current shortages already appearing on grocery shelves should accent the depth of the problem. The high oil prices and weak dollar will only intensify the dire consequences.

    Lord have mercy. Show us how to respond practically in love!
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    'Show us how to respond practically in love!'

    You have a good heart, Terry. Thanks for reminding me of this. :D
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    I heard a report on the BBC at the weekend that the world will have to produce the same amount of food it did in the last 1,000 years to see us through the next ten years.

    Its weird the way all this seems to have crept up on us in a matter of weeks.

    No one ever talked about this stuff before. :shock:
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    Is it time to stock up? have any of you taken steps yet? Out of the blue the other day my daughter asked me to get some hens. This concern for
    food supply seems to be creeping into everyones conciousness.

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    I am hoping that when the time comes, Mary Jesus will lay a burden on me to do so. I do not feel drawn to do anything yet.

    I have a feeling that though times are shortening, we are a little way of yet, maybe a few years. Before real darkness falls. I hope so anyway.
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    I also am praying and asking to be led as to what to do if anything right now. But I have to say I'm getting better at being a gardener. I keep thinking about bees and wondering if I should look into being a keeper. As I say, I'm praying.
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    I prayerfully believe there are a number of times that will show us the dark times are coming.

    There will be a schism in the Catholic Church.

    Intense persecution of Christians but most especially spread against faithful Catholics in every nation on the earth, but with various degrees of intensity.

    There will be widespread wars and revolutions , everywhere.

    There will be increasing economic uncertainty.

    The series of Marian apparitions particularly at Medugorje will come to a climax and conclusion.

    In Islam will be unified and move towards a world caliphate.

    A new Islamic religious police/ army force will form, these will be clothed in black robes with a peculiar sign of esoteric symbolism involving a crescent moon .

    A group of Satanic leaders, with religous affiliations will arise under the over all power of one particular young man who will claim to work miracles.

    There will be increasing and astoundingsigns in the heavens and on earth.

    Israel will fall.

    Nuclear weapons will be used.

    It will become obvious, even to the most unspiritual that Satan's power will have become manifest on earth, through the actions of the wicked and the blatant use of magic.

    Mary herself shall signal these times.

    A very great Pope and a very great Catholic military/political leader shall be granted us, both will be true sons of Mary.
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    Your use of the word times reminds me of some messages of Our Lady in Medjugorje.

    In June, 1995, she encouraged us:

    I invite you, little children, to be my joyful carriers of peace in this troubled world. Pray for peace so that as soon as possible a time of peace which my heart waits impatiently for may reign.

    Notice her tender impatience, a sign of her great love for us and for the Father's Will. Mary anticipates the Era of Peace.

    Take note of the subtle change in phraseology in December of that year:

    Jesus is the King of Peace and only He can give you the peace that you seek. I am with you and I present you to Jesus in a special way, now in this new time in which one should decide for Him. This time is the time of grace.

    Do you see that even though we still await the time of peace, we are now in a singular, new time of grace. I suppose this time is a grace of preparation for the days of trial and chastisement. How important for us to proclaim His Mercy and to truly love others from the heart! This new time of grace is the final opportunity. We are the apostles of Mary as was foreseen by St. Louis De Montfort.

    So good to be marching in step with you all! :wink:

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