Work just blocked spirit daily and Motheofgod

Discussion in 'PC Help.' started by archangel michael, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Guess I wont be accessing Spirit Daily or Motheofgod forum from work anymore. Says access blocked due to traditional religions. Unreal.
  2. Don_D

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    I don't know what your workplace is like but I would send an email to IT asking them to take the sites off the list to start with though. I used to do this all the time for people and never had problems with it. Most employers these days understand and want their employees to be happy because when they are they are more productive. Otherwise they spend a lot of time looking for ways around their censorship wasting time and money.

    There are some ways around this if you spend some time looking online. Also, the site can be setup with an alternate address that won't be picked up by the company that creates the list of sites to be banned from the workplace but that requires some work on the back end for admins of the site.

    Alternately, you can use your own phone as a hotspot and create a connection to it that routes your browser traffic through it and cuts out the censorship software. This would keep them from seeing any of your online browsing habits also.
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    WHAT!! That is crazy. That is bigoted!! They are violating your civil rights. Isn’t that what they are always screaming at the rest of us? Time for them to feel the heat. Yikes.
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    'Tradition religions', what a weird term, I never heard of this before. I must look up a definition. I would take it as a personal compliment. The way things are these days I would worry about NOT being censored.:)
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    I think that they made the, 'Tradition Religion', thing up on the spur of the moment. When I googled it the only thing I can find is Traditional African Religions.
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    This is quite sad that it's come to this. You would think that someone is doing something outrageous. :( "good is bad and bad is good"
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    Just to add to Don_D's comments:

    1. This is part of the responsibility of my team at work. Blocking is based on categories, and religion is one of the categories, which is likely what happened. On some version of software there is a high level set of blocks, and automatically will select these sub-categories based on settings. The point is, that the company may not have intentionally blocked religious websites, because in reality they do not pose any security risk. (we do block weapon/weapon sales websites, but that is as close as we get to gray area)
    2. when you see the block page, there should be a link that says something to the effect, "if you feel this is in error or have business justification, please click here" **try submitting a request, It's worth a shot**
    3. Another trick, go to translate from english to english, and you can then visit any site you want with no issues.

    Good luck!
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    Wow, Tradition religion. Definitely gonna own that term with pride. On the other side, the aggravation of dealing with the minority liberals rubs me the wrong way. :confused:
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    Almost on topic with this thread: It is amazing how much of a battle front the work environment can be. The US presidential election really showed how divided and emotionally charged everyone is. I had a dozen of conversations/arguments about abortion and the role in the election. No one seems to care... I argued every angle of the evils of abortion and had no disagreements, but people just don't seem to care. Very sad to see. I imagine that after the Warning/Miracle, those who receive the gifts from those two events will be envied by the rest of the world, to the extent of a full blown Catholic/Christian persecution. At that time, I can see how this category becomes a common block in the workplace. I guess by that time we will have bigger issues!
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    The unborn have no other voices but ours
  11. Gary david

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    The devil's at work again. God bless.. .Gary

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