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    There are new messages on this site to the alleged seer Jennifer


    My Child, a spiders work always leads back to its web. Once the web has been exposed it will always be destroyed in order to have a clean dwelling. The web is soon to be exposed and the spider will no longer be because every corner of the dwelling will be cleaned by its keeper. I say to you every part of the web and its origin will show where it begins and ends for I Am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    11:06 PM

    My Child, I ask My Children, is it you that is quarantining yourself from Me or Am I being quarantined from you? Where does your trust lie? Does it rest in Me or in the ways of the world? You cannot serve two masters. At a time when so many desire to immerse you in great doubt and confusion, you must keep your focus on Me. This world is passing, and your true home is in heaven. You are being stripped and detached from your worldly pleasures. You are being shown how to separate what is of this world and what is of Me, for I Am Jesus. Stay awake, My Children, for great change is coming. You must be prepared to defend the truth, to defend your faith, and witness the gospel message. When the world tells you to be silent, I say to you, shout from the mountain tops and allow your voice to echo until it penetrates the hearts of those who have turned away. Speak the truth and you have nothing to fear, for I Am the God of Mercy and Justice, and the time has now come when I will shine My Light into the souls of mankind, for it is My Mercy and Justice that will prevail.


    My Child, when mankind seeks freedom, he is choosing to live out his free will that I ordained upon humanity since the beginning of creation in order for him to fulfill the mission he was sent to do. To restrict mankind’s freedom is limiting his ability to comply with the will of the Heavenly Father. Now go forth for I Am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    3:30 PM

    My Child, the shadows of Russia and China are on the doorstep of America and My people are soon to see just how far the tentacles of China have reached within your government.

    6:30 PM

    My Child tell My Children it is time to put on their armor of faith. Too many are being manipulated by fear from those who have no power over Me for I Am Jesus. Many are waiting for justice but I say to you now is a time to pray as if justice is coming today for you do not know the day or hour but change is on the horizon. My child from east to west a great shaking is about to be felt all around this world. When man comes to face the reckoning for the crimes against My Little ones, know that the earth is going to respond according to the depth of mans sin. Now is the time to awaken at this world around you. Now is the time to come before your creator and repent or your sins. Woe to those who strive to manipulate My Creation, My Plan. Woe to those who seek to close the doors of My Church and strip My very existence off the face of the earth. The earth is not your domain. You are here on a mission designed by Us Your Triune God with the purpose to love and serve. I warn My Children in love and mercy to not let your heart be captured by this fear, that the enemy is seeking to thrust you in. I have already conquered sin and death and to My Faithful ones your reward will be great in My Kingdom. Do not fear, do not fear for what is done in darkness to deceive My People is about to be brought to light. Now go forth for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    5:00 PM

    My Child, I Am soon to bring light to a nation that has been cast into darkness in the name of greed. For I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    9:25 PM

    My Child, I tell you this that the one who seeks peace will continue to lead for no one can silence that which I have appointed. My Children’s prayers are being heard and it will soon send a message throughout the world that the darkness is soon to be diminished. My Children have been silenced, their voices masked from speaking the truth but I tell you this that the greater virus is the sin that has taken over hearts The way this world will rid itself of the evil that has infiltrated is through prayer and fasting and when the great hour comes when I shine My Light into souls of mankind. Take heed My Children for it is time for you to make peace with your neighbor. When you begin to look at your neighbor with eyes of love, you then begin to heal the wound and My Mercy begins to flow from you. This is the greatest hour in which the world will begin to shift From east to west every corner of the earth will hear My Voice Command the earth to be extinguished of any light but only that of which I come with. You must begin to prepare and recognize the darkness that is lingering around you seeking to capture your soul. Do not be like the foolish virgins, for you are being distracted by the great enemy of fear. It is time to wake up My Children and recognize the times in which you are in, for the great test of humanity is on your doorstep. Now go forth in prayer for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail


    My Child, the great unravelling will continue, in order for mankind to come to know and understand My Mercy. Mankind can no longer hide as Adam and Eve did when they realized their disobedience. I come to tell you this that the unraveling of hearts will be shown and My Great Light is going to shine even brighter into the souls of mankind until he chooses to repent or continue on the path of darkness. The great correction is coming, and My Children can no longer hide from My Light. Great victory is coming for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.
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    The prophecy on Chinese influence is America is being truly revealed.
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    Thank you for posting this, I take this action away for myself from these words with a sense a great urgency.
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    Interestingly enough some very similar prophetic words are being spoken by some evangelical "prophets"-- the words "the great unraveling" is seen quite a bit. Fasting and prayer is never a bad idea. That's for sure.
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  5. GOOD TO KNOW the same fools flooding Twitter are now here, isn't it?


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    A few days ago I felt a little down in the dumps with dark days, quick nights, much work, bad weather, the lock down, closed churches and so on.

    But suddenly the day light of grace and joy came and swept it way with a joyful summer time of heaven sent graces.

    How passing are the joys and crosses of this life in the Light of eternity.

    I was so touched reading Luisa Pisscarete on the sufferings of the baby Jesus. She said Jesus suffered the Passion even in His Mothers womb. So touching. I beleive this to be true.

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    Life goes on and on and on, like a dream, a staircase to Eternity.
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    The page has been updated again. Years went by without Jennifer's spiritual advisor instructing that messages should be published. I don't know if these messages are authentic of course, but I do watch the page. I find the language, tone and content consistent, and I'm happy that she has a spiritual advisor


    My child, those who have committed these injustice acts upon My Little Ones within the womb and outside the womb are bathing themselves in the blood of the innocent. When they seek to destroy My Creation, My plan, know that the hour of justice is coming. It is in the blood of the innocent that mankind will find that his hour of reckoning has come. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


    My Child, I tell My Children it is time to prepare! It is time to repent and turn away from sin. The world has entered into a new corridor in time, and it is only through prayer that you will find your peace, find your strength, for what lies ahead. The tides of change have come, and the storm clouds that have taken over are soon to be cast away by great light. I Am the Light of the world, for I Am Jesus. The trumpets are soon to ring out all around this world. Take hold of your rosaries and pray for the great number that are soon to face the great judgment seat. The walls that hold back the water are soon to come down in a region of the world that has immersed the world into great suffering. Those who live by their comforts of money and lust cannot stop the great shaking that is soon to come, for the grains of sand will begin to shift. When the ocean floors begin to crack, and the water begins to inundate, what good is your money when you have surrendered your soul to the custody of hell. It is time to arise, My Children, for you need to begin to cleanse your soul and purify your hearts to the truth by living the truth. Now go forth, for I Am Jesus, and be at Peace, for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


    My child, the shackles of justice are coming.

    3:22 PM

    My Child, I tell My Children you are merely a grain of sand and yet even a grain of sand is accounted for even those that lay in the depths of the sea. Just as grains of sand can be scattered and forgotten and swept away as if it has no value and purpose like My Little Ones to the sin of abortion, I know their value. Everything has an accounting. I see every time a soul remains silent in the face of turbulence and every time it failed to use its voice to defend the truth for, I Am the Truth for I Am Jesus. The day of accounting is coming in leaps and bounds. When it appears that all of hell has been unleashed upon mankind and no light remains remember that My Light upon this earth can never be extinguished. Those who have taken heed to My Words, the Gospel Message will find they have nothing to fear. When you find yourself in fear it is when you are lacking trust in Me. I tell My Children do not lose hope for the time of cleansing is coming. What has been done in darkness behind closed doors is being brought into the light. The trueness of hearts is being revealed for one cannot conceal himself in lies without it being extinguished by the truth. The greatest suffering in a soul is being separated from the truth for it will never find peace. It is time to rise up and live the mission you were sent to do. Now go forth for I Am Jesus and be at peace for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    3:45 PM

    My Child do not lose hope for in the coming days when it appears that darkness is prevailing and that order is no longer found, it is My plan unveiling and know this is a sign that the true cleansing has begun. Hold your rosary close and be open to hearing and receiving My Words for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    10:15 AM

    My Child, I tell you this, that great change is coming. Do not lose hope to this lost and broken world for the drum beats of justice are marching forward and the counterfeiters of deception are soon to be brought to light. Great shaking is soon to come all around this world for as the tables of injustice are turning over, the world will begin to tremble. The sirens of man will ring out, but the trumpets of heaven will give greater warning to the world that has turned away from the truth, turned away from Me for I am Jesus. I must simplify in order to purify, and I must purify in order to simplify. It is time to awaken from your slumber of complacency, you are here on a mission which is to love and serve your Creator. I came to divide and just as I separated day and night and the land from the sea, I will bring the world to its knees in great humility. I am reaching out in Mercy to warn you that to many of you have given custody of your soul over to the great deceiver. The unmasking has begun, and many are soon to face their hour of reckoning. I have sent My mother to pave the way for My return. She has lovingly warned her children that the earth is not your true home. Come to Me My Children and return to the Sacraments. Reconcile your soul before your King. Look inside the manger and you will obtain everything you need for I am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    2:00 PM

    My child, watch and see, for the one whom I have sent to clean house is about to begin sweeping. The great sweeping has begun, and the whole world will witness the great acts of deception against My people. Now go forth and be at peace, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.

    8:45 AM

    My child, I tell you this, what good is one’s life if his faith in himself and his own intellect is greater than his faith and trust in Me for, I Am Jesus. I tell My Children do not give Satan custody of your soul. The means of salvation is through My Mercy and seeking to have a heart that is humble. When mankind has humility of heart his soul obtains the greatest reward which is heaven. Behold the hour of change has come. The unraveling of hearts is being revealed and My Children need to awaken, it is time to disconnect yourself from the world that is filtering the lies from the great deceiver. Minds are being infused with great deception. I Warn you My Children out of great love to spend your time in prayer and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Seek the counsel of heaven rather than the one who is deceiving earth. Now go forth, repent of your sin’s and live the Gospel message for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.
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    09 Feb 2021 message.

    Is there incoherence in this message or is it just me


    My Child I desire for you to tell the world that beginning this Thursday in honor of My Mother when she announced herself as the Immaculate Conception for everyone to pray a Rosary in her honor. I desire for this Rosary to be said each first Saturday for the next 9 months. Every bead that is recited is a bead of light that will begin to pierce the darkness from this earth. And it will begin to heal this world from the despair that has overcome so many. Now go forth for I Am Jesus and do not lose hope for it is My Mercy and Justice that will prevail.
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  10. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    The message I take from this reminds me that Blessed Mother told Saint Bernadette at Lourdes, she (Blessed Mother) is the Immaculate Conception. We remember Lourdes on 11th February. This message came just two days before 11th February.

    The nine months I would expect would be April to December ready for 8th December when we remember Immaculate Conception.
    March to November seems to complete the nine months at beginning of November. I don't know if that is what puzzles you.
  11. Krizevac

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    Well that is very coherent. 11 Feb was a Thursday.

    What puzzled me was, Beginning this Thursday pray the rosary every first Saturday. But you have made sense of it
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  12. HeavenlyHosts

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    Good thinking!
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    Yes, I saw the confusing parts. I would have turned away from it - except that just before coming across that message, I received a distinct nudge to recite 1 decade of the Luminous Mysteries each day of Lent for the purpose of healing and I was to begin on Thursday, just after Ash Wednesday.

    I'm not clear about Thursday and Our Lady in Jennifer's message. But it bothers me not because I had been asking for a confirmation of that extra decade each day - and I got it.
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    I have no idea if these messages are true or not. But I do myself have the strongest , strongest feeling that these vaccines have a very, very severe sting in the tail and are very best avoided.
  15. Krizevac

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    My Child, the hour is coming when I will command the attention of every soul that is living on this earth. There will come a time when time will not be of awareness, rather a time when humanity will see the wounds that he has added to My Most Sacred Heart. An hour in which the earth will no longer rotate, but by the command of My Voice the world will be shown the great depths of My Mercy; the world will be shown My Mighty Hand of Justice. This will be an hour when evil will not reign upon this earth, but an hour when I show mankind his soul through the eyes of his Creator, for I Am Jesus. Mankind will see that there is no reason in which sin is justified. I ask My Children to take this time to turn off and away from the world. When you take time to live in the creation that I Created, you will begin to hear My Voice, My Words, My Will for your Life. You will begin to live the mission you were sent to do. My Children, you will begin to find courage when you respond to My Will and you will be My witnesses in this world where evil no longer seeks to be hidden; when evil is no longer hidden, neither is the lies of those who have chosen to live by them. Remember, what is done in darkness will always come to light. When the hour of warning comes the only harbor of light on this earth is that of which I come with, for I Am Jesus, the light of the world, the very vessel in which mankind passes from this life to eternal life. Now go forth, My children, and be My light in this dark world, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


    My child, many ask you for My words yet how many are truly living the Gospel message? At a time when it should be spring you will see the dry heat of summer begin to show the cracks of the earth and the quick swirling winds will turn up the fires that will spread rapidly across this earth. My children, you have entered into the time that I have been warning about for some time; a time when the dividing line has been drawn and is defined as the sea is from the sand. You are being blinded by two forms of truth; the truth the world seeks to have you live by, and the true truth of what I have formed within your conscience to know what it is that I desire for you to live by, for I Am Jesus. There are those who seeks to intimidate the sun, the moon, and the stars, and to manipulate My Creation, My plan. Those who seek to decide who should live and who shall die, just as they did by having Me put to death. I ask My children, are you altering your life, your actions, in fear by those in positions of power or are you defending the truth? Great change is coming, My Children, for what has been stolen will be returned, for no one can silence that which I have appointed. The dam of deception is about to break, and when it breaks where the three rivers meet, know that great change is coming. It is time to pray as you have not prayed before. It is time to truly find joy in this time because when you seek to have a joyful heart, your soul recognizes that your time on this earth is passing by. Your hope is in your eternal salvation. Your hope is written in the Gospel message. Your hope is in the sacrament of reconciliation. Your hope is in receiving Me in the Eucharist. Your hope is in My Most Divine Mercy. Your hope is in Me, for I Am Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life. Without Me, your hope is lost, it doesn’t exist. You must recognize the time that you are in. You must put on your armor because confusion is multiplying, and it creates a fog in your ability to recognize the truth. Now go forth and take heed, for I am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.
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  16. Krizevac

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    'There are those who seek to intimidate the sun' - I think I read something lately about Bill Gates having a plan to dim the sun's impact on Earth
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  18. Christy1983

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    "Prophets" who will not reveal their name, location, or any information on spiritual directors are automatically suspect. There is no way to judge them. It reminds me of Anne, the Lay Apostle, Maria Divine Mercy, etc. I do not remember any authentic seers who maintained anonymity for life. If the idea is to preserve them and their family lives from scrutiny, well, God doesn't send anyone on a mission and shield them from earthly pain or inconvenience. (I'm thinking of Jonah.)

    Edited to add: If forum members can read about Bill Gates and a plan to cut sunlight, surely Jennifer can too. God doesn't repeat the news, he gives us new insights.
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  19. Krizevac

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    I think this is a valid concern.

    Should I stop posting these messages?
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    Totally up to you! I am not a mod. BrianK recently posted about forum rules, and said any messages not yet ruled on by the Church are open to discussion. When the Church has issued a judgement, of course, forum members have to follow Church guidance. Jennifer's messages have not yet received Church scrutiny, to my knowledge. I suspect they are not likely to, but that's my opinion.
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