Wonderful story our Priest shared this morning!

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    Just popping in to tell you about a wonderful experience my Pastor shared with us in his homily this morning. Father is from India and after only two years of his Priesthood, he was sent to an awful place on the border of India and Bangladesh that was run by gangsters. He was in charge of a school of 40 boys. They were so poor, all they had to eat was some wheat and milk they received from America. As they were in monsoon season, he could not even send the boys to collect firewood to cook the wheat, so Father had to use their benches as firewood. He decided he would just keep burning them one by one until there were no more left. He told the boys to pray that God would help them. Well, Our Lord certainly heard their prayers because Father said he received a letter that a woman who had passed away, left money to the Church with instructions that it was to be distributed to three continents, one of which happened to be where Father was. The letter said they would adopt all the boys of the school, so Father immediately took in 200 boys and they agreed to adopt them all. So he asked, what about the girls? They also agreed to adopt the girls, so Father opened a school for girls too. He ended his story remarking how God had worked in a miraculous way.
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    That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing! God is so good.
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    Wow! Thanks for telling us.
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    beautiful story.....
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    Always wonderful to read stories like this, thank you for sharing Shae. :love:
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    Glad you enjoyed it PF!
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    You’re welcome Mary’s child!
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    You’re very welcome AED.
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    Happy you enjoyed it Donna.

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