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    If you don't think we are going back to Ancient Pagan Rome, look at this:

    Ancient Rome would blush:

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    There is some push back on this for Netflix. Wonder if it will make a difference. Social media seems to have a negative review of this movie. But like all the other sins, a slow getting used to is alive and well in the back ground.

    These people who believe this are sick!!
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    Science teaches us that nature abhors a Vacuum and will do all that it can to fill it.

    The Saints and Scripture teaches us that God abhors the lukewarm. Either we choose for God or choose for hell. We can;t choose to stay paddling water. The current will carry us off.

    So the great majority of public opinion is carried along. They begin to support sexual perversion. Then they support Perverts getting, 'Married'. Then they support perversion with children..

    It goes on and on and on downhill.

    First they support abortion in case of medical necessity. Only up up to three months,. Then up to six months. Then have it at birth.

    Always down hill.

    The only thing that does surprise me is the incredible speed at which we are travelling downhill. It appears, currently, to be have sex with children time.

    Can we sink any lower?

    I'd love to say this is as low as it gets. But I've though this in the past and these people have always amazed me. If there's anything lower than Paedophiila these people will dream it up.##

    Depend upon it. Many of our Cardinals and Bishops , I have no doubt are leading the way. They have been , especially the Cardinals, way, way ahead of the game. One leading US Cardinal for instance had a male model in his residence. There is no secret about this, it is Public knowledge.



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