Why the Miracle of Garabandal is not till Apr. 2024 at earliest...

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    I agree. With the advancing age of Francis & Conchita, and the greater probability of his traveling to Moscow, I have no doubt the 3 events we have been praying for, are very close.

    My godmother/aunt greatly surprised me Friday by bringing up Fatima, acknowledging Medjugorje is the culmination of Fatima.

    I mentioned the Illumination to her. She is aware of or & asked if I thought it would be soon and only for those in the States. I was beyond thrilled that she knew to mention & ask. She has 2 living sisters who are Dominican Sisters.
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    Evidence of things unseen
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  3. Xavier

    Xavier "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

    Well, one year closer to the OP Prediction/Title coming true! : D Happy New Year 2023 everyone. : ) God Bless.
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    So there’s a comet coming in Oct 2024. The Synod ends in that month and year. But Pope Francis must come back from Moscow if the Warning is to come. We don’t know how long it will take after the Synod, or the Pope’s arrival from Moscow for the Warning to come. It may take years. So, it’s possible St Hermenegild’s feast day in the year 2034 may be the day of the Miracle. Unless Pope Francis changes the feast day of St Tarcisius from August to April, there is no other young Eucharistic martyr but St Hermenegild to speak of.
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    how does Daniels 70 weeks come into play regarding this timeline of the Warning and the Miracle? and the 3 days of darkness? im confused :confused:
    will all this prophecies take centuries to really unfold?
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    It wouldn't matter if a pope changed the feast day of a saint. It is the date that Conchita saw on her calendar{before 1969} that matters.
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    Very true Sam! However, she’s been confusing. Conchita described St Tarcisius according to her family. And has mentioned April being the month of the miracle to a priest. What’s the truth?
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    according to the 1981 interview with bishop Garmendia; she did not see the date on her calendar because Our Lady would have revealed to her the day, month and year of the Miracle.
  9. Luan Ribeiro

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    Interview with Conchita. Bishop Garmendia (1981-08-27)

    Bishop: Does the general public have doubts about the apparitions?
    Conchita: The Virgin told us that before the Miracle many people will stop believing.


    Bishop: So you believe in the Virgin blindly and you always refer us to what she told you. There's another subject I'd like to bring up, Conchita, and that is Holy Communion. I understand that the Virgin told you girls that if there were priests present the Angel would not give you Communion; that the Angel would only give Communion when there were no priests present. However, I understand that on the day of the Miracle of the [Visible] Communion there were some thirty priests in Garabandal. Can you clarify this?
    Conchita: The Virgin never told us that the Angel would not come if there were priests in the village. It is the Angel who did not come when there were priests in the village. Only that day, the Angel came even though there were priests in the village. I can't explain why.

    Bishop: So, the Virgin did not categorically tell you the Angel will give you Communion only when there are no priests in the village, did she?
    Conchita: No. Because whatever the Virgin says happens just as she says it.


    Bishop: As for the present Bishop of Santander, is he going to have a special sign before the Miracle? Will it be something that happens in nature or something in general?
    Conchita: The Virgin said that she was going to send proof to the Bishop of Santander so that he will allow priests to go to Garabandal.

    Bishop: What kind of proof?
    Conchita: She didn't say. This sign of the truth of the apparitions will be something private for whomever is the Bishop of Santander at the time of the Miracle.

    Bishop: So, it will be for the one who is Bishop at the time of the Miracle?
    Conchita: Yes, he will receive a sign.

    Bishop: So the Bishop will receive a sign and he will know that Garabandal is true. This is clear now. You know, Conchita, that we are attracted to Garabandal because we love the Virgin. We know she utilizes humble people and means like at Lourdes and Fatima and other apparitions. It has been said that the Virgin told you the Miracle will be on a Thursday. Is this true?
    Conchita: Yes. The Virgin said it will be on a Thursday, and she also gave the day, month and year.

    Bishop: Are you sure? Did you check it on the calendar?
    Conchita: No, I didn't have to, because she told me the Thursday, the day, month and year.

    Bishop: I am so glad to hear this. I had been told that you knew it was to be a Thursday, and began to guess at the dates. But the Virgin told you the exact date, the exact month and the exact year. No one need have any doubts now. If everything in life were so perfectly clear there would be no problems. I heard you were in Rome.

    Interview with Conchita was conducted in the early 1980s
    by Monsignor Francisco Garmendia, Auxiliary Bishop of New York
    GARABANDAL JOURNAL, March-April 2004

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  10. Sam

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    we know that conchita knows the exact date of the miracle. this day coincides with the commemoration of a young martyr of the holy Eucharist. glenn, did the holy virgin conchita say the name of this saint? i once read an article that conchita knows which saint this is. if so, did the virgin reveal this to her?

    The Virgen told Conchita the exact date of "The Miracle" and Conchita located the date in the calendar set in the kitchen of her house. This is how Conchita found out the name of the Holy Martyr related to the Eucharist. Conchita told Father Luna, "is a saint with a very rare name."
    Glenn, Yesterday at 7:34 AMReport
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  11. Peter

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  12. Byron

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    The only martyr in the calendar is St Stanislaus.
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  13. Byron

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    And his feast day is on a Thursday, April. 11, 2024.
  14. Luan Ribeiro

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    One of the fruits of the jubilee could be the creation of a specific day to celebrate all the martyrs (just as we have the celebration of all the saints in November), perhaps by coincidence on the date when St. Tarcisius suffered martyrdom (considering Garanbadal's prophecy about the miracle) ?
  15. Luan Ribeiro

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    VATICAN - Jubilee 2025: the Pope establishes the Commission of the New Martyrs and Witnesses of the Faith, "ripe fruits of the Lord's vineyard"
    Wednesday, 5 July 2023pope francis martyrs mission ecumenicalism saints


    Rome (Agenzia Fides) - Martyrs in the Church "are witnesses of the hope that comes from faith in Christ and incites to true charity".

    They "have accompanied the life of the Church in every age", and flourish as "ripe and excellent fruits of the Lord's Vineyard" even today. Even today, the memory of the martyrs represents a "treasure" that the Christian community is called to guard. For this reason, in view of the forthcoming Jubilee of 2025, Pope Francis has established at the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints the “Commission of the New Martyrs - Witnesses of the Faith”, "to draw up a Catalogue of all those who have shed their blood to confess Christ and bear witness to His Gospel". The Pontiff announced the establishment of the Commission and explained the reasons for his decision in a Letter released today by the Holy See Press Office, which bears the date Monday, July 3, 2023.

    The Commission - Pope Francis explained - will continue the search, "already begun on the occasion of the Great Jubilee of 2000, to identify the Witnesses of the Faith in this first quarter of the century and to continue in the future". Already on May 7, 2000 - the Pontiff pointed out - the new martyrs and witnesses of the faith "were recalled in an ecumenical celebration, which saw gathered at the Colosseum representatives of Churches and ecclesial communities from all over the world, to evoke, together with the Bishop of Rome, the richness of what I later called “ecumenism of the blood”. In the coming Jubilee - Pope Francis announced - we will also be united in a similar celebration".

    The martyrs, the Pontiff emphasized in his letter, taking up a consideration he had already proposed on several occasions "are more numerous in our time than in the first centuries". The new martyrs "are bishops, priests, consecrated men and women, lay people and families, who in the different countries of the world, with the gift of their lives, have offered the supreme proof of charity (cf. LG 42)".
    With the initiative announced today - the Bishop of Rome clarified - "the intention is not to establish new criteria for the canonical ascertainment of martyrdom, but to continue the survey already underway of those who, to this day, continue to be killed simply because they are Christians". In this perspective, it is therefore a matter of "continuing historical research in order to gather the testimonies of life, up to the shedding of blood, of these sisters and brothers of ours, so that their memory can stand as a treasure cherished by the Christian community". Pope Francis also emphasized the ecumenical aspect of the initiative, specifying that the research "will concern not only the Catholic Church, but will extend to all Christian denominations".

    The Commission established by the Pontiff will be required to "avail itself of the active contribution of the particular Churches in their structures, of religious institutes and of all other Christian realities".

    The newly established Commission of the New Martyrs – Witnesses of the Faith will be chaired by Archbishop Fabio Fabene, Secretary of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints; Vice President Professor Andrea Riccardi, Founder of the Sant’Egidio Community. Fr. Dinh Anh Nhue Nguyen, O.F.M.Conv.; Secretary General of the Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU), who from 2021 to 2022 was also the Director of Fides Agency, was also appointed among the members of the Commission. (GV) (Agenzia Fides, 5/7/2023)
  16. Luan Ribeiro

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    Can anyone tell me if the changes to the haliological calendar involve only historical research, as in the case of Saint philomena in 1970 (which was a big mistake)?
  17. Toe

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    Pope offers to meet Patriarch Kirill at Moscow Airport during papal visit to Mongolia Aug. 31, 2023 to Sep. 4, 2023. If no meeting, then the plane will probably have to refuel in Moscow. TBD.

    Hostilities to erupt in Europe after the pope returns from Moscow.

    We all know that Heaven sometimes uses celestial bodies to telegraph or to accompany events, e.g., the three wise men's star, the aurora, the dancing sun, etc.

    USA Eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023.

    USA Eclipse on Apr. 8, 2024.

    Now I'm not providing a hard date, but I will say that this is interesting.
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  18. EricH

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    Well if he's the Saint then we have atleast until 2034 before the warning and miracle. Which means a long decade of growing tribulations. I could see that being the case.
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  19. Glenn

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    Several "possible" problems with St. Hermenegild, who by some accounts was Spanish, and Conchita said the martyr saint was not Spanish. We have no idea how old he was, though he was a grown, married man leading a revolt, so it would not have been clear to her that this was "a young martyr , a boy who carried the Eucharist " and also he does not fit the description Conchita gave us of the boy .
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  20. Luan Ribeiro

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    just an addendum about Saint Hermenegild and the requirement for the martyr of the eucharist to be young: according to the Portuguese version of Wikipedia, he was martyred at just 21 years old.


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