Why Gisella Carda?

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by indaiatubano, Mar 26, 2020.

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    But Conchita doesn't live in Spain, she has lived here most of her adult life, so that is mitigated.
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    Many of us have interacted with Ron on other forums for many years.

    I believe he has changed his dates several times.

    He also gets some things wrong. He then personally judges the authenticity of apparitions based on whether they fit his own predictions.

    He presents himself as a theologian based on a bachelor's degree. Usually to consider someone to be a theologian a minimum of a PHD is expected.

    Date setting distracts from what is actually important.

    Ron, I am sure means well, but I wouldn't pay any attention to his date setting. His mistakes have been pointed out many times online.
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    Conte assumes to know a lot of things. He gets some things right but many things wrong. He behaves like a spoiled child who cannot take correction. Is it arrogance or pride or insecurity --only God knows?

    Best avoided.
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    Here is Ron Conte's current statement...

    " I have been wrong about the date of the Warning and therefore about dates for other events at the start of the tribulation many times before. So consider this post to be only a discussion of possibilities.

    Ronald L. Conte Jr."

    He gets so many details wrong. At least after so many times setting incorect dates he is able to admit he might be wrong.
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  5. Julia

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    You know it is funny, but as I read your post it occurred to me; Jesus chose Peter and I do believe Saint Peter was a man who said what he thought. Jesus could see in him a man who could be transformed and moulded into a great man. Saint Peter is a great man, a saint of the highest calibre thanks to Jesus, and Saint Peters sincere love for the Man he recognised as the promised Messiah.

    I am not saying Saint Peter was a naughty boy in his youth, but he was known for having a short fuse. He was a fisherman, so don't go kidding yourself he had airs and graces.

    It is just that in Trumps case he had a far better start in life with a good Christian mother who no doubt prayed for him. A pity he strayed from his childhood faith. but who know what Jesus can do once Trump starts to sit up and take notice of his Christian roots. Anyway, it is just my opinion.

    We know Jesus had all the scribes and pharisees and other men who had committed their life to the Jewish Faith to choose from. We know there were some among them who secretly believed Jesus was the promised Messiah. Now in this group you would find the highest educated. Jesus did not recruit from the most educated, He chose ordinary men.

    We need to keep this in mind, and remember God does not confine Himself to the Phd's and the ologies. In fact God has consistently chosen shepherds, and little children at that when He really wants to get a message to us. Do we listen.
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    We must also remember that the 20 secrets from Medjugorje will be announced by a priest (not sure of his name) who is already also between 70-80 I believe.. and he was given the secrets quite some time ago. Does anyone know his name and his age?
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    Father Petra Ljubicic has been chosen by seer, Mirjana, to reveal the 10 secrets. Fr. Ljubicic was born in 1946 so he is 74 years of age.
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    Julia, I don't know anyone in the US who gets turned down for medical care. The poor people get medicaid, we have free clinics. If you go to the emergency room they must treat you. New mothers get free health care, free baby care, free formula, free housing, free groceries. They only thing they have to buy is diapers and the crisis preg. centers provide those. We have the best helalth care in the world, that is why people try to get into this country. Even the illegals get health care. All seniors after 65 MUST sign on to Medicare.
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    This week will be a dry run for me. H. Sally is supposed to move in late tonight. Right over my house!!!! A bull's eye. But, interestingly, none of the stores had empty shelves and lots of toilet paper. Will see if we lose electric and how long it will be out. At least the hottest part of the summer is over. Only getting up into the 80's now. We can handle that. As long as a tornado or big winds don't get us we will be ok. When you look at the track of the storm on tv you will know where I live! Not right on the water, about 20 miles inland. Across the bay from Mobile.
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    I will keep praying and will look on the map. You sound very calm.
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    Katfalls, continued prayers for you. Watching on weather channel right now. Gulf Shores AL is getting whipped up already. Please be safe...
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    Wow, my brain apparently exited my head and has been orbiting Mars or something...I had NO IDEA until this moment about Hurricane Sally. And yes, I do check the news periodically throughout the day! o_O

    Prayers, especially against flooding and tornadoes.
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    Correction..there are 10 secrets.. 20 was a typo
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    Praying for you. I have heard the prediction is a very active hurricane season. Boy 2020 is a record setting year.
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    Our Lady to Gisella Cardia September 22, 2020:
    Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. My children, I see that many of my children are not praying but are caught up in the things of the world; they have not yet understood that communal prayer is the greatest force against evil. My children, Rome and its Church will suffer their greatest pain for not having respecting my wishes. Pray that the suffering would be lessened, as the light in their hearts has now gone out. My dearly beloved children, gloom and darkness are about to descend on the world; I ask you to help me even if everything must be fulfilled – God’s justice is about to strike. I ask you once more in tears: pray, pray, pray greatly, because for those who do not believe, the suffering will be atrocious. Love God, kneel before Him who looks at you with a bleeding heart. I am concerned for priests who have chosen Satan and paganism: I ask you not to accept anything that is not God, One and Three. Now I leave you with my Maternal Blessing, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.
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    What is the church stance on her visions. Is she approved?

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