Why did our lady not show her feet in Garabandal?

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    Thank you God bless you
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    You are welcome :)
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    This thread is based on unproven words of St, Pio. Next time I would provide proof before starting a thread that causes confusion.
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    From Mark Mallett on Medjugorje - some interesting thoughts:



    As I wrote in On Medjugorje, objectively, we have in this single apparition site one of the greatest sources of conversion in the Church since Pentecost; hundreds of documented miracles, thousands of priestly [​IMG]vocations, and countless ministries throughout the world that are a direct result of Our Lady appearing there. Recently, it was made public that a Vatican Commission appears to have accepted the apparitions, at least in its early stages. And yet, many continue to dismiss this obvious gift and grace as a “work of the devil.” If Jesus said you shall know a tree by its fruit, I can’t think of a more irrational statement. Like Martin Luther of old, we too seem to ignore those Scriptures that don’t suit our “rational” theological worldview—despite the evidence.

    These fruits are tangible, evident. And in our diocese and in many other places, I observe graces of conversion, graces of a life of supernatural faith, of vocations, of healings, of a rediscovering of the sacraments, of confession. These are all things which do not mislead. This is the reason why I can only say that it is these fruits which enable me, as bishop, to pass a moral judgment. And if as Jesus said, we must judge the tree by its fruits, I am obliged to say that the tree is good. —Cardinal Schönborn, Medjugorje Gebetsakion, #50; Stella Maris, #343, pp. 19, 20

    Someone wrote me today saying, “No true apparition would be happening every day for almost 40 years. Plus the messages are flaky, nothing profound.” This seems to me the height of religious rationalism—the same kind of pride that Pharaoh possessed as he rationalized away the miracles of Moses; the same doubts that dismissed the Resurrection; the same misguided reasoning that led many who witnessed Jesus’ miracles to declare:

    Where did this man get all this? What kind of wisdom has been given him? What mighty deeds are wrought by his hands! Is he not the carpenter, the son of Mary, and the brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon?… So he was not able to perform any mighty deed there. (Matt 6:2-5)

    Yes, God has a hard time working mighty deeds in hearts that are not childlike.

    And then there is Fr. Don Calloway. The son of a military man, he was a drug addict and rebel, led out of Japan in chains for all the trouble he was causing. One day, he picked up a book of those “flaky and unprofound” messages of Medjugorje called The Queen of Peace Visits Medjugorje. As he read them that night, he was overcome with something he had never experienced before.

    Although I was in serious despair about my life, as I read the book, I felt as if my heart was being melted. I hung on to each word like it was transmitting life straight to me… I have never ever heard anything so amazing and convincing and so needed in my life. —testimony, from Ministry Values

    The next morning, he ran to Mass, and was infused with understanding and faith in what he was seeing unfold during the Consecration. Later that day, he began to pray, and as he did, a lifetime of tears poured[​IMG] from him. He heard Our Lady’s voice and had a profound experience of what he called “pure maternal love.” [1] With that, he turned from his old life, literally filling 30 garbage bags full of pornography and heavy metal music. He entered the priesthood and the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. His most recent books are powerful calls to Our Lady’s army to defeat Satan, such as Champions of the Rosary.

    If Medjugorje is a deception, then the devil doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand? (Matt 12:26)

    One has to question: if only the early apparitions are deemed authentic, what about the last 32 years? Is the vast harvest of conversions, vocations, and healings; the continued miracles and signs and wonders in the sky and on the hills… the result of six seers who truly encountered Our Lady… but who are now deceiving the Church—and still producing the same fruits? Well, if it’s a deception, let’s pray that the devil continues to prolong it, if not bring it to every Catholic parish in the world.

    Many cannot believe that Our Lady would continue to give monthly messages or continue to appear… but when I look at the state of the world and the unfolding schism in the Church, I cannot believe that she wouldn’t. What Mother would abandon her toddler as he plays on the edge of a cliff?

    O God, save us from ourselves! Deliver us from the spirit of rationalism!
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    Thank you for this thread I have often asked this question myself about Our Lady's feet and about the discrepancies in Medjugore. It is interesting to read other people's views on this. SO again I thank you Sponsa Christi.
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    Much is also made of Padre Pio’s disdain for mini-skirts; the sign that was displayed in the San Giovanni Church read; ‘by Padre Pio’s explicit wish women must enter the confessional wearing skirts at least 8 inches below the knee. It is forbidden to borrow longer dresses in church and to wear them for the Confessional’. Again, I’ve often heard it cited by both Catholics and non-Catholics that if Padre Pio was against mini-skirts, then us women folk should not wear them.
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  7. Honesty

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    She did show her Feet in Garabandal..She has not shown her feet in Medjugorje because the Earth is Polluted with sin!!!
  8. Honesty

    Honesty Honesty and my SNIFFER BOYZ !!!

    He Chastised a Women for wearing short sleeves and told her she would spend a long time in Purgatory for showing so much Flesh...I now wear long sleeves even in the hot sun!!!
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  10. Glenn

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    Sorry that is not correct, and I am 100% sure, not only did I ask her years ago, but Conchita's Diary confirms my memory.

    Conchita’s Diary

    Here is the way visionary Conchita Gonzales described Our Lady in the diary she kept during the apparitions. Conchita was only 12 years old when she wrote the following account:

    “The Blessed Virgin appears with a white dress, a blue mantle and a crown of small golden stars. Her feet are not visible. Her hands are wide open with the scapular on the right wrist. The scapular is brown-marron. Her hair is wavy and parted in the middle. She has an oval shaped face and her nose is long and delicate. Her mouth is very pretty with rather full lips. The color of her face is dark but lighter than that of the angel; it is different. Her voice is very lovely, a very unusual voice that I can’t describe. There is no woman that resembles the Blessed Virgin in her voice or in anything else.”

  11. Honesty

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    I never knew that..The church has a bad reaction to any Apparition of our Holy Mother when her feet are not showing as at Lourdes she had two Roses on her feet..All Apparitions her feet are showing i thought they were at Garabandal i guess i'am wrong they are not showing at Medjugorje either but all other Approved ones her feet are showing!!!..There is much Controversy over this..I'm like thier her feet she can show them and she doesn't have to show them..What does it Matter if her feet are showing or not?
  12. Glenn

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    I only mention this because I try to keep the facts of this apparition accurate. So please be careful .
  13. Honesty

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    I'm sorry i don't get it..Be careful of what? It certainly doesn't change my mind!!!
    Mary came to Garabandal to tell us to change our lives ..She didn't come to tell us Joey will get new eye's.
    Joey has new eye's right now..I believe he will show up at the Great Miracle with the most Beautiful Blue eye's
    Just to stop all the Chattering about this!!! Now it's Our Blessed Mothers Feet??? It's becoming a Tower of Babel!
    Everyone with there own Opinion which they can have but really does it help anything? Not Really I don't care if her feet are showing or not showing ,,Saint Padre Pio and Saint Pope John Paul 2 the great saw the Great Miracle...That is good enough for me! I Believed long before either of them saw the Great Miracle i believed this as a little child..i was Born 1961..I know i was only 4 or 5 when i was read what happened by my Mother!..By the way my Mothers name is Helen and in bad shape with her heart if you know of any prayer chains could u please add her?..Ty Honesty
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    Honesty, Your mom, Helen will be in my prayers!
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    On post #88 on the following page/thread, Glenn explains how to request prayers in Garabandal, http://motheofgod.com/threads/garabandal-info-answers.11105/page-5#post-183290

    I will be praying for you and your Mom also, God bless.
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  16. Honesty

    Honesty Honesty and my SNIFFER BOYZ !!!

    Thank you so much..So many people friends and family have passed on..now my Momma..
  17. Honesty

    Honesty Honesty and my SNIFFER BOYZ !!!

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  18. Glenn

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    I don't know how I forgot about this thread,but ..........

    Mary’s feet were not visible at Garabandal,but there have been many times she has appeared with her feet covered. Here’s just a few:

    1. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico

    2. Our Lady of Ocotlan, Mexico

    3. Miraculous Medal, Rue du Bac, Paris

    4. Our Lady of Beauraing

    5. Our Lady of Banneux, Belgium

    6. Our Lady of Peace Sante Fe, New Mexico

    7. Our Lady of the Pillar

    8. Mother Mary of Kibeho, Africa

    9. Our Lady of Altotling, Germany

    10. Our Lady of Laus, FranceOur Lady of Walsingham,England ( shoes on feet, not bare )

    11. Then there is a whole other category of half torso shots ,no lower half: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Our Lady of Good Counsel,Genazzano Italy.
  19. Frodo

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    I don’t know about the others Glenn, but I’m fairly sure that Our Lady did show her feet to Juan Diego. Also I’ve read an account at Kibeho that inferred that her feet were shown to at least one of the visionaries.
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  20. Glenn

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    Frodo, I don't clearly see any feet .
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