Who will be saved?

Discussion in 'PC Help.' started by AZCactus, Sep 7, 2013.

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    AZ, Ralph Martin came out with a very researched book titled "Will May Be Saved" about a year ago. It has volumes of references and is a valuable resource in this study. It can be purchased at Amazon.com
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    Part of the reply in the comments section to the article:

    Our God is merciful and most of us will be saved because of the Divine Mercy.

    O the depths of the riches, the wisdom, and the knowledge of God. How inscrutable are his judgments! How unsearchable are his ways... Jesus is so merciful. And he is ever ready to answer our pleas for the salvation of others! The key is in our hands. I'll have to research where this instance occurs in Sr. Faustina's Diary, but she once had the audacity to ask Jesus to save every soul that would die on the following Friday, and he said YES! It was because of her simple, yet confident love in her Savior, that he agreed.

    O Jesus, make our hearts like unto yours and Faustina's, so that through our confidence in your Mercy many more souls may be saved!

    Alleluia! Pray and fast!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    I love the chaplet of Divine Mercy and I pray it daily. But the last couple of days I've been strongly reminded / compelled (and doesn't that sound just like our Mother?) to pray it deeply and reverently at the 3 O'clock hour for those who will die suddenly over the next year.
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    According to Cardinal Marx (one of the Pope's council of eight) everyone will be saved! Halleluljah! At a talk on the Resurrection given on 7 November 2013 he made some remarks that are truly frightening made as they are by a 'Prince of the Church'. God Help Us.

    The Church Has Caused Fear With Hell and Purgatory - "For That we Need to Repent"
    The resurrection says the Cardinal, that God gives us the assurance that He will transform and lead us with His help to the end, "but without moralizing and without a hell of torture, imprisonment and a burning oven". The Church caused this with pictures like that of purgatory and hell, fear of death. Not only that, the Church must "repent" for this scaremongering images that a malicious invention will be obvious to Catholics Cardinal Marx. In the Cardinal's words, "and for that we need to repent." And you wonder where the Cardinal actually lives. After half a century of the abolition of the sign of hell, the problem is not the belief that there is a hell, but that many Christians no longer believe in the existence of hell and purgatory.
    Cardinal Marx and Universal Salvation: no Hell, no Purgatory, only Sky
    Finally, the Cardinal proffered a logical conclusion to universal salvation: Because Jesus went about not to enumerate sins, but to pledge every man to healing and salvation. "The Church must completely drive out fear ," emphasized Cardinal Marx. To imagine what would come after death, the person needs images, "but this must be images of confidence, hope, images and help to continue on, even if they can not give us a definitive answer." What the Archbishop did was give the impression that the Church has not allowed in its two thousand year history, a great show to salvation, redemption and salvation of souls.
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  6. Oh for pity sake! What a bunch of rubbish. Will someone please tell the Pope that this man is delusional?
    Just what we need, more watered-down Catholicism! :sick::X3:(n):censored:
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    Let's see, where have I read that "the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord"? Karl, I mean Cardinal Marx is dead wrong. "And his mercy is from generation to generation to those who fear him".....now who said this? Holy Father messed up big choosing this Cardinal to help the Church in its confusion. Cardinal Marx is definitely drinking the Kool-Aid of the progressive liberal mind set in the Church.
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    On spiritdaily today it reads Pope Francis goes to confession every 15 days. Who here goes that frequently? Why does he go every 15 days? I pray that Marx is " keep your friends close but your enemies closer" By the way, who made this guy a cardinal? Let's discuss that.
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    As far as I am aware recent Popes have usually confessed weekly though I am not sure of your point. Marx was created Cardinal by Pope Benedict and was made a bishop in Pope John Paul's reign. It does appear that some members of the episcopate and the College of Cardinals have become much more outspoken and open in expressing heterodox views lately (I wonder why?). Marx has also recently stated that we are 'not at the end of the road' on the matter of female priests (which contradicts John Paul, Benedict and Francis). He has also stated that Bishop Muller's intervention in restating the teaching of the Church in the matter of the divorced and 'remarried' is not the last word.
    Marx is, of course, not alone in being appointed by orthodox superiors whilst currently spouting totally unorthodox/heterodox/heretical views - see (for just one of dozens of available examples) Bishop Lynch of St. Petersburg in Florida who has banned exposition of the host for adoration in his diocese and was appointed in the reign of JPII.
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    I was making several points. Can you imagine the damage this guy has done to those under his time as bishop. Thank you PJP 2 and Pope Benedict, blame them. He is a known commodity and perhaps Francis is "keeping him close" to see what the other side is planning. I did not know the last 2 popes went once a week. With his views, how could he ever have been promoted by the previous two popes?
  11. SteveD

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    As I understand it, the Popes have to rely on advice about the appointment of Bishops by the relevant Nuncios (as they couldn't possibly have sufficient and personal knowledge about every individual candidate). Pope John Paul appears to have been exceptionally unfortunate in the advice that he received since some of his appointments have been disastrous for the Church (e.g. Bishop William Morris of Australia who was, at least, eventually dismissed by Pope Benedict for his extreme views).
    As for appointing Cardinals, it seems to me that heterodox views were usually kept quiet under the previous two Popes for the good reason that the two Popes' own orthodoxy was widely acknowledged and no-one, I suppose, wanted to end up like Morris.
    As Pope Francis has espoused some 'strange' views himself in his various interviews, some of the hierarchy may feel free to say some 'strange' things themselves and assume that they will not be sanctioned for doing so. Appointing someone a Cardinal is one thing but appointing someone to the 'advisory council' of 8 (out of nearly 200) is totally different. If I were Pope I would be looking for the most orthodox and faithful people available e.g. Cardinal Burke, who was not appointed.
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    I would like to see this infull context.
    Are you able to provide original source material (presumably a transcript of his German spiritual talk on the Resurrection to a group of schoolgirls, 9th November in Bavaria.) I cannot even find a translated transcript on the Net.

    The Cardinal's alleged, original "ipissima verba" above seems to derive from but one Net source - http://www.katholisches.info/2013/1...rt-jesus-und-schafft-hoelle-und-fegefeuer-ab/ which is 1% quotes of particular phrases (without context) and 99% commentary.

    EponymousFlower appears to have paraphrased this article into Engish with even more commentary. This has been syndicated and gone somewhat viral. http://eponymousflower.blogspot.co.nz/2013/11/c-8-cardinal-advisor-1-cardinal-marx.html

    If one looks at the text you provided above and identifies the chopped up phrases in quotation marks that were actually spoken by the Cardinal there isn't anything clearly untoward that I can see.

    If one has no axe to grind I suggest the meaning of these blinkered half-phrases is just as likely that he simply believes the excessively scary imagery used in the past to depict hell is what he objects to.

    He may well additionally believe that hell doesn't exist or nobody is going there.
    But why would Catholics be so ready to accept such heresy of one of their own leading Cardinals simply on the basis of the meagre and blinkered half-quotes sensationalised above (n).
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  13. Yes, I would like to see this in the context it was written or we are no better than tabloid fodder readers! Many journalists use google translate and add their own 'input' because no one is going to check their work...just like they do Pope Francis' words. However, it is possible that the Pope is keeping 'at the vest' to reign him in. O'Malley from the East coast is a live wire also. God help us! o_O
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    If I were pope, I would have sacked over half of the USA's bishop's 30 years ago. I would not have sucked up to ex Fr Macel Maciel and I would have sacked most of the Jesuits 30 years ago. If I had that knowledge surely the pope did. What I didn't have was his info, position, responsibility, and grace. Who really knows what is going on in the spiritual warfare world.

  15. look at 1:22:00 --this pretty much sums it up!
  16. SteveD

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    I intended to insert a link but forgot to do so. The link is http://eponymousflower.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/c-8-cardinal-advisor-1-cardinal-marx.html . The full speech is not included but the blogger specialises in the 'goings on' in the German Church (of which there are many). I have always found this blog to be a trustworthy and traditional source of information but have been unable to find any source providing the full speech.

    You might also be interested in this link on the same subject:http://eponymousflower.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/the-resignation-of-pope-benedict-xvi.html
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    According to Cardinal Marx, we need to repent for frightening people with talk of purgatory and hell. I recall watching the Disney comedy Pollyanna when I was a child at the cinema and looking around while this scene played out. Some laughed out loud, some smiled but a few sat open mouthed and listened intently. So a comedy character from a Disney film teaches what Our Lady of Fatima teaches but a prominent cardinal of the Church (along with many other bishops and priests) would be the character with the horse at the end of the clip.

  18. garabandal

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    In Portugal the dogma of the faith - - - -

    Fatima points to a crisis of faith - a great apostacy is unfolding before our very eyes. This is a tribulation in itself.
  19. Timothius722

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    garabandal...just a question...not trying to cause trouble...didn't our Lady say somewhere that Portugal ( or was it Spain ) would never lose the faith. Portugal has legalized abortion...this is certainly a loss of faith it would seem.
    This whole thread "who will be saved"...has caused me some distress especially after reading some saints testimony. The only remedy I have found is trust in Gods mercy. I choose to believe Gods mercy is greater than my sin and thus I dare say if I may be so bold...I will go to heaven one day. My own sinful self warrants hell but Gods mercy is greater than my misery. In confidence I approach the font of His mercy for myself and others. We all need more confidence in Gods mercy. We cover ourselves in the Blood of the Lamb and trust in His goodness.
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    I know this question was not directed to me but Our Lady did say that in Portugal the faith would always be preserved. What this means in practical terms is unknown. However regarding God's Mercy, Our Lady stated unequivocally that She promised salvation to those who embrace the devotion of the Five First Saturdays. So what do you need to fear? The remedy is in your hands now.
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