Where to Now, Ireland?

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by DeGaulle, Dec 13, 2019.

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    This Irishman cannot help his excitement at the historic UK election results. The post-Brexit border between Ireland and the UK is likely now to be on the Irish Sea and Irish Nationalism now has a majority of Northern Ireland seats in the London parliament. It is a hugely symbolic day and, with the success of the Scottish Nationalists might spell the disintegration of the UK itself.

    I hope that Unionism pragmatically embraces the prospect of becoming a big fish in the small pond of Ireland, rather than futilely and hopelessly clinging onto the apron of a dying 'Union'. The voters of the DUP, in particular, would be a hugely valuable moral and social asset in a future unified Ireland.
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    I'm sorry this Irish man cannot share the excitement you mention this vote comes on the back of a death sentence to the unborn and an abandonment of our church the people of N. Ireland voted death what wrath will we face now
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    That's what I meant by saying "...can't help his excitement", because the emotions well up despite the correct context you describe. I do think a DUP base within the tent might help to slow our social degradation. They are the only properly conservative party on the island. They would have far more influence in a unified Ireland than in the UK.
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