When You Should NOT Make the Act of Consecration

Discussion in 'Consecration to Mary' started by Zack, May 29, 2017.

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    Hi, yellowcoffeecup!
    Just saying hello and wondering if you are still here. Thinking of you.
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  2. Beth B

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    Welcome Zack,
    So happy to hear that you are a convert. My dear father was a convert and he became my most trusted, respected faithful Catholic in my life. He didn’t preach, he simply lived his faith. His example was more powerful than any spoken word.

    One sweet memory I witnessed many times in my life was of my father as he walked up the steps to our second floor.
    We had a large old crucifix that hung at the landing of the first set of steps. As he approached the landing, he would pause at the crucifix, bless himself, and with his finger, he would place a kiss from his lips to the feet of Christ with such reverence. To this day, I can still see him doing this. Such a seemingly small act, but a powerful lasting impact on my own regard and respect for Our Lords image on the cross...and the outward sign of love that it deserves.

    This was but just one of my “convert“ fathers examples of faith that he shared without uttering a word. RIP dear dad....a good and faithful servant....and a good and faithful father.
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  3. Mario

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    Yes, the current culture ignores the Third Commandment almost entirely and it challenges us to remain steadfast. Thank you for your honesty and your sincere attempt to reconsider. One of keys to a deep repentance is not only avoiding mortal sin, but seeking to bring joy to the Heart of Our Savior.

    Neh 8:10 ...for this day is holy to our Lord; and do not be grieved, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.
  4. MMM

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    There no coming back from skipping mass and missing a weeks worth of readings. I have tried and failed in the past also to do the 33 day consecration to Jesus through Mary. The fallen one isn't going to make it easy for some of us. You've got to be in a state of grace to start and you must look at your calendar for the next 33 days. Consider all the obstacles that may be coming up and plan for them and pray for assistance and protection. You can certainly make up for a missed day here and there I believe, provided you are really working hard to achieve success.

    It's worth the effort. Once I did it last time I asked our Lady if I did achieve success and asked for a sign. The next day going into my car at work I got overwhelmed with the smell of flowers IN my car. This is the middle of a large parking lot with nothing around. It dissipated and never returned shortly after. I KNEW it was her.
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  5. BrianK

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    I spent a year as a volunteer with Fr. Michael Gaitley’s Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy and got to renew my consecration while there with him. He would give us daily conferences and go over his consecration book as well as new books he was working on. He was saintly and humble but also mischievous with a great sense of humor. Truly a grace filled year.
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  6. Carmel333

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    Hi Zach! I think a lot of us have been where you are in your spiritual life, because the desire for God is actually a Grace from God in itself. The fact that you even desired to make the consecration in the first place is wonderful! Keep trying to desire God over worldly things, and soon God, seeing your desire for Him, will flood you with faith and the desire to be with Him above all else. That fire He gives you will then spread over to your children and many in your life. So keep that spark of desire for God, and act on it as much as you can. Don't give up! The devil is trying to make you give up and stop attempts at prayer and God is loving your desire for Him and hoping you will keep looking for Him. Knock and the door will be opened! Keep knocking. Don't lose hope. He will come and then it will be easy and a joy to put Him first in your life.
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  7. AidanK

    AidanK A great sinner

    I have never heard of the Act Of Consecration. What is it?
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  8. HeavenlyHosts

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    It’s a total consecration of ourselves and our lives to Jesus through Mary. Look
    up St Louis de Montfort or Fr Michael Gaitley
    I think his book is called 33 Days to Morning Glory
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  9. John R

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    You can also do the ten day Consecration with St Maximilian Kolbe.

    The difficulty is really living it after the Consecration. For me at least I found that "The Ideal Jesus, Son of Mary" is very helpful. St Kolbe had everyone use this. It's also free online so you can see if that suits you.
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