When the Roof Falls In.

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    I didn't watch this fully, a lot.
    "The one who should speak will fall silent." I relate this quote from Our Lady of Good Success to Pope Benedict. He knows about the circumstances of his resignation and he knows the Third Secret of Fatima. The one who should speak will fall silent. This is what our Lady said at Quito.
    Pope Benedict has gone into a prayerful exile, fleeing from the wolves, to quote him.
    Fr. Malachi Martin, as a man, may have been questionable. I do not know that, I can't judge him. But I know a lot of the criticism about him is directed at him as a person (ad hominem).
    Now, it is a fact that Fr. Martin was a Vatican insider.
    "The corruption of the Church will begin from the very top." Another quote from Our Lady of Good Success, as pointed out by Blizzard. The corruption of the Church will begin from the very top.
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    Padraig, I watch the whole video. You did not mishear. Zack was from Tallahassee, Florida. I don’t know if you know this, but Florida’s state capitol is Tallahassee. So many state government officials are there. So, 2 covens being there is shocking to say the least! The video was horrifying especially in regards to women that are breeders to have their babies slaughtered and offered up to satan. He also claimed there was a satanist at each abortion center. Poor babies, being used as demonic sacrifices. Zack was part of many of them, like 157 it was just horrifying to contemplate. However, he also said that three failed under his guidance because of rosaries being said outside the clinic. That was very edifying! And it shows you the power of the Rosary against satanism an abortion!!!
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  3. padraig

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    Try typing in , 'Tallahassee Satanism' , into Google Mary. then choose images. See what you come up with, it may surprise you. :)

    I don't believe this little town is normative, it is very exceptional. In other words it is off the curve.


    'With a crime rate of 50 per one thousand residents, Tallahassee has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes - from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One's chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 20.'


    There is an island near me called the Orkneys which is off the coast of Scotland which is similiarly affllicted. I heard about it from a seaman. They talk among themselves and although seamen often like to go ashore when they hit land very,very few wanted to go ashore in the Orkneys. They reckoned the people there were just nasty and evil.

    Another place with a very,very bad Satanic reputation for evil is the island of Haiti. Numerous Catholic missionaries have reported how bad it is there. One told me that when you get of the plane it is like getting hit on the face with a cloud of pure black evil . If you ever get the chance to read the history of the island you will see why.....it's just total evil. A real world centre of the Black Arts.

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  5. Mary Crowder

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    Padraig, all I can say is I am shocked at how bad it’s gotten there. My youngest wants to follow my footsteps in go to college there. I had already told him no because the radical left have taken over many college campuses. But this for me seals the deal! Thank you!
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    Padraig, my pastor is from Haiti, he has told me this as well! Many of my friends at church from Haiti tell me that The Clinton's spent a lot of time in voodoo rituals in Haiti. Also rumored to be trafficking in children. Like what the satanist Zach said yesterday! There were many photos that came out on Twitter of Hillary Clinton doing spirit cooking. Very weird stuff! You wonder how far up this goes, like what you were talking about yesterday.
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    :eek: Wow, I never knew this about Tallahassee. I have been to places where I can sense darkness. I have no explanation for it, but the feeling that comes over me makes me want to flee. Needless to say, family members think I'm nuts when I tell them we need to leave. The last time this happened was in an area of a theme park, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. As soon as I left that area I was fine. Weird. ;)
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    It doesn't matter much but the flags in the background next to the US flag look like Arkansas' and not Florida. Arkansas, over Louisiana, next to Oklahoma (blue flag), near Texas.

    The great state of Florida and their governor, indeed, great as well, has all the same, suffered from a high crime rate for some time. It's just the way it is.

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  9. Byron

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    100% agree about Tallahassee. Very sad.
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    My pastor says almost the same thing!
    Good post.
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    You are not alone Donna. Me too although I guess I've arrived at "accept" unless further documented info turns up. (Something Taylor and Tim did not have)He certainly is a lightning rod--for better or worse. I am going to try to track down Fr Hardon's words. But Fr Hardon remember has condemned Medjugorge so in these things everyone is all over the map.:confused:
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  12. PurpleFlower

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    I felt that way in New Orleans, LA.
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  13. AED

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    I have experienced this too Jo. It is a terrible urgent chilling feeling.
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  14. padraig

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    I didn't know Fr Hardon had condemned Medugorje ! I am a little shocked. :rolleyes:

    Oh well! You never know.:)

    I was watching this really beautiful and so wise Message from Viska just today. Wonderful to meditate on in prayer.

    The value of the Cross in our lives.s. So very,very deep.

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    In one of his talks in the 90's he was asked about it and strongly disapproved and disbelieved and gave his reasons. Maybe condemn was too strong a word to use but he was strongly opposed. I was taken aback and re-evaluated the whole thing because of his words --even though I had been there in 1988. ( incidentally Malachi Martin too was strongly opposed. He was convinced it was devilish. :unsure:(n))
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    My father and mother never ever believed in Medugorje. Many Traditional Catholics do not believe in these. But I think, fine. Our Lady is basically giving the same messages through all these sites, Fatima, Lourdes Fatima, Akita and so on. It's not a big problem.
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    I think a sincere heart on pilgrimage is given great graces and Medjugorge is a place of constant and deep prayer. Whether Our Lady is truly there or not the pure desire of the heart to draw closer to her is rewarded by God. Someday the Church will sort it out. Way above my pay grade.:)
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    Purple Flower you are a Special Friend of Our Lord. You suffered so much and so is Padraig!!
  19. padraig

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    But I also caused so many others to suffer. As I get older I become more and more aware of this.

    'Sometimes it causes me to tremble. ...'

    Sigh. I nailed Christ to the Cross too.. a shadow falls on me as I recall this as I grow older.
    Yes, I was there when they Crucified my Lord..and I helped do it...

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    I can identify Padraig. And yes it "causes me to tremble..."
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