"When Evening Shades Are Falling" by Thomas Moore

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    When evening shades are falling
    O'er ocean's sunny sleep,
    To pilgrims' hearts recalling
    Their home beyond the deep;
    When rest, o'er all descending,
    The shores with gladness smile,
    And lutes, their echoes blending,
    Are heard from isle to isle:
    Then, Mary, Star of the Sea,
    We pray, we pray, to thee.

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    Oh beautiful. Beautiful!
  4. I traced both sides of my family tree back as far as I could 5 generations both sides of my family mother and father originated in Sailors Town the heart of Stella Maris.. I have memories as a young boy standing with my father in Belfast City collecting for Stella Maris I wonder if he knew how close his roots were.. I don't think it was by accident
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    I have been wanting for some time now to paint an icon/portrait of Ave Maris Stella. I carry the image in my mind but havent the guts to try my luck with it. I've got the board and I've got the paints. Maybe now is the time.;)
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    I hope you'll post a photo of the painting, when. :love:
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