What's the story behind the agriculture bills in India? Why does Truduea support the farmers?

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    Does anyone know the story behind the new agricultural bills in India? On a visit to my parents' place we passed by a group of demonstrators protesting the bills in India. Why does our Prime Ministers support the farmers protesting in India? What does he (and others) stand to benefit from this?

    Does this relate in anyway to the great reset?
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    The small farmers of India have had market protections that were done away with by the passing of these bills. The bills deregulate and create a more favorable market for large corporations which will in turn will likely put more pressure on small farms who will not have a voice due to their much smaller market footprint.
    I am not familiar with why your PM is supporting it although I would venture that he and other liberals will show support to look good in the public eye but that is just my thought on it.
    The small farmers should band together and create a co-op to leverage their collective bargaining power. This will be hard to do and even harder to maintain though if the government takes the side of corporatism which it seems it is doing by the passing of these bills.
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