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Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by padraig, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Bella

    Bella Guest

    I'd like to know if the anti-Christ is already on earth. I think the answer is yes, but I would love to know more.
  2. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Many prophecies today would agree with you, although he has not manifestef himself yet.
  3. Bella

    Bella Guest

    Yes, I realise that. I think he (and I believe he is male) is on earth and has been for some time. I think he has grey hair now. so, I don't think it can be long....

    I would like to know:
    where is he, what has he been doing up to now, who are his friends, where will he make himself known first, what will be the preceeding signs. Is he the Leviathan of the book of Revelation or is that the pride of man ? Is all that stuff about the mark of the beast to do with electronic tagging, or is it the people who have rejected belief in the Real Presence.

    So many ridiculous questions. But they matter to me.

    I'll just stop thinking about it. No-one seems too interested in it !

  4. Mary Ann

    Mary Ann Guest

    In the book 'Get us out of here' by Nicky Eltz (R.I.P.) he interviews the Austrian woman Maria Simma (R.I.P.) who had the gift of helping purgatorial souls gain heaven. You have probably read it, you can not put it down and there are threads on this forum about Maria, but one question he asks Maria is "Is the idea of an Anti-Christ true?" Maria replies, "Yes, I'm afraid it is. Some visionaries other than the seers in Medjugorje say that the Anti-Christ is already alive today. He will come as a great financial wizard, have a very powerful charisma about him and will also be considered a great healer and miracle-worker. Huge numbers of people will fall for him when, in fact, his will be the strongest manifestation of satan ever. People must pray incessantly not to be fooled by satan and his unlimited talent to disguise himself in any form that pleases his arrogance." Pg 176
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  5. Bella

    Bella Guest

    Yes, I read Maria's book when it came out, around 12 years ago. It was gripping. I passed it on to someone else and hopefully by now it has been well read. Yep Maria Simma is a true Mystic.

    I am just impatient, Mary Ann. I was the same age as Vicka and Ivan when all this kicked off and I packed a rucksack and went off to investigate myself, aged 16, so I know Medjugorje is real. I have lived with them and visited them on and off and, as we all approach middle age, I am aware that time is running short.

    I am wanting to know: where is he and when is he going to pounce. The financial global situation is clearly influencing my thoughts.

    Just to lighten up for a few seconds: "What's a Greek Urn ?"
    "Not very much at the moment !" boom boom.
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  6. padraig

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