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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by nonlocality, Mar 12, 2011.

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    LOL - BUT Kathleen, you were right! After you posted that, I Googled. Look what I found! Perhaps the video girl knew this also.

    I couldn't find anything that told me where Bill Gates is right now, but I did find this:

    Both the Rockefellers and the Gates have offices in New Delhi.

    Intriguing that the entire Rockefeller family, grandkids and all, are in New Delhi...or somewhere in India, right now. And Kathleen knew about it!!! Must've been Edward whispering in your ear!
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    Our little Johnny was killed September 30, 2001- just two weeks after 911. My grandmother had died just 6 months before that, and six months later, one of Johnny’s teachers died of liver cancer and a young cousin died from a drug overdose. For me personally, tribulation had begun.

    When I think of everything that’s happened since 911 – the Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Pakistan earthquake, Haiti, now earthquakes in New Zealand, Chile and Japan – all in the course of a decade – in the very least we can say the labor pains are intensifying.

    There’s a connection between the physical and the spiritual – the turmoil in nature is a reflection of the spiritual. All timelines and speculation aside, if events are escalating as they certainly seem to be, whatever events may come, isn’t it wonderful to know that God is in control. And as Catholics, we can continue to live our lives in joyful hope. :)

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
    As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be,
    World without end, Amen.
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    Looking forward and trying to discern the future is of course a very difficult thing to do. We are typically focused on significant events that might be signals or indicators of what we are looking for.

    For me, I look more at the context of change and possibility. Are all the current circumstances tending to make the expected future more or less likely? Looking at it in this way gives us a clearer sense of direction and pace, rather than an episodic event-based view that lurches us forward or back.

    When I try to anticipate the potential for change I am looking for instability in the present as a requirement for transformative or disruptive change.

    So when looking at the past several months, what does it show me?

    I see a dramatic increase in social/religious strife in the Middle-East, oil prices rising on this turbulence, environmental and severe economic impacts in a Japan whose public debt load long ago exceeded the amount likely to trigger hyperinflation, and European difficulties in stabilizing the PIIGS economies.

    Each of these by themselves could have a significant global impact (collectively?).

    And we should not underestimate the fact that turbulence also creates an appetite for risk taking by those forces not directly involved. Either to involve themselves directly in the current circumstances or to take advantage of the lack of attention in creating new ones.

    So what is the box score? Well the pace itself has definitely quickened. The First Horseman (War) from strife and miscalculation- definitely closer. The Second Horseman (Civil Disorder) - absolutely closer. The Third Horseman (Famine), as a consequence of both a lack of global food reserves and higher food prices (economic collapses) – definitely closer.

    I am just waiting for the Garabandal Warning to kickoff the big changes.

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    A great reminder, Darrell! Alleluia!

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
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    I am becoming obscessed with watching the earthquakes happening...there are so many! There has been a lot of activity in Alaska, Mexico, and also in California, and already today there have been several and it's only 3 in the morning! Alright, I am going to bed...
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    Oh- weird Connie- I was doing the same thing last night! LOL
    I wonder how many will be looking at those sites tonight.

    The NBC news said last night "experts say that the Super Moon tonight will only cause some high tides and there is no reason to worry", but they never quoted who their experts were. When did the news become so vague and unsupported by facts and names. Sounded more like a government service announcement- a bit different than Fox news with their expert describing the relationship between the mass animal deaths, the changes in the electromagnetic field and the fact that the earth, sea, and ground water are all affected by the pull of the moon and the alignment of the planets as well as historical data showing that big earthquakes have occurred during such times. Fox is owned by the Money Managers of the world as well, so I'm not saying its a better organizations- but at least they had an expert to refer to.

    I'm not sure if the big one is coming but I sent my husband out for beans and other staples. Can't hurt to prepare a little, but God's on his own timeline. God watch over us.
    Pray, pray, pray
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    I believe that these things are contributing to the kills and quakes going on. I believe the kills are a symptom and forewarning of a coming quake. I think it is stupid for us to ignore these things like we do as a whole. But I think now that the worst is over for this event. I am not feeling doom for today. Praying and hoping that we already had the really big one. The fact that the plates have now shifted and relieved the pressure and the smaller quakes are still rumbling all over the place. I don't think we have ever had two huge quakes (in the 8-9 range) so close to one another, even during a Super Moon. I think the plates have to settle again and pressure build again inside the earth before another huge one happens. But it doesn't hurt to be prepared, because what do I know?

    "The United States Geological Survey estimates that, since 1900, there have been an average of 18 major earthquakes (magnitude 7.0-7.9) and one great earthquake (magnitude 8.0 or greater) per year, and that this average has been relatively stable."

    I didn't realize there were that many earthquakes over 7 every year! Perhaps we ARE putting too much credence into the earthquakes occurring these days.

    I think that "predictors" don't want to let go of their predictions that it will happen on this date or that date...I think they should be happy they got so close. They don't want to admit they were a week or two off, not yet. The earth just cracked from the pressure early, before it was at its greatest. Reminds me of how we are trying to predict when these warnings and miracles will happen. People are so hung up on a specific date. Well, even dates are tangible, depending on which calendar you use, so how can we hope to peg an exact date for anything? I think that is why messages from God are often vague as to a date, so that the dates can be flexible based on his will or on natural cycles, or our prayer power. I think if we do not get a date directly from Him, then we will not be able to guess it.

    But all that said, I am still checking the earthquake site every so often today and for a while...can't help myself...after all a 7+ quake can cause a ton of devistation and deaths too, and we haven't had 18 of them yet this year!!! :shock:
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    To be honest, I have to consider myself a “predictor”. But perhaps unlike many of you, I suspect, I have come to this party late.

    In 2004, having intensely researched for two years the potential killing power of a full blown H5N1 pandemic I could not wrap my mind around the possible number of people that could be killed (~ 1.5 billion) in the first 6 months or even the enormous impact it would have on our Just-In-Time system of global supply. Even putting that aside, how can the vast number of city/urban dwellers be supported when the utility and transportation systems collapse because the workers are dead/ill or just will not come to work?

    So I searched for a historical analogue (Black Death, 1917 Spanish Flu) and found none that were the equal of this potential monster. Then in an insightful flash I realized I was looking at the Fourth Horseman. So I began to search for other indicators that we were approaching that time and became aware of Garabandal and Medjugorje.

    That is how I wound up at this party.

    Because of this party I have changed my lifestyle consistent with the impending warnings that these two Marian visitations offered. I went from congested suburban and dependent, to rural and self-sufficient - from oblivious to watchful. More importantly I have been drawn in more deeply with my faith. So in my case “predictions” had consequences and generated action.

    As I said these “Signs and Wonders” dates are known or have been written down. That makes these impending events both expected within the lifetimes of the seers but also worthy of consideration and prediction. So I believe that predictions of dire consequences = action/change and awareness.

    Now comes the point.

    Perhaps many of us do not get it but what is the intent of these Garabandal/Medjugorje Marian Visitations? Isn’t one of the reasons for their occurrence so that they can warn us - deliver predictions? Aren’t they trying to inspire change and awareness of how we are living our lives? Absolutely!

    I believe that Jesus is responsible for bringing this age to its conclusion and that through the intercession of Mary; a very large Grace has been given to humanity. That is she has come to tell and warn us about the future. She has given us predictions of three large events (Warning, Miracle and Chastisement) plus ten specific events that will occur. She wants us to ponder these possible events so that we change our ways and importantly she offers us advice about how to change.

    Why will each of the ten secrets be preceded by three days of public warning – a public prediction?

    To inspire action, change and awareness.

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    Yes, that's it in a nut shell. Our Lady is sent from heaven to convert us. Lent, in fact. I think that's why after a while the messages can seem a little boring( Pardon me) in that Our Lady is saying the same thing over and over and over again, Pray, fast convert. It reminds me of watching a mother with a very small disobedient child the mother keeps calling and calling it. A good mother too will warn her child what might happen if the child continues to be headstrong.. 'If you don't listen dear...'

    One of the most insightful things I ever read about the messages is that the big fault is not with the rest of the world. The big problem is with we Catholics for if we had behaved as we might have th world should have been converted. So we are first to blame for the state of things.

    Matthew 5:13
    "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men
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    Alright everyone, are you ready for this? I wasn't! WOW. I actually saw this broadcast the other night, and have been looking for a copy of it. Finally found it. I say again...wow. A true poll or not, it has been said and has been put in the mainstream on national television.
    BTW - Lawrence o'Donnell is a Catholic who went to Catholic school!


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