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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Thomas, Aug 1, 2014.

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    I believe some of my fellow forum members here live in Ireland so I'm hoping you can help me understand what Lughnasadh is all about. The reason I ask is that some folks I know on Facebook have posted pictures of alters they have in their houses dedicated to it. Certainly sounds pagan to me, but perhaps I'm wrong? There is plenty about Ireland I don't know, so please excuse my ignorance. I'd like to hear from some Irish people what this is all about.
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    I've never heard of it Thomas
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    The proliferation of Lunasa festivals around Ireland is rooted in money. It's mostly organised around market stalls, art and crafts sellers, pubs and paid entry into neolithic siites such as Craggaunowen and Newgrange. It;s all to do with tourism/ different ways of making money for the local artisans/businesses. I don't have an issue with the pagan aspect of this as this is a real part of our cultural heritage and is part of our history. I don't think the average visitor to these sites are in danger of converting to paganism anyway so maybe a little common sense is required before giving out about it.

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    I believe Lughnasa is an ancient Irish festival, possibly associated with the god Lugh, marks the start of the harvest, seems pagan.

    I would love to know who built newgrange in Ireland, its older than the pyramids. Who could be buried there? Probably for another thread.. I have often wondered was the Tuatha De Dannann related to the tribe of Dan and were they from Israel, maybe escaping persecution and thus ended up in Ireland. I know the Tuatha De Dannann are allegedly mythical, but maybe there is some truth... Anyone ever wonder how the harp came to Ireland, its our national emblem. I believe the harp originated in the middle or near east.
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    Most, if not all of the modern Satanic Festivals here in the West are based on the old Celtic Feasts. To day the first of August is the great Satanic Feast of Lamas. We still celebrate Lamas here in this part of Ireland at the Lamas Fair in Ballycastle. (however we do not understand the Satanic conotations ..we are not that bad.:D:D) However Satanists do know what they are doing and will be out and about tonight doing what Satanists do here in Ireland and throughout the world)

    (Satanic Feasts can have different names in different parts of the world but they are talking all about the same original feast)


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    I had a look around for info on lost tribes, harps and Arks in Ireland and it seems others have been doing this also. Between 1899-1902 British Israeli Archeologists searched around the hill of Tara for the Ark of the Covenant. Maybe their quest was a bit far fetched and a wild goose chase but I find it interesting.



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