What a Soul Sees at It's Funeral.

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by padraig, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. Katfalls

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    I've never been to a funeral where the people don't go inside! I've never heard of anything like that. It's bizarre, really . . . .

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  2. Katfalls

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    I don't think many people know what repentance is . . .maybe come up with a little story that would explain it. If you told someone to repent today, they would say, 'What is that?" and/or 'What are you talking about?" . . .

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  3. AED

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    The loss of a sense of sin.....a terrible thing. A hard wall to penetrate.
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  4. Mario

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    I suppose one simple way of putting it katfalls is to ask, "Have you ever hurt someone you love, and after the heat of the moment is past, you return to say, "I'm so sorry." It is very similar with God. He has established commandments that He knows, if we obey, will bring joy and peace into our lives. When we disobey these commands and in so doing hurt others, it is important to also realize we've grieved the Heart of God who loves us. That is why it is as important to seek forgiveness from God as well as to ask forgiveness from the persons we hurt."

    Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
  5. Katfalls

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    Yes, but I think repent is more than just "I'm sorry". I'm thinking it means turn away from or give up. Such as to repent from a sin is to not do that anymore. And to replace the sin with a goodness. For instance, if I am angry and repent of that I do something nice to someone to replace the anger. To repent from over eating I would fast. To repent from gossip, I would spend more time in prayer. . . .

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  6. padraig

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    I often think of the threshold the Catholic Church places on someone to be recognised as a Saint (the Church does not, 'Make' someone a saint it recognises or declares something they already are.)

    This threshold is , that they practice, 'Heroic Virtue'.

    This post reminded me of something I heard from the Baltimore Catechism the other night that I never recall hearing before that each of the seven great sins have their opposite in virtue. So that the opposite of Pride is Humility and so on. So if we had a saint who was a Great Sinner for instance, they would show in repentance the exact opposite virtue of the virtue of the sin (s) they originally committed. So if I was, for instance a slave to the great sin of anger, for instance, after my conversion I might show great meekness and kindness. I suspect this is one of the great tests of progress in the Spiritual Life.

    One of the great paradoxes these days is that people go round saying, 'I'm sorry ', when they mean they exact opposite. They are really saying, 'I'm sorry', to point out that you are the one who has done something wrong.

    I recall in the supermarket a while back a lady said, 'I'm sorry', to me because she thought I was getting in her road. I smiled sweetly at her and said, 'I forgive you from the bottom of my heart'. She flew into a rage at this and asked what I thought she had done wrong. When I pointed out that she had said, 'I'm sorry', so I assumed she had done something wrong , she became even angrier.:)

    I also recall saying to a priest one time, 'We are all sinners' and he flew into a rage at me comparing myself to him. He pointed out in no uncertain terms he was nothing like as sinful as I was.:):):rolleyes: It flummoxed me. :D So unexpected.
  7. Mario

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    Very true. After all, penance is an essential part of each confession. We must seek to repair the damage done by our sin.

    Safe in the Refuge of Jesus' Mercy!
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  8. Jo M

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    I've always loved the Baltimore Catechism. :)

    I've noticed this too... "I'm sorry" has somehow been redefined. (n) It really doesn't take much for people to fly into a rage these days, they are offended by the least little thing.
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  9. Katfalls

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    One thing that caught me by surprise and sounds kind of strange, a few years ago the young people . . . .instead of saying 'I'm sorry' they would say "my bad'.
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    I don't know if it's the same everywhere but at work everyone appears to be reporting everyone else to the Bosses. It has gotten so bad that people are listening in to other peoples conversations in order to see if they can find something to complain about. To make it worse certain accusations such as 'Homophobic', 'Sexist', or , 'Racist' accusations are real killers.

    I admit I feel a little bit guilty at the moment. There is one lady who works on the day shift and is famous for reporting people. Often she does the night shift and has reported me several times at one point nearly succeeding in getting me the sack. It has thrown me that she smiles and appears very pleasant all the time, but you never know the minute when you are going to be called into the office for yet another complaint. So I have reached the point of giving up talking to her and trying to avoid her as much as possible. But is seems to me an improvement on trying to pretend things are normal and as means of self protection. It is weird.

    I pray for her of course, lots and lots of prayers. But it is as if she is in a kind of smiling rage all the time at everyone. I just think, 'I give up, best avoid'.:)
  11. Jo M

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    My daughters have run into the same problem at their jobs. Unfortunately there is always that difficult person who is on patrol to report offenders. They usually have very rigid personalities, with low tolerance for the slightest violation of their strict standards. It must be a burden to constantly monitor the behavior of others.:( Yes, it is best to stay far away from these individuals, and pray for them.
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    I feel a bit guilty about it. But needs must. :):) There are plenty of others whom I am sure she can report.:);)
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    This is one of the best markers to indicate the fascist Marxist atmosphere engulfing the West. It was routine in the USSr and nazi Germany to spy on neighbors. It still goes on in China.
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    Sad but true, AED. :(
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    Hotline to report your neighbours in breach of Covid regulations i Donegal

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