Wars and rumors of wars on the TLM and Summorum Pontificum”?

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by BrianK, May 26, 2021.

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    We're not supposed to speculate on the identity of the AC, but we are permitted, maybe expected, to recognise the signs of the times. I reckon that being in Commjnion with the Pope will be one of the most sure fire means of guarding ourselves from being deceived. It would help if we knew whether the AC will precede the conversion of the Jews.
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  2. Whatever

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    If you mean the prophecy given to St. Faustina, that might not happen until close to the very last days.
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    Offered for your discernment:

    May 15, 1993 (I came into the Church in Jan. 12, 1993)
    In a vivid dream, I saw a large brilliant cross against a dark sky just above the horizon. I was standing in a very large barren field – no trees, plants, buildings, nothing but an ashen looking ground. A thought came to me that everything had been destroyed. There were people as far as the eye could see in front of me, and I was standing towards the back of them off to their left. As the cross began to disappear, a very large ball of light appeared also on the horizon, like a ball of fire only somehow brighter. The ball of fire appeared to the right of the cross. When the cross was visible, the people were just standing and staring at it in awe, but when the ball of light appeared, everyone prostrated to the ground.

    Mid-Feb., 1996
    I had been reading a book about a coming chastisement and asked Our Lord if this was going to happen and if it would come from man or from Him. He answered me saying, “Both! The disasters will come one upon the other. They will look to the heavens as there will be nowhere else to turn!”
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    more knowledgeable minds than mine might be able to answer that one!
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  5. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

  6. padraig

    padraig Powers


    I hope this is not far off.
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    You might remember that night club, where the Red Lobster is now?
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    No….I didn’t live there then, but I bet you were a good bouncer!:ROFLMAO:
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    I beg to differ. I refer you to this podcast from "The Catholic Talk Show" where they cover "The 7 Worst Popes In The History Of The Catholic Church". People may talk about the immorality of the de Medici popes, but trust me: there were popes that were much, MUCH worse.

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  10. BrianK

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    We have had plenty of popes who were far more personally immoral than PF. That’s not in question.

    I think @padraig is saying, and I agree 100%, that we have NEVER, in the 2000 years history of the Church, had a pope who is such a danger to both the Faith and the souls under his care due to his heterodox words and actions.
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    Agree. 110! %! He has not guarded the Traditions and teachings of the Church. He has
    introduced pagan worship into the Vatican. That was a major transgression against the First Commandment. That’s just for starters.
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  12. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    A plea from FSSP for our prayerful support with the upcoming meeting in Rome about the practice of offering Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin.

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  13. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    There is one great thing about our Holy Father for which we need to be thankful to Almighty God. HE IS TRANSPARENT.

    Just keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, Trust Him. Keep Watch and Pray.
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  14. "For in those days, God will not give them a True Pastor, but a Destroyer"
    - Prophecy of St. Francis of Assissi
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    Yes. The bad Pope's in the past were only out for material things, only out for themselves, so to speak .

    Our present Holy Father is out for Spiritual Evil, which brings things to a huge new level of Evil.

    I think considering we have 2000 years of history, bad Pope's were very much a minority, Thank God.
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  16. thomas21

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    It’s strange how all these wicked popes have never corrupted the faith in two millennia.
  17. Blizzard

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    Yes. It’s like some restrainer has indeed been removed.
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  18. BrianK

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    I honestly thought the pope himself was the restrainer Christ had set…
  19. padraig

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    We are in new times in so many ways.

    The Modern Islamic Resurgence

    Perhaps the strangest plague in history.

    The break up and down fall of the last Western Empire.

    An evil Pope.

    Radical climate andseismic events.

    Strange asronomicl portents.

    The great series of Marian Apparitions ever.

    Massive Apistasy...
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    Doesn't it seem like the secrets of Medjugorje already started!

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