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    This was posted as a filler article in my church bulletin, but as a former IT guy it raised my hackles.

    So many of us use "smartphones" -- cell phones with computers in them that will recognize spoken commands. I could type out a text to Mary inside my texting app; or I could say "Google, text Mary" and Google will send the text to Mary. Iphone users have their own "minions" in their smartphones; the principle is still the same.

    The systems in these phones are incredibly sensitive, and I know from experience in IT security how easy it is to plant something on someone's laptop (and by extension, their cell phone), that will give someone else the ability to turn on your camera or microphone. Even if you don't have these programs, you can activate your cellphone yourself -- stop now and give it a try.

    So we need to be SO VERY CAREFUL about bringing our cellphones with us into the confessional. By themselves, these systems can turn on and start recording what we are telling the priest. Either turn off your phone, or leave it outside the confessional when you go in.
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    Who woulda thought it!?
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    Laura Logan on big tech abuse of your information!
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    Great warning, Muzhik, and we must alert out priests, too. They may not know this. My husband has put a scrap of duct-tape on my computer and our iphones, because he had read somewhere thay this was happening several years ago. But I guess they can record your voice and pass it on. :eek:
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    Hi Father. Let's keep my smartphone on, shall we? And instead of confession, maybe we can talk about the never-ending torments of eternal Hell for evildoers who might be listening in.
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